Happiness Report #17 – Happiness Down to My Soul

It’s a rainy, stay inside with a good book and cup of coffee kind of day. A snuggly, beautiful, happy day. What better kind of day then to share a little happiness with you all?

I am bubbling over with happiness today because Nick and I had the opportunity to bring recording artist, Shannon Curtis, and her husband Jamie, into our home last night for a private concert. Shannon’s soulful voice filled the air as our friends cozied up in our living room and kitchen to listen. Shannon’s music has depth and meaning and is delivered with such raw emotion. I was definitley in my happy place, filled with joy and love last night.

You’ve seen me write about my love for Shannon’s music before, and it was so surreal to see that love of her music spill over to a love for the person she is. Genuine, kind and beautiful to her core. Her husband, Jamie, is just as wonderful.

Night turned into morning, and we shared cinnamon rolls and great conversation around our kitchen table. Again… pure happiness to personally connect with someone you’ve had an online relationship with for over a year and to be able to share such intimate time with them. Thank you, Shannon and Jamie, for sharing your talents with us. Having you join our friends in our home was beyond special to me. Thank you!

If you haven’t listened to Shannon’s music yet, stop what you are doing and head over to her website now. Her newest single, Anti-Gravity, has become one of my favorites. Other favorites of mine are Before the Sun, Boomerangs & Seesaws, Waking Up With You… actually, I love all of her music. Please go check it out. Perfect Saturday and Sunday morning, lounging around, cooking and enjoying your coffee kind of tunes. You’ll love her, I know it!

More happiness… I started pillow journals with my kids. I can’t remember where I saw or heard about this idea but I think it’s a really great one. Each kid is given a journal and the first page is filled with a journal entry from a parent, asking questions, sharing praise, talking about silly stuff. The journal is placed under the child’s pillow and they then have just a few days to fill out the next page in the journal, answering questions, asking questions and sharing general silly stuff. They then place it under your pillow. It’s a back and forth way to journal with your child, and I am excited to see how it works. I’ve already received the journal back from Ella and Kelly and am loving the sharing it’s started between us.

Other things that have made me smile…

Gretchen Rubin’s new book, Happier at Home, releases this week. I can’t wait to read it!

Finding time to read… that makes me happy. I finished The Island today and am going to start Dare Me next.

My sister and three kind friends, chatting with me about specific parenting experiences when I was struggling. Thank you!

Reading comments about your best friends over on my Hallmark post.

I’ve had fun taking really cool iPhone panoramic photos with the DMD app. Have you tried it?

And, my pretty new red Blendtec blender (stay tuned for a giveaway next week!)

Now it’s your turn to share. What’s making you happy right now?

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  1. says

    Meeting and listening to Shannon last night was amazing. Seeing you so filled with happiness…. made my happy rise.

    What else makes me happy? Hearing my nearly 3 year old yell “DAH DAT DA DAH DAT DA DAH” and then “BWAH HA HA” as he pretends he is Darth Vader. How can that NOT make you smile?

  2. Kristi says

    It looks like you had a blast with the concert Friday evening!
    What’s put a smile on my face recently including today – spending the day hanging out with my boys – with the youngest we’ve watched part of a Swamp People marathon, with the oldest we’ve just talked some. Rain! Making time to put reading back on my plate on a more regular basis – almost done reading Bloom. My husband bringing home Starbucks today just because he knows I enjoy it!
    Also looking forward to the release of Gretchen Rubin’s new book!

  3. Kathy says

    I didn’t make it up for the concert, but I have purchased her tunes and I love them! Wish I could have made it, what a treat for you! And her. Your cinnamon rolls are amazing .

  4. Kathy says

    Oh, and what makes me happy….the video of your adorable kids dancing, precious Kennedy saying she would worry about her college so I don’t need to start fretting over it yet, the fact that my almost 18 year old boy still is willing to let me hang out with him and our crazy mom remembering….eventually…to take her meds because of first grade Kristen.:-)

  5. Pat Wogan says

    The crazy Mom was happy today because she talked on the phone with Ginger, Kristen, and Kathy! The enchiladas turned out great and we will be eating them all this week. The salsa was hot enough for Dad….almost. I am also happy football season is starting!

  6. says

    Sitting in my chair with a blanket, cup of tea, and my computer, while I wait for the littles to all greet me one by one is making me very happy this morning.

    Also, having my parents in town, the opening weekend of college football, and knowing that we successfully made it through the first week of school is pure happiness, too.

    Happy weekend!

  7. says

    Oy vey .. her music makes me happy. Happy and introspective and meditative all at the same time!

    Struggling a bit as some of the songs are NOT available on iTunes, yet I can’t get the CDs here in Singapore, via direct order … K, want to take delivery and then ship to Singapore for me? :)

    (LOVING the pillow journal concept!)

    • says

      Oh hon – I’m sorry :( That brand new sweet baby has got to be bringing a bit of happiness, right? Plus exhaustion at the same time, I’m sure. Anything I can do??

      • says

        The main problem right now is we all caught a cold (and hearing a stuffy nosed baby isn’t so fun!) However, he did sleep pretty well last night considering! He is still adorable to just stare at. Then there is some drama going on in my husband’s family and for some reason his sisters like to discuss their problems with me (nice to know they accept me that well, but sometimes it can be a bit much!)

        Yeah, I forgot to mention the hair cut! Plus we finally conquered the thrush (finally after 2.5 weeks!)… so I guess that is something to be happy about as well. I guess it is hard to see the positive when you’re focusing on all the negative (which is easy when you have a cold and are sleep deprived ;).

  8. says

    my happy is being alive, being relatively healthy, having good friends who make me pause for a moment and think about what makes me happy!! life is full with activity, full with things that stretch me . . . really appreciate your happiness reports Kristen – always a joy!

  9. says

    Love your happiness report! It makes me happy to have someone out there sharing their happiness and inspiring us to think about ours and be thankful…we so often forget that. Thanks

  10. says

    I find happiness spending quality time with my family. Great post, looking forward to hearing her music and doing that journal sharing with the kids, Fun!

  11. says

    How fantastic that you shared such a wonderful night with a talent like this. And by the way, we don’t have any children but if we are blessed one day I hope to borrow this pillow journal idea. I think it’s truly wonderful!!

  12. says

    May karaniwang ay lubhang ilang mga indibidwal na maaring magsulat hindi kaya madaling artikulo na malikhaing. Panatilihin ang magandang pagsulat!! Uy doon! Ako sa trabaho surfing sa paligid ng iyong blog mula sa aking bagong iphone!


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