Ahem…Magic Mike {Recipe: Blackberry Gin Shooters}

My eyes had the pleasure of taking in Magic Mike earlier this week. If you aren’t familiar with this movie, you can find more about it here, but in general, there really isn’t much of a plot, but lots and lots of eye candy.

Before the movie even started, the packed audience (of mixed ages and genders) was going wild in anticipation for what we were about to see… Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and a slew of other nice looking actors wearing next to nothing as they took it all off on the stage of a male strip club.

What I wasn’t prepared to see was the heavy use and acceptance of drugs, simulated sex acts, “sharing” of partners, the “f-bomb” dropped more than any other word and more… all this while the audience in the theater cheered on. I couldn’t help but wonder what this says about our society today. I feel a little disturbed that I am raising three girls and a boy in an era where no one seems all that embarrassed to be sitting in a theater watching this stuff happen on screen.

Do I like seeing a nice looking man with his shirt off? Yes… yes I do, and there was plenty of that in this movie. In fact, I wouldn’t mind freeze framing a few Channing Tatum scenes and staring at them for awhile. The dancing, although a bit much at times, was really good.

I guess I am more disturbed by what’s “acceptable” today… we are no longer hiding behind closed doors to read “erotica”… in fact, it’s so well accepted that certain books have jumped to and stayed on the NY Times Bestseller list for a long time. Movies, like Magic Mike, leave little to the imagination. Even clothing young girls and women are wearing have you wondering if they paid full price for an outfit that barely covers their body.

We concern ourselves with pedophiles and sexual predators, yet we cheer wildly when a man holds a woman’s head to his near naked crotch and bumps and grinds. What kind of message is our behavior sending to those people observing us…looking up to us…taking their cues from us?

I may be a prude for even writing this post, and I know I can’t have it both ways… I enjoyed parts of Magic Mike but I am honestly ready, for the sake of future generations, to return to the days where leaving more to the imagination was a very good thing.

Sidenote update: My friend Shaina just shared this link to a Washington Post article by Suzi Parker. If you have questions about whether to see this movie, read this article.

And on to a recipe that has absolutely nothing to do with the blog post, except it was inspired by a cocktail I enjoyed with girlfriends prior to heading over to see the movie!

Blackberry Gin Shooters Cocktail
A simple summer blackberry cocktail, served in individual shot glasses.
  • 4 fresh blackberries, plus additional for garnish
  • 2 ounces gin
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cup finely crushed ice
  1. Muddle blackberries
  2. In a cocktail shaker, shake together gin, simple syrup and fresh lemon juice until well blended.
  3. Add the muddled blackberries. Shake again.
  4. Divide crushed ice into 4 tall shot glasses, filling to the top but not packing the ice. Pour cocktail mixture over crushed ice. Top each shot glass with 1 blackberry. Serve cold.

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    • says

      We’ve to to. I’m all for having fun, but I also think we need to know what modesty is as well. There has to be a balance somewhere for what is acceptable!

  1. Kari says

    I saw the movie and read the books and I am a mother. My friends are in a book club and tied (excuse the pun) in the book discussion with seeing the movie. We called it “male exploitation day (finally).”

    I do not believe a stand is needed to be taken on this. I believe these books have opened up dialogue in many marriages about erotica in a way it never has before. Read this article: http://www.medicaldaily.com/news/20120705/10650/fifty-shades-of-grey-baby-boom-pregnancy.htm

    I do not believe this movie is for all, it does have an “R” rating for a reason. I also believe that too many people are getting a bit to preachy about what books people read, see news story: http://wtaq.com/news/articles/2012/may/11/fifty-shades-of-grey-too-hot-for-brown-county-library/

    I do agree with you that sensuality and sexiness can be attained by leaving a bit to the imagination, however I do not want women to move back to the 50s when society believed women “had their place” and EVERYTHING was covered up.

    Just my two cents.

    • says

      I don’t believe we need to move back to the 50’s either, but I also think there has to be some happy medium here.

      I enjoyed parts of the movie, as I mentioned. I do have a hard time with audience members cheering during some of the scenes… because it totally sets a double standard to what is acceptable and not (back to the face in the crotch piece). As a man watching how excited women get by this kind of behavior, it could totally send the wrong message and could put women in a very difficult place. If we are cheering on this in public, what happens when it happens, forcibly, in private? I just think we need to be careful about the kind of messages we are sending.

      With that being said, there were parts of the movie well worth watching… I just could have done without parts of it as well :)

      Thanks for sharing the links. Off to check them out now. I appreciate your viewpoint!

  2. says

    Thank you for your thoughtful review and commentary! I have not seen the movie (and certainly not read the book you mentioned), but I will have to admit I was slightly tempted by the movie as a “fun, girl’s night out” activity. I have learned to trust an R rating to mean that I will leave feeling like I wish I could wipe my brain clean, and have stopped seeing R movies at all. Today’s PG-13 movies would have required an R rating not too long ago!
    Yes, we are enraged with sex-trafficing, and pedophiles and yet allow our children (teenagers) to walk around more naked than clothed. We’ve allowed our society to become so saturated with sex and then wonder why we never feel truly safe, or beautiful.

