The Particular Randomness of Spiced Pear Cake

Today I feel like being random then sharing this awesome recipe with you. So here are my random thoughts from today…

When you wear a blazer as part of your outfit but the weather gets colder than blazer weather, do you wear a jacket or coat over your blazer? What’s the right thing to do there?

Why do people at airports stand up and wait in line to get on the plane before their zone is even close to being called? Do they not understand that we are all getting on the same flight? Just because you get on the plane first doesn’t mean you are going to get there any faster than the rest of us?

Curious – text on food photos… do you like it, does it bug you, or do you not care either way?

My friend Stacey posted on Facebook the other day that she read the next hair trend would be a throwback to the 80’s. For me the 80’s was all about big bangs and Aqua Net. Can we all just agree that we do NOT need to revisit the 80’s hairstyles again? I don’t think our ozone could take it!

In case you are wondering, she is as awesome in person as she is on her blog. Love that girl!

What’s your favorite flavored creamer to put in your coffee?

Can cap sleeves just die, please?

Finally, who are The Kardashians and why exactly are they famous or always on the front of all the supermarket magazines?

OK, that’s it for my randomness! Now onto this great recipe my friend Jenny shared with me from a Gold Medal Flour booklet. Her version was and amazing apple cake with nuts and raisins, but I decided to do pear without the add in’s. Enjoy!

Frosted Spiced Pear Cake
A taste of fall in a delicious, moist spiced pear cake. Adapted from Gold Medal Flour
  • 1¾ cups finely chopped pears (about 2 medium)
  • 1 cup granulted sugar
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • ½ cup butter, melted
  • 1½ cups Gold Medal all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Dash of ground nutmeg
For the glaze:
  • 1½ cups powdered sugar
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  1. Heat oven to 350°. Grease rectangular pan, 13x9x2 inches.
  2. Mix apples and sugar in a large bowl; let stand for 10 minutes. Stir in egg and butter. Stir in remaining ingredients (except vanilla glaze). Pour batter into the prepared pan.
  3. Bake 20-30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. Spread with vanilla glaze while warm.
Vanilla Glaze:
  1. Mix all ingredients until smooth and spreadable.

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  1. says

    haha LOVE the randomness. PLEASE let’s not go back to 80’s hair. My hair is too thin and that was such a stressful time. Even aqua net couldn’t hold these bangs up, they were just too wispy.

    Love the pear cake. It’s gorgeous and you just don’t see enough pears in desserts!

  2. says

    I’m with ya …

    Only thing I can think of for the airplane thing is that people think there won’t be room for their carry-ons? Or they like to stand? I hate getting on that plane. If I could be the last person to get on a plane each time, I would do it every time.

  3. says

    I think people stand before their zone on boarding flights because they are VERY concerned about getting overhead bin space. Sometimes I just want to tell everyone, “it’s going to be okay, even if your bag isn’t above your particular seat.” Ugh.

  4. says

    Please say we don’t have to revisit 80’s hair. Because my hair is now thinning and I’d need WAY more hairspray than before!! I have found myself attracted to baked pear things lately…have never baked with them before. This cake looks so comforting and delicious.

  5. says

    Please not 80’s hair. Mine was short and poofy and not at all attractive! Good question about the blazer. Maybe take it off?? Pears are a fruit I haven’t cooked with very much and your recipe looks like one to try. Perfect for a fall morning.

  6. says

    Well… I have to be the one to go against the grain and say how I do love big hair. I’m not ready to return to the bat wings and big roll curl over the forehead though. Sooo…. let’s just all agree that big hair wouldn’t be bad, just not all that other weirdness. And just say no to the aqua net. :)

  7. says

    80’s hair to me always brings back memories of feather bangs that are a mile high! Yeah let’s not go back there. I’m also with you on cap sleeves.
    The airplane thing is probably for overhead space… but the people that get on in a rush with an aisle seat and then show annoyance because you have to get by them to get to your seat bug me. Ticketing also bugs me but that could get me into a rant about seating rules that ticket agents don’t follow when assigning tickets of young children!
    And can I just say that I was doing really well at not craving any fall sweet treats until I read the title of your post… now all of the sudden I really do want a spiced pear cake – it looks so warm and comforting.

