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Mushroom Love {Recipe: Mushroom & White Bean Tostada}

Mushroom White Bean Tostada from www.dineanddish.net

There are two foods in this world that could convince me to become a vegetarian: mushrooms and beans. I love both and every time I taste a dish featuring either of these ingredients, I seriously consider giving up my carnivore ways.

The first time I had mushrooms and white beans combined was when I tasted an amazing Mushroom and White Bean Tart recipe from Chef Connie Gutterson. It was then that I knew I had to find more ways to combine these ingredients… I loved the flavors so much.

Skillet of mushrooms being sauteed

You can find the Mushroom and White Bean Tostada recipe I created over on the Mushroom Channel Blog. I’m excited to share that I’ll be partnering with them all year long to create tasty recipes using one of my favorite ingredients… mushrooms!

Mushroom and White Bean Tart Recipe

For a quick and easy meatless meal, or even served as a protein packed dip for tortillas chips, click on over to check out the recipe and all the other great recipes on the Mushroom Channel Blog!

Disclosure: I am proud to be a 2013 member of the Mushroom Channel blogging team. Make sure to follow The Mushroom Channel on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for mushroom inspiration!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This sounds absolutely delicious!! Unfortunately the significant other doesn’t share the same affinity for mushrooms, so I’ll have to make it when he’s out of town. I think the only thing that would make it better (in my opinion) is a dollop of guacamole – but I can put guac on just about anything :).

  2. I’m right there with you… One of the few reasons I get by with eating vegetarian dishes is because most of them include mushrooms or beans. However, I love the idea of combining them! Just brilliant!

  3. You had me at mushroom! These look amazing!!!

  4. Oh my goodness how good does this look. I want for lunch. :)

  5. Yum! I’m a big fan of mushrooms, not on beans though. But this might change my perspective on beans.

  6. This looks amazing, Kristen! We are huge mushroom and bean fans here, too.

  7. I’m in the mushroom and bean fan club too :)

  8. We are absolute mushroom and bean fanatics at my house as well. I had no idea thete wad a mushrpom channel…heading over there now!

  9. Kristin, this looks wonderful. One of those “must try soon” meals. Thanks so much for the post. That overhead shot is a great photo.

  10. what an interesting combination…would have never thought of it on my own…thank goodness for your food blog… i am not vegetarian but we always do at least one meatfree meal a week and love new ideas! go mushrooms!

  11. I love mushrooms too! This tostada looks great with no meat.

  12. I seriously cannot wait to try this!

  13. Ohhhh my do these look good! This is our kind of dinner. Will have to try it out on my husband this weekend.

  14. That looks absolutely delicous!!

    Can’t wait to try it!

  15. I agree! Mushrooms and beans…
    Did I just say that out loud?

  16. I could make a meal out of this all by itself! I know my oldest would also love it!!

  17. Absolutely LOVE the pairing of mushrooms and beans! Looking forward to seeing your ‘shroom recipes this year with Mushroom Channel!


  18. This just looks great!

  19. oh What a great twist on Connie’s recipe! I bet these are fantastic K!!

  20. Oh, I love this recipe! I’m trying to incorporate more meatless dishes in our diet! Now that I’m dairy-free, I will have t find some vegan cheese for topping this for a fun lunch for myself! Thanks for the great idea, Kristen!!


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    Mushroom Love Recipe: Mushroom & White Bean Tostada – Dine and Dish

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