The Happiness Report #16 – Randomness Edition

Happy weekend, friends! What better time to share a happiness report than the beginning of a weekend. I’m sure there will be lots more happiness happening over the weekend, but for now, here is what’s making me happy lately…

The older three kids all got started off to school without a hitch. I was the only emotional one, as I tend to be. They all have had a great first few days and are happy to be back in school!

My wild sidekick and I are getting to spend more one on one time together than ever before. Also known as – Leah’s getting into everything under the sun and I’m chasing around behind her cleaning up her trail. She’s helping me in the kitchen and with cleaning and all of that though. And who wouldn’t be happy looking at that sweet smile all day? She makes me laugh, and that makes me happy!

Guess what I spied being carried by Green Mountain Coffee in their online store? It’s that time of year again, and that makes me happy!

Getting creative with friends and making Hotel Sangria makes me happy. (For the inside story, visit Heidi’s recipe and recap here).

Just a few more random things…

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this blog, especially this post

I’m headed here on a date night with my hubby this weekend…

I listened to Tina Fay’s Bossypants via audiobook and laughed out loud over and over…

Shannon Curtis is releasing a new single next week AND is having a private concert at my house! Woo-hoo! (Listen to her new single, Anti-Gravity, HERE).

And I had some great conversations with friends who just “get it”… all that makes me happy!

Now it’s your turn to spill the happiness. What’s brought a smile to your face this week?

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  1. Jenny L. says

    Glad you are doing this!! Love your thinking about focusing on the happy…I love trying to live the way I want to teach my kids to live! Things that have made me happy this week:
    * Watching 2 of my babies start school the way I always did when I was their ages…bursting with energy and excitement – and feeling so blessed that they are somewhere they can thrive and grow while each being themselves :)
    * Spending time with my little baby – giggling and doing 3 year old things…watching her blossom by just having a little extra space to do her own thing :)
    *Realizing how many of the things I wanted to do with the kids this summer we actually did
    *Standing up for my child’s needs and being rewarded by finding out how the really good people out there respect that and will help you if you are open and honest with them
    *Finding a new great friend – someone who really gets it and me – and actually having time to spend with her :)

  2. says

    Well your baby’s smile for one thing! omigosh, now I know I have been blogging a while because weren’t you just pregnant? And wasn’t I a stay at home mom? (I’m still at home, but they canceled half day kindergarten and suddenly I have no kids at home to be with!). And no that last point is not making me happy. But plenty of other things are, like the Mac Book that is headed my way so I can stay in better touch with all the blogs I used to read obsessively…

    And by the way, your baby girl looks JUST LIKE YOU. 😀

    • says

      There is a bunch of rotten behind that smile 😉
      It sure seems like I was just pregnant, but she’s 3 now, Laura! Can you believe that?
      We’re facing the half day kindergarten going away by the time Leah is in school too. I’m not ready for that at all, but Mac Books are a VERY happy thing, for sure!!

    • says

      Awwww – I feel bad I was so wrapped up in my stuff I forgot to check on you with school starting. How’d YOU do on the first day?

      We are blessed, aren’t we? I’m happy to know YOU!

  3. says

    you know I love these posts!! and I love seeing your kids cute smiles!!

    What’s making me happy lately?…….that I no longer have to stop what I’m doing in the middle of the day to pick Allison up from school! lol

    have a fabulous weekend Kristen

  4. says

    Great list and a good reminder that it’s time for my Life Is Good post (for July! Ack!).

    And, thanks for the link to Today’s Letters. I don’t need another blog to follow, but how can I resist this one?! Love it!

  5. Kristi says

    I love these posts! It makes me happy to see you happy! And it reminds me to take a breath & look for the things that are making me happy -my boys starting back to school & enjoying their teachers & classes, staying in touch with friends & reading. Oh, and coffee! Enjoy your weekend!

      • Kristi says

        Currently reading “Bloom”. If memory serves, it was one that I added to my list after seeing you comment on it! Good, sad, poignant, thought provoking.

  6. says

    Your happiness report always makes me happy!

    While back to school does not thrill me because I miss my babies terribly, I am very happy that they all have AMAZING teachers. And, I am in the midst of planning a little Somewhere Over the Rainbow back to school celebration for them today. That is making me very, very happy. Just waiting for the unicorns to storm through my kitchen any minute now. :)

    Happy weekend!

  7. says

    Great post! Getting my daughter settled in her new apartment for her sophomore year of college makes me happy. And hubby and I had a 3 day getaway this week to celebrate our anniversary. It was wonderful to really connect and we had a fabulous time!


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