Cookies & Cream Magic Shell on Mini Ice Cream Cones

We had a little party this past weekend… you may have recalled me gushing about it in my most recent Happiness Report. It was such a wonderful night.

So… it was a great party. You want to know how I know it was great? I was so absorbed with the people around me that I didn’t take a single picture of the food I had prepared for the event.

OK, I might have been a little too busy to take pictures, but I always know when I’m having a completely perfect time when I look back the next day and realize I took hardly any pictures. I was actually present and in the moment… doesn’t happen a whole lot for me. How about you?

At our little party we had pulled pork sliders, mini Caprese salad bites, kettle corn, crackers with goat cheese and Harry & David peach relish, chocolate covered Biscoff cookie bites, Krispy Kreme bread pudding and these… mini magic shell ice cream cones.

For the party we had Neapolitan Ice Cream and homemade Chocolate Magic Shell. For you, my friends, I’m taking things up a notch.

As a lover of all things cookies and cream, I thought… “Why not make Cookies and Cream magic shell?

Of course, I made the Cookies and Cream Magic Shell on tiny ice cream cones, then devoured a mini ice cream cone, and finally, looked out into the great interwebs and discovered the queen of Oreo’s herself, my friend Jenny, was one step ahead of me. She’s already mastered the Cookies and Cream Magic Shell. I should have known. She’s smart like that!

I’m going to send you over to Oh Happy Day for details on how to achieve the mini cone look (which makes for the cutest little party dessert). Then, head over to Picky Palate to see how Jenny created the Oreo Cookie Magic Shell. I did mine almost exactly the same except made the white chocolate Magic Shell, dipped the ice cream cone into it, then rolled it in crushed Oreo Cookies. Be careful heading over to those blogs… they are quite awesome. I don’t want you to forget about little old me 😉


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  1. says

    Félicitations pour avoir publié un tel blog utile. Votre blog n’est pas seulement informative mais aussi très artistique aussi. Il ya généralement très peu de personnes qui peuvent écrire des articles n’est pas si facile que de façon créative. Garder la bonne écriture! Hey there! Je suis au boulot surf autour de votre blog de mon nouvel iPhone! Je voulais juste dire que j’aime à lire votre blog et j’ai hâte de tous vos messages! Continuez votre excellent travail!

  2. says

    Ok, I’m totally down with this. My kids will loooove it! Your menu for your party sounds awesome. I didn’t get my invite, but it’s fine. I understand. Maybe next time. 😉
    sure love you! mwah!

  3. says

    Kristin, this looks so good, only problem is I really need to lay off the ice cream after this summer. Hokey Pete! Can you say Thank the good Lord for stretchy shorts/pants?! I’ll have to make it when lots of kids are over to eat it all up!

  4. Pat Wogan says

    My life is changing totally! I had an allergy test last week to see if we could isolate what is causing my almost daily hives…some bad enough that the inside of my mouth swelled. The Dr. prescribe1 d an Epipen for that. ($110) for two of them and they don’t come in singles. So yesterday I got the results of my tests. I am moderately allergic to milk, eggs, and cheddar cheese. All of which are staples of my ice cream diet. Don’t know what I am going to do without my daily ice cream fix…..I think I’ll just take benadryl. Those little ice cream cones look delicious…I also want the recipe for Krispy Kreem bread pudding!

  5. says

    I have recently given myself permission many times to not take photos of our food. I figure if I don’t take them, then I don’t have to post. I know I’m not fooling anyone but myself, but…

    Cute cones! They would be dangerous to have around here. No little ones to share them with. :)

  6. says

    I actually challenge myself NOT to take pictures at parties now, so I can be present. I never regret it either, funny how that works. Good job on being present!


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