Fantasy Versus Reality {Recipe: Peaches & Cream Frozen Cocktail}

I woke up with an itch… the road trip itch.

I nudged my husband. “Let’s get out of town… go someplace for the day.”

It’d be a happy day, full of picture taking, shopping for props at antique stores, prancing through fields while notes from The Sound of Music filled the air.

We all pile in the car… 45 minutes later than we had planned because that’s how it goes when you have four kids and try to get out the door. But all is good. We’re going to have a happy day… a whimsical, carefree, spontaneous road trip kind of day.

5 minutes into our trip, Leah is screaming because her seat belt is too tight. Ella and Jacob are fighting over space. Kelly is giving us a play by play of every ones wrong doings. I try to tune it all out. We are going to have fun, dammit!

20 minutes into our road trip, things have only gotten worse. The kids are in full sibling rivalry mode… every thing they do is annoying the other one. “Ella, stop breathing so loud!” “Jacob, stop kicking my seat!” Blah, blah, blah…

25 minutes into our road trip, the car comes to a halt. “Do we really want to do this?” my husband looks at me and asks. No… no we don’t.

We turn around and head home, much to the dismay of the wailing kids in the back. They come into the house and are sent straight to their rooms. If we aren’t road tripping, they are going to clean.

I make a beeline to my new blender and decide the reality of my fantasy at least deserves a cocktail.

So, no road trip with the family… but a delicious, creamy, peachy cocktail creation instead. Fantasy versus reality… and suddenly it’s not all that bad.

Recipe: Peaches & Cream Frozen Cocktail
A peachy frozen cocktail!
  • 2 parts Peach Schnaps
  • 2 parts Whipped flavor Pinnacle Vodka
  • 2 parts heavy whipping cream
  • 1 splash vanilla
  • 2 cups ice
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

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  1. says

    Sorry that your trip didn’t work out, but your story is so similar to mine that I couldn’t help laughing through it.

    I made something very very similar two days back. But it was a smoothie, no Vodka. Love this cocktail.

  2. says

    Oh, Kristen, hugs to you. I have those moments too – fantasy: happy family on a carefree joyous day; reality: bickering siblings and Matt and I raw with rattled nerves. I like your ending way better than mine though!

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