Project 365 2012 – Finishing Up the Year Part 1

Can you tell I’m playing catch up? I had no idea that I hadn’t posted a Project 365 post since October! Yikes! So, in the next three blog posts, I am going to finish up the pictures I still haven’t shared… which means that yes! I finally completed a Project 365 and posted a picture from each day of the year! I plan on doing Project 365 again in 2013, so stay tuned for more frequent Project 365 posts! But for now, here the Project 365 completion post, part 1 of 3!

October 7th: The surprise birthday cake my kids made me!

October 8th: A pizza lunch date at my favorite pizza place with my favorite 3 year old!

October 9th: My sweet #BlogKC friends surprising me with a wonderful birthday cake, made by my friend Jenn.

October 10th: Busy day means lots and lots of post-its.

October 11th: Happy!

October 12th: I love this coffee cup my friend Jenny gave me for my birthday!

Servin’ Surprises™ Kitchen & Table

October 13th: Leah and her BFF

October 14th: Jacob all suited up for football

October 15th: A gorgeous October day!

October 16th: Another gorgeous October day with a walk in the park

October 17th: I don’t even know what this picture is :) I think it’s just a random picture I clicked when I realized I didn’t have a picture for the day and it was already late at night!

October 18th: We were excited when the Picky Palate Cookbook arrived!

October 19th: A beautiful view on the way to Oklahoma.

October 20th: Hanging with cousin Kennedy by the firepit

October 21st: Princess

October 22nd: A just for fun Senior Shoot I did for a friend of mine.

October 23rd: Ella and her friend Abe playing with their frog named “Water”.

October 24th: Sweet Avery, our neighbor

October 25th: I love my smiley mug!

October 26th: Cooking helper

October 27th: My friend Jennifer Mullinax taking Ella’s picture during our family photo session.

October 28th: Cute dog we saw after church

October 29th: Leah and a lemon

October 30th: I thought Leah was just being shy at her school party… turns out she was sick.

October 31st: Our neighborhood kids at our annual Halloween party

Stay tuned for part 2, coming up next!

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  1. says

    LOVE!!! I sooo appreciate Project 365’s….this is the first past year I didn’t do one. Need to check out what you all are doing this year – it looks interesting!

  2. says

    Ok just when I thought the photos couldn’t get any better I stumbled upon Leah and the lemon. Are you kidding me? I can’t handle the cuteness! Love this inside glimpse into your beautiful life.


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