  8. says

    This post is hysterical and I totally agree with it all!! I used to joke that if you stood behind the girls with the giant cans of aqua net in the school bathroom you would get enough of the hairspray from “fall out” to keep your hair up for a week! Ha ha
    And yes – can the Kardahians go away please? We were driving home from frozen yogurt last night and I had a magazine of events in town (we live in Las Vegas) and it had several ads of Scott Disick being a super special guest for some event. Ummm. Why??? He’s the boyfriend of one of the kardashians – so why is he famous?? I guess it doesn’t take actual, real talent in Hollywood these days to be famous. So sad

  9. says

    I simply love you. I don’t even know where to start. Ok, airports: yes, people, just sit down and breathe a minute. My crunched seat will be no better than yours. I drink my coffee black, so no creamer. 80’s hair, I’m not really sure about that one yet. Text on food photos: I’m not sure yet. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don’t and I can’t decide yet. I have decided that I need this cake in my life. It’s stunning, as are you! Loved this post!

  10. says

    Of course people are trying to rush the gate at the airport–they manage to bring all their luggage with them, and they need to get on first so they can hog up all the overhead space! They should be punished by being forced to wear 80s hair. 😉

  11. says

    To be honest, I’m not opposed to 80’s hair…minus the super-tall bangs. I have a ton of hair and an equal amount of body. It takes a lot of work/product/time/etc for me to NOT have big hair. I figure I either need that style to come back or move to Texas, where I’m pretty sure big hair is always okay.
    My favorite coffee creamer – 1 3/4 c. milk, 1 canned sweetened cond milk, 2 tsp. vanilla…so much better than anything storebought.
    Love the How Sweet It Is blog.
    Completely baffled by airport behavior.
    No idea what to do with the blazer/coat question. I’ve wondered that myself but am too short-waisted to wear a blazer to begin with.
    I love this post! And your recipe looks delicious.

  12. says

    So funny!

    I have no idea the rush to get on an airplane…unless you are in first class and want to start the drinks early. 😉

    Yes, Jessica is awesome!

    80’s hair….well, my hair is *always* BIG, so I wouldn’t really be opposed to it.

    Text on pictures…I can never decide. I do it on some, not on others. Maybe consistency is something I should work on.

    Cake…that looks DELICIOUS!

  13. says

    Here goes. Have a warm scarf to wear with your blazer, putting a coat over it is just plain uncomfortable, sort of like a baby in one of those one piece things that kept them warm but they could not move.

    People are like sheep.

    I don’t like text on them because it just reads (to me) that it’s all about marketing and/or keeping others from using them. The first one gets annoying and the second can’t really be stopped so why bother.

    Never had 80’s hair so never going back!

    Yes she is.

    I would walk over a bed of hot coals before I would put anything but half & half in my coffee…seriously I will do without before maligning it with dry stuff or skim milk.

    Cap sleeves? Ugh from the getgo.

    Last but not least. The K family. The ONLY one of any valued renown is Bruce Jenner and seems someone must have mistakenly taken out his mind during all of that plastic surgery. He was once a damn American hero!

    Know how they got started? Kim apparently had a sex tape; she was interviewed and said that. Seeing what she will do to market herself I’m assuming she leaked it. I know of no one who can stand that tribe but someone must…we need to find them and rescue them from their brainwashing! :)

  14. says

    Totally with ya Kristen – no thanks to the 80’s. There’s no way this (food blogger) body would fit in skin tight 501’s pegged beyond pegging. Nope, not doing it. And spiral perms? Ya…Not! I’m voting for Hawaiian Fashion Trend. Muu Muu’s – HOT! :) The pear cake looks spectacular.

  15. says

    Text on photos weird me out, but that’s just me.

    Standing in line to board plane … if you’re doing a long haul and traveling with children, those bin spaces RIGHT above your seat are necessary! Imagine getting stuck with your bags 20 rows ahead of you when you need little bits to keep your kiddos occupied. Reminds me, I need to do a post on airline stuff :)

  16. says

    Oh fun!!!! Thanks for the mention Kristen. No Aqua Net in my stash anymore lol and don’t plan on buying it again in spite of the trend to 80s’s hair! 😉


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