The Dine and Dish Family 2013 Summer Bucket List

2013 Summer of Fun Bucket List from


It’s Summer Bucket List time again!

Our family had such a great summer last year as we worked through our first ever official list of things we wanted to do over the summer. Of course, after doing the first one we knew we’d want to do another one for 2013. So, here you have it… the Dine & Dish 2013 Summer of Fun Bucket List!

Like last year, I pinned all of our plans on to a Pinterest board. You can find our 2012 board here and now our new 2013 Pinterest board full of summer plans is here.

We decided to write our list down on sticky notes this year as well so we can easily mark them off when we complete them… there are some really fun activities on here! I can’t wait to spend this summer making memories with my family! Browse through our list below and if you have any extra ideas for us, let me know!  Have a happy summer, everyone!





3-18lemonade stand

county fair

  • Go to the state and/or county fair
  • Play flashlight tag
  • Meet daddy at work for a surprise lunch
  • Have a neighborhood water fight
  • Do 27 Fling Boogies once a week
  • Make homemade bagels
  • Go camping
  • Go canoeing





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  1. says

    You always inspire me! We have many of the same things on our list, Except I’m in Florida so there’s lots of beach time and sandcastles. You should add flea markets and garage sales. Those are always fun “treasure hunt” days. Unless it’s on there and I totally missed it, which is also possible, lol! I hope you have a fantastic summer!

    • says

      Well, if you knew my kids, you would know they STILL manage to fall on their bum, even with the “training wheels” :) Clumsy is our middle name.

  2. says

    I adore your summer bucket lists. Thanks so much for sharing… always inspire and remind me of notes for our own summer list. Thank you!

  3. says

    What a fantastic idea! My kids are still a little young for this (or maybe not). We might do a modified version for the littles. I want to come stay with you this summer- the list looks like a blast. You care in for a fun, action packed summer!

  4. Chelsea says

    Such a cute idea! However, this is not meant to be critical but I find the font on your website really really hard to read. :( I love your site, and would love to be able to read more of it,, but the font is very difficult. I know you probably wouldn’t consider changing it for just one person, but I wanted to at least point it out.

    Love your site, and such a cute idea for the summer! I wish my son was old enough so we could do something like this but, alas, he is only 5 months old.



    • says

      Hi Chelsea –
      I will totally change it :) You aren’t the first person who has said something and I’ve changed it before but it sounds like I need to try something again.
      I really appreciate you saying something!

    • says

      Hi Chelsea –
      I changed the font this morning. Can you take a look and let me know if you can read it any better?
      Thanks so much!

  5. says

    I love this idea, what a fun way to make memories with your kids!! I only have one kid, so some my list would be much different, but I think we might try to come up with a list of things we want to do this summer! Today is the last day of school here, so what a great time to start a list!

    • says

      Enjoy your summer – I bet with one you could really do a lot of fun things! My challenge was finding things that would interest all 4 and their range of ages. Not sure we nailed it, but hopefully something close.

    • says

      Good question – we all contribute. I asked each kid to come up with 5 things… then we filled in with things we’d done in the past or maybe forgot about.

  6. says

    Worlds of Fun is on our to-do list when we come to KC this year! I haven’t been there since I was dating my husband, which was quite a number of years ago at this point!

    You have a great list and I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  7. says

    Aw … brings back memories of MY childhood as I read through stuff that is located in my old haunts!! We put ours on a big board last year and plan to do another one just as soon as we end up in Orlando (for good this time!) this summer!! Have had your Movie Night Hosting Party bookmarked since you did it, maybe that will be a good way to meet the new neighbors!

    • says

      We have a lot of fun… right now they are doing housework and chores, so aren’t thinking I’m the best, but it all comes with the territory.If you want to have fun you’ve got to earn it!

  8. says

    I love your list. There are so many fun things on there that I never would have thought of. I especially love your outdoor movie night. I remember the photos from the last one. Very cool. Can’t wait to hear how you guys do with the list! :) You’ve definitely given me some inspiration for our summer

  9. says

    Your family is in for one busy and fun summer. I love this idea :) You know, when you complete each item, you could write the date you did it on the sticky note. At the end of the summer, all of the completed items (sticky notes) can be attached to a piece of bristol board and the entire thing framed. Would look great in the family room I think.


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