The Happiness Report #15 – Smile Like Michael Phelps

My husband and I have been chatting about Michael Phelps and some of his interviews at the beginning of the Olympics. I don’t know if you saw what we saw, but at the start he seemed completely checked out… like he wasn’t excited to be there. As the week went on and he started winning more medals, his attitude seemed to change. Of course, winning will do that to you, but do you want to know what he said his turning point was? He told Bob Costas in an interview that he decided he just needed to “smile more” and once he started doing that he became more relaxed and started taking in the moments around him. Simply by putting a smile on his face, he was able to begin to fully appreciate where he was and what he accomplished. And wow… has he accomplished a lot or what?

Put a smile on your face… giving the perception that you are a happy person even if you aren’t can actually turn you into a happy person. I don’t mean to be fake and hide your problems from others. I’m talking about how making the choice to focus on the positive and all the good in your life versus what isn’t going right can make a huge difference in how things turn out, don’t you think?

Which brings me to my poorly neglected Happiness Reports. I’m embarrassed to say my last Happiness Report was back in November. That is unacceptable! It’s time to focus on some happy, so here we go.

I recently purchased and fell in love with my new Erin Condren Life Planner. Have you seen these? Finding a paper planner that not only inspires but also is organized like my brain thinks planners should be organized makes me happy! Erin thought of everything when she created these planners… they are beautiful, functional and durable. Don’t worry, I still use Cozi for our online family calendar system, but I am loving my Erin Condren planner for my pen and paper planning!

Family vacation makes me happy! We just returned from a week in Estes Park, CO. I’ll be sharing a post with you soon about all that we did in this wonderful, family vacation spot, but I couldn’t do a happiness report this week without at least mentioning it!

My friend and photography idol, Tracey Clark just released a new book, and it is amazing. If you are into photography, capturing the everyday moments, taking the best pictures with the camera you have, etc. Tracey’s book, Elevate the Everyday, is for you. Her promo trailer makes me happy too… you can’t help but watch it and smile!


Elevate The Everyday from A Life Photographic on Vimeo.

A few more things that make me happy…

This August Food Bloggers calendar from Foodie Crush….

Watching The Curiosity Rover land on Mars… how cool was that?

All of the beautiful sunset pictures on Instagram…

My new favorite Sharpie pens to use with my Erin Condren planner (they don’t bleed through at all!)…

and finally, these ladies

I would love it if you’d share with me what’s been making you happy lately! Let’s focus on the positive and head out into the world smiling like Michael Phelps!


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  1. says

    heading over to gawk at the planner, thanks.

    i’m happily counting down the days until school starts. but i’m also happily treasuring every last one of them with my boys. they caught me “sniffing” them again when i gave them hugs. their skin smells of summer to me.

    • says

      Be forewarned… lots of beautiful things over on her site :)

      I love and totally know what you mean about the smell of summer. I miss that smell when it’s gone and love when it comes back each year!

      Thanks, Susan, for stopping by!

  2. says

    That’s a gorgeous-looking planner that I will not buy because I tend to want those types of things and then never use them. So I’ll just look.

    What makes me happy is that the big move is on Sunday, and after that we will be LIVING in our NEW HOUSE. Forever and ever, I hope, because moving is the worst, and the process of buying a house is also the worst, so I don’t want to have to do either of those again. Although I am also happy about the mess of bruises my legs are from the minor moving we’ve done so far. I tend to like having proof I’ve done something strenuous or challenging. Related to the move, I’m also happy that we’ve set a date for our housewarming BBQ and that my husband – Mr Introvert – is ahead of me in inviting people to it!

  3. says

    Look at you going on vacation with the adorable fam and coming back all inspired to share happiness with us all! Thank you for the suggestions, I recently got Tracy’s book myself, and for the link to my calendar 😉 Now you can put Alt Summit and your visit in your planner too :)

  4. says

    I’m so glad to have read your explanation of Michael’s changing attitude, because at the beginning of the games I thought he was acting like a brat, and I was turned off from watching him, both in and out of the pool. You’ve redeemed him for me! And thanks for featuring Tracey Clark – love the joy she emits. Can’t wait to see more from your family vacation!

  5. Lisa says

    Loved this post but unfortunately now I NEED to have both the book and the planner, so you’re costing me a lot of money! Lol!

  6. says

    Loved this post!! Things have been – crazy – to say the least, lately. Life is often hard, and sometimes people ask me how I handle what we are going through. And sometimes, all you can do is smile. It may not make hard times go away, but it sure does make life a little easier!!

  7. Aggie says

    So funny that you wrote this, it’s like you were in my head – just yesterday after a morning of cranky & picking on each other moments with my kids I told them when they get the urge to fight with each other, to just stop and smile for a second and see how I makes them feel. I was actually talkin to myself too. It truly works!!

    Love this post. Love that planner.

  8. says

    I just posted a HAPPY report about our recent trip to Door County Wisconsin. Everything there makes me smile…especially the biking, eating, hiking, lake, and spending quality time with my boyfriend! Love it!


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