Project 365 2013: Our Life in Photos January 1st – January 12th

Project 365 2013 is a photo a day project and a glimpse into our everyday life. My Project 365 goal for the year is to take the majority of pictures with my Nikon DSLR instead of my iPhone. I am hoping to stretch and improve my skills as a photographer as part of the project. More importantly, I hope to capture the fleeting moments of our life so we can look back and remember things we might have forgotten otherwise.

In 2013 I am also participating in Becky Higgins Project Life, which is a print / album concept for my Project 365 photos. This is a first for me, as I am and have always been horrible about actually printing out my photos! It should be a fun challenge.

If you are participating in Project 365 and/or Project Life this year, let me know. I’d love to follow along on your journey!

For now, here is my first installment of Project 365 2013.

January 1st: We spent New Years Eve at a hotel in Dallas, TX with my parents celebrating my moms 80th birthday! Even Meg got in on the chance to ring in 2013.

January 2nd: Over the holiday break, we spent a lot of time playing board and card games. Phase 10 is one of my absolute favorite games to play!

January 3rd: Ugh… I hate cold weather and find myself being lazy and wearing yoga pants and my comfy slippers all day! It’s like my winter uniform.

January 4th: I had the opportunity to go see Les Misérables with some friends tonight. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. In fact, I can’t wait to go see it in theaters again. So very good!

January 5th: Cutest little neighbor baby!

January 6th: My new toy to help me get into the habit of printing my pictures for Project Life. It’s an awesome little machine!

January 7th: The first day back at school was a hard one for Meg… she whimpered and cried at the window watching the kids get in the car and head for school.

January 8th: My baby boy turned 11 today. I can’t believe how fast the 11 years have flown by!

January 9th: When you’re 3, there’s no such thing as too much glue. There’s also a thought that anything other than PJ’s to wear is overrated.

January 10th: I love that my kids like to take pictures almost as much as I do!

January 11th: We can’t seem to kick the sickies out of our house. Kelly came down with something again today and spent most of the day in a feverish state on the couch, with Meg to keep her company.

January 12th: We take the winter off from sports, which means that Saturday’s are much less hectic than the other seasons. A lazy Saturday morning often consists of a movie on Netflix and PJ’s.

That’s it for the first installment of Project 365! I’ll be back with more next week (can’t wait to share my picture from today… I love it so much!)

You can follow me on Instagram, Flickr and Facebook for photos that didn’t make it in the weekly roundup.

Thanks for sharing in our life through Project 365!

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  1. says

    LOVE your project 365. I’m in love with Meg… so sweet!!! I esp love her New Years hat. :) Your kiddos are precious (though I’m sorry you all have been so sick)! I’m loving 365 so far… and planning to do monthly posts (but posting the “leftovers” every Friday). I’m so hoping it helps drive me toward better photography. Happy Monday!!!

  2. says

    You’re off to a great start for your project! I learned so much when I did mine a couple of years ago. How’d you manage that Le Miz shot? :D. Cute, cute family — love the Saturday morning routine, and I’ll bet your kids will always remember it. Look forward to more!

  3. says

    I LOVE this idea but I’m already behind! Mine would be something like Project 352. That doesn’t sound as good. Kind of a bummer but I may jump in anyway and I love that I can use it as more motivation to push my photography skills to the next level. Goodness knows there are many levels to go for me!! :) Thanks for sharing. Love your photos and peek into your everyday life.

  4. says

    Christy – It’s so easy to get caught up in the “if I didn’t start on the first day I can’t do it”. It doesn’t have to be January 1st to December 31st, at all! Just jump in when you can and start from there :) You won’t regret doing it, I promise!

  5. says

    Well why didn’t I think of that??? That’s a good idea! It’ll really bug the OCD part of my brain but I’ll try and ignore it! Thanks so much for the suggestion and the help. You’re always so sincerely helpful and that seems to be uncommon. I really appreciate you! :)

  6. says

    Another new Project Lifer checking in. What core kit did you get to start? I love the Seafoam one, but I think I want to add some elements of the Midnight one when it comes out in May.

  7. says

    You are doing fantastic! I love your pictures and everything so far! I just adore that program from Becky… I met her once and she is as amazing in person as on her site! I tried to do it as well, but only made it three months. Even then I had a few days I would miss and didnt make notes on so couldnt go back and add pictures. I failed! But you WONT! :)

  8. says

    I love this project idea – I’m trying to keep up “Monday Moments”, a weekly look at some of the moments from our week. I know there are so many little things about this stage I won’t remember and I want to remember some of them, and this helps remind me to pull out that camera!

  9. says

    Love every single photo. I am so sorry you can’t seem to shake the sickies. That tends to happens in families. I remember when the kids were younger it would just bounce around from one to the other and back again. Then once I was truly exhausted I’d get it. Keep on keeping on lady. Spring will be here sooner than you think and sickies will be gone for the season. xx

  10. says

    Love this Kristen! Meg is an absolute doll, she looks like she’s fitting right in! Need to get Phase 10, new to me! And to help me with the printing of the photo issues I have as we’ll my hubby got me an Epson printer for Christmas, not sure if same one but I’m supposed to be able to print from my phone & memory card? I’m so tech challenged :)

    You’re off to a great Project 365 start! :)

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