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The Happiness Report #21

The Happiness Report www.dineanddish.net

Happy Friday to you all! It’s time to share things that are making me happy lately… such a great way to start the weekend!

I am incredibly happy to see that an app is finally being made to help control the chaos in my email inbox. Have you made a reservation to grab a spot yet? This could very well be revolutionary!

I’m blaming the pictures in this blog post for my immediate need to buy a doughnut pan. Guess what I’ll be making this weekend? Weekend doughnuts make me happy.

This absolutely breaks my heart to pieces and makes me smile at the same time. Have you seen this beautiful video? Well worth watching.

Speaking of Sue Bryce, look at this amazing transformation. All I can say is wow…such happiness!

This adorable dog video made me smile from ear to ear. Tell me that’s not the sweetest thing in the world…

This 25 Point Manifesto for Sanity is just what I needed. Moving towards sanity makes me happy!

And one last great read before I go… I can so relate to this blog post. Reading real and honest posts by other bloggers makes me happy.

That’s it for this Happiness Report! Go ahead, let me know what’s been making you happy lately!



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  1. Love happiness reports! N went 7 hours between feedings last night AND Ben had a snow day. Right now he’s at the gym with E, N is sleeping and I am catching up on internet stuff.

    This all makes me very happy. :)

  2. That video almost brought me to tears Kristen!! So inspiring and amazing. Loved reading that summary from Alt as well. Thank you for another inspiring and motivational post. :-)

  3. Don’t you just adore Sue Bryce? She is such an inspiration and a really amazing photographer!

  4. That video made me cry!!! Also, can’t wait to see what you bake up in that donut pan :)

  5. That portrait video made me cry too! This week I’m happy for my husband’s job and a good pediatrician. And that I’m able to stay home and take care of my guys.

  6. Thanks a lot! now I need to head out and get a donut pan; I can’t get those vanila bean donuts out of my head. ;)

  7. Have fun with the doughnuts this weekend!!! I grabbed my spot….only 548,000 people ahead of me! But another 62.000 behind me. Wonder how long it will take to get through that wait list! I guess I won’t complain the next time on the phone with customer service and there are 5 calls ahead of me!!

  8. I NEED a donut pan! I’m off to read the sanity report because I’m really need some sanity!

  9. Looking forward to Mailbox app – and I use Postbox on my desktop!

  10. Seeing my kids happy keeps me happy, they can really test e sometimes but when everyone’s on a level field…it’s happy :)

  11. I love visiting your blog. First off, the design still wows me. So pretty. And I always find such beautiful, thoughtful recipes and ideas. It’s one of my favourite spots to visit. And loving the happiness report!

  12. Love the happiness report! :)

  13. The happiness report makes ME happy! Love the sound of that app…


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