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Happy New Year! What? I’m a week behind? The new year actually started last week?

Oh, I know, but I’m counting today as my new year. You see, the kids went back to school today and I always feel like I can’t really get started with all my new year plans until they are out of the house. So, cheers to you! Raise a glass and let’s celebrate the start of 2013!

Each year, I’ve blogged about my “word” for the year. A couple years ago it was “HAPPINESS“, last year it was “CONNECT” and I’ve decided that this year, my word is going to be “SIMPLIFY”.

What the word "simplify" in 2013 means to me

I chose the word “SIMPLIFY” this year because getting back to basics and eliminating the physical and emotional “crap” in my life is important. I know that when I keep things simple, I’m happier and therefore my family is happier. Simplify in 2013 means:

  1. Simple routines: Getting back to basics with FlyLady… not feeling like I need to do it all, but doing enough to keep things maintained. Simplifying means returning to simple cleaning routines, exercise regimens, regular menu planning, and family routines, etc. This includes regular de-cluttering and organizing times – which I need to implement desperately.
  2. Simple recipes: As a food blogger, I often feel like I need to go all out with the recipes I create. I need things to be “blog worthy” and “pinteresting” for Dine & Dish content. Because of that, I find myself forgetting about family favorites… simple recipes that we’ve enjoyed for years now, and moving towards more elaborate recipes that will make my readers happy. Well, I’m sorry if this disappoints you, but in 2013 you are going to see more basic recipes… less pinteresting and outrageous recipes, more simple and my family friendly recipes.
  3. Simple expectations: I tend to have expectations of people and things that are fairly unrealistic. This year, I’m focusing on keeping my expectations of others in check, deepening relationships with people who are important to me, and bidding farewell to those who drain me.
  4. Simple traditions: While we were sick over the Christmas break, I discovered how my kids don’t need a lot to feel entertained. Board games, books, a shake up in meals (eating in front of a movie one night), etc….simple things like that made them really happy. Inspired by my friend, Amy Clark’s, new book, The Good Life For Less: Giving Your Family Great Meals, Good Times and a Happy Home on a Budget“, I’ve decided that simple things done together as a family are so much more important than elaborate. I look forward to establishing more traditions, like family game nights or Friday pizza nights… simple traditions that are certain to bring about a lot of happiness.
  5. Simple schedules: For the past 5 years or so, I feel like I’ve kind of flown by the seat of my pants. Working from home, I never really established a schedule. Well, I know that a schedule will help me to simplify my life and will also make me happy, so I’m going to try implementing a simple schedule into my work day. I am also going to continue learning the fine art of saying no to things that don’t fit into my schedule or don’t fit in with simplifying my life. Choosing discomfort over resentment is a motto I love and want to live by.

I feel like time is slipping by so quickly, so I’m hoping that by simplifying my life some, I can have a better focus on the things that are most important to me… my family and friends.

So, enough about me… let’s talk about you! What is your focus for 2013? Is there any one word that you hope will guide your year? If so, would you like to have a gorgeous necklace from The Rusted Chain to commemorate and remind you of your focus? Last year I had a “Connect” bracelet… it was such a nice, subtle reminder for me of what my focus was. This year, my friend Beki offered to send me a “One Word” necklace with my word for the year. It’s so gorgeous and I’d like to give you one too!

First, can you stop by and follow The Rusted Chain on Facebook? I’m sure Beki would love to have you! She has giveaways all the time I’m sure you’d love to know about!

Rusted Chain “One Word” Necklace Giveaway Details:

Now, to enter this giveaway for (1) “One Word” necklace in gold or silver from The Rusted Chain, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know what your word or focus for 2013 is going to be.

For additional entries share a link to this post on your favorite social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest). For each share, leave an additional comment on this blog post letting me know what you’ve done.

Giveaway will end at midnight, CST on Monday, January 14th. Winner will be chosen via and notified via a valid email address.

Thanks for entering and happy new year!


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  1. Susan Broughton says

    My word I guess will be Health. I was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and I need to redo my recipe log. How about doing some diabetic friendly recipes on your site. There is unfortunately a lot of diabetics now a days.

  2. says

    You know I love this! And I loved all the “one words” that everyone was mentioning on twitter the day we were discussing this. So many GREAT words everyone had as their own. I chose Awesome because I really feel that this year is going to be awesome. We just closed on our house here, remodeling the kitchen in its entirety on our own, my first baby will be in Kindergarten later this year, two of my best friends are getting married ( one first time, one remarried ) and so much more. So I really feel for this year to be awesome I have to be equally awesome if not more!! I love your simplify – and those memories from the simple traditions will live on forever – not the fancy meals you hoped for a gazillion pins. I have some awesome memories of simple traditions we had when I was a kid. That’s all that matters most – leaving that impression on your kids to want to pass along to their own kids when they have them!

  3. says

    Absolutely agree with all of this. For me, my word for 2013 is FOCUS, which actually pairs nicely with everything you said about simplifying your life – compartmentalizing time so you actually get more done, cutting the excess and unnecessary stuff out, figuring out what really matters and spending more time on that!

    One tip I’m going to try out to be (or at least feel) more productive: Every day I’m going to write 3 things I want to get done today with regards to my business. No more, no less. They can be big, small, and everything in between but I won’t hit the sack unelss those 3 are done.

  4. says

    Thanks for the opportunity. My word is cherish. Love your word simplify…we always seem to try to hard and often simplest is best. Happy New Year!!!

  5. says

    First of all, I would read your blog no matter what kind of recipe you posted. Simple is good, and that just makes me want to read your recipe posts anymore. As a busy momma, just like you, I agree that I would rather spend time with my family than cook elaborate meals.

    Oddly enough, simplify is one of my words for 2013. I sent this email to our teachers just this weekend. “I am sorry to include all of you on updates regarding all three of my littles, but it was just easier. And, in 2013, I am trying to simplify whenever possible.”

    Simplify it is. Great minds think alike. :)

  6. says

    Our new year, does not officially kick off until next week, as we just got back home from being away for almost a month. Between work and the holidays it was a whirlwind. I am taking this week as a time to tie up loose 2012 ends, go thru mail and get ready for a new year!! I was thinking about this on the plane, and all I kept coming back to was making life simpler for us. So, I guess, my word would be the same … simple!!

    Here’s to a simply marvelous 2013 for both of us!!

  7. says

    ‘Simplify’ sounds like an all-encompassing “word” that can be applied to pretty much all aspects of life ~ I love it! I was focusing on ‘organize’ but I think simplify is better!

    As for a word for a necklace though, I would have to say “Love” ~ as in all we need and all that matters at the end of our lives. {smile}

    Happy New Year, Kristen!

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  8. says

    I pinned a link to this post on Pinterest {my user name is dh127} and I now follow you on Pinterest and Twitter! {I already subscribe to your email updates.}


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