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A Love Letter for 13 Years

13 Year Anniversary Wedding Picture

There was a time in my life where I wrote prolific love letters… deep and meaningful words spoken from the heart. Then, after a failed first marriage, I came face to face with a box of letters I had written. Each page, raw, real and vulnerable, laid out there to remind me how exposed I had let my heart become through words. I can remember so clearly, sitting on the floor of my bedroom, reading each letter, sobbing at what was and what would never be again and feeling nakedly exposed and so vulnerable.

I was young…really young and was convinced any vision of a happily married life was over. I remember crying to my sister the first time I had to put a check mark on a form asking whether I was “married, divorced or widowed”.  23 and already divorced. Who would want me now?

Thankfully, God had very specific plans for me… the first marriage, the divorce… those and every relationship I had even prior to that led me to the man I ended up marrying 13 years ago today. And you know what? Despite the hurt and heartache each relationship yielded, I would gladly do it all over again if it led me to the man I am now married to. For, because of him, I am eternally blessed.

Photo courtesy of my talented friend, Jennifer of Jennifer Mullinax Photography.

So, to my husband, who has never received a love letter from me, but deserves a box full, I want you and the world to know that I love you more than words can say. You are the answer to my prayers, and each and every day I am extremely thankful that you chose me to be your bride. I love the life we have together… it has not always been rosy, but even through our darkest times, I know that we are meant to be together and that our love is as real as it comes.

Marriage is full of peaks and valleys, I now know that. I’m glad you are there to hold me during both.

Thank you for your patience, your kindness and most of all for being my best friend.

I am ever grateful to have you as my partner in this life. Happy 13th Anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story you are living.

    P.S. Leila saw your wedding pic and gasped, “Oh Mom, she is SO pretty!”

  2. Happy anniversary, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and it sounds like the relationship you have with your husband is so strong and true. I wish you many, many more happy years together.

  3. Happy Anniversary my friend! You are a huge inspiration – personally and professionally. We just celebrated our 7th Anniversary and I know it isn’t always roses and butterflies. Congrats on a huge milestone!

  4. You’re both such lovely people, inside and out. Happy for you!!

  5. Happy anniversary! That’s the sweetest love letter. :) I am happy for you that your prayer is answered! You two look wonderful and beautiful together. Wish you many many more 13 years to come.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Nick & Kristen! I could have written something similar.. a great heartbreak led me to James, and I’d have never met him if it weren’t for that first heartbreak – literally! They were friends!

    I’m so glad for you both, and for your kids, that you hold the love you share so preciously. It makes all the difference.

  7. Happy Anniversary, Kristen! Here’s to the next 13 years for you and Nick :)

  8. Totally brought a tear to my eye (okay, so I blew snot!) happy anniversary!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary. What a sweet love note to your husband!

  10. This is beautiful, Kristen. It is so good to take the time and thought to articulate love to our spouses and to do it publicly, too. Happy anniversary to you and your husband — may God give you many more to come. : )

  11. Aww, I love this! God sure does work in mysterious ways. Glad you found your true love. Happy Anniversary!!!

  12. What a sweet post. My son is going through a rough end to a very short marriage. I hope he finds that perfect someone too.

  13. Such a sweet post and photos Kristen. Happy Anniversary.
    I got to believe everything happens for a reason and no matter what we do we can’t make is come faster or skip it.

  14. This is such a beautiful post. :) Congratulations on your happy years together, and best wishes for many more!

  15. Congrats! Happy anniversary!!

  16. Such a sweet post and a great picture of you and your man. Happy Anniversary!!

  17. such a beautiful post Kristen! and I love the picture of the 2 of you – I want a good one of me and Steve

  18. Love the honesty. thanks for sharing. being real and investing in relationships is what it is all about. praise God for his perfect plan.

  19. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful love letter to your husband. You make a beautiful couple and best wishes for many more years of happiness together.

    Life often takes on down roads that we sometimes feel we would have rather not had to travel. However, inevitably, they always lead us, through the hills and valleys, the light and darkness to exactly where we were meant to be.

  20. You guys look THE EXACT same. Congraaats!


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