    • says

      Just felt the need to clarify… I certainly don’t think that a woman (or girl) being lightly clothed is any excuse for an unwanted sexual advance. But I do believe it speaks to how we value our sexuality. If we share our whole body with the world… then there is nothing very special or sacred about it.

      • says

        I totally get what you are saying.

        I am impressed that you have given up R rated movies all together. That’s a hard thing to do, but you are right… so many of them anymore leave me feeling like I need to shower or wash my eyes out with soap. I’m not sure that I can go as far as to give them up all together, but I can certainly take more time to really look into what I’ll be experiencing at movies before I go.

        I thought this would be a fun girls night out movie… and it was.. we had a nice time, had some good laughs, and enjoyed parts of the night. I think more of the movie soaked in as I was headed home and thinking about the movie while alone in my car. As much as I liked pieces of what I saw, I think it could have been done just as well if not better by eliminating some of the more “extreme” parts. I don’t know why Hollywood has to always take things to the brink.

        I appreciate your comment and admire your values!

  3. says

    Hi Kristen
    When we were young, we were so restricted with regulations, and I think my generation, The Baby Boomers, are to blame for where we are now.
    The “Make Love Not War” thoughts of the day seemed so appropriate at the time.
    Books and Films were banned and there was a very lucrative black market for books such as Lady Chatterlys Lover , Lolita. Actually, so tame compared to what is being served up today. I like you, am not a prude, but somewhere along the line it has got out of hand. Actually most of the time all one wants to do is laugh or its boring. Anyway onto the Shooters, they look Fab will have a go. Unfortunately it’s a bit cold here for summery drinks, but perhaps we could make an exception for something so yummy

    • says

      It’s like when a kid grows up without sugar and the second they are out from under their parents wings what do they do? They go for the sugar. Everything in moderation.

      I appreciate your insight into how we’ve gotten here. I think there are a lot of factors to blame. (You have to wonder what it is our society is lacking or women / marriages are lacking for there to be such a strong pull towards this kind of entertainment right now. Are we longing so much for a connection with someone / something that we have to get it from fantasy and fiction?) I’m totally just rambling now. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. says

    I totally agree with you. I had no desire to go see this movie for all of the reasons that you stated. I often admit that I am prude, and, honestly, I always have been. As a mother to both a girl and boys, I am constantly aware of the fact that we have to set and live a good example for them daily.

    I am very proud of you for speaking your mind, especially knowing that not everyone would agree with your stance. You are a strong, amazing woman, and I love the example that you are setting for your family.

    • says

      Thanks, Natalie. I have enjoyed hearing all sides of the argument and am glad people feel safe here to share what they are thinking, even if it isn’t the same as me.

  5. says

    What a fun post! Clearly, I’m in the dark as I have not even heard of this movie… but maybe I’ll need to netflix it in a few months and enjoy it all by my lonesome, lol!

    Love your cocktail idea! We’re on the same wavelength today… I have a cocktail too!

  6. says

    While I see the point of parents with young children here in the USA. Consider that sex and the human body is not seen or judged the same in Europe and the population is not running rampant raping and pillaging. I don’t condone the demoralization of the female but, in fact, sex does sell. Enough is said prior to the opening of most films to adjust your schedule accordingly. Always remember, there would be no prostitutes without johns. Just stating my opinion. Offending is not my intention.

    • says

      Oh I agree, Joanne. I made the decision to watch the movie knowing that it was about strippers. I knew there would be dancing and some sexy body shots… I went in knowing it was an R rated movie. I’ve been known to appreciate good looking men pictures on Pinterest and other postings.

      With that said…

      I just hope that the extreme isn’t going to get more extreme… that the envelope isn’t going to be pushed even further. I read an article tonight that said “we’ve forgotten how to blush”. Many many things in this movie should have had us blushing. From what I hear, the Shades of Gray books should have us blushing, yet here we are in public accepting and cheering on such things that before would have made us blush.

      No offense taken and I’m glad you stopped by to share your thoughts! You always have a great point of view.

  7. says

    I haven’t seen the movie (yet) but I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. Even my oldest has commented about the skimpy clothes some of his classmates wear. Makes me worry about what will be acceptable when Erin is a teenager.

    On a different note, I appreciate the honesty of your post. It’s ok to want it both ways :)

  8. says

    I am a self-proclaimed prude. I figured if I tried to watch the movie, that I would lose all respect for Matthew McConaughey and he is one of my favorite actors. I agree with your point here. I saw something on facebook today that said we needed a little more Mayberry and a little less Jersey Shore and I have to agree.

  9. says

    I sooo wish I’d been born about twenty years before I was. I want to be a fifties kind of mom. I want to have a fifties kind of family and live a fifties kind of existence. I shudder to think what the world has become.

    When my son was 13, a girl asked him to be her boyfriend. *It was so sweet…he came to me and asked my permission :) Then I got to know her parents a bit more and this girl wore tops that I wouldn’t ever dream of wearing (too revealing). And her mother? I will never forget that summer…her mother referring to her about to enter high school by saying she’d soon be “fresh meat”. What kind of mother thinks that’s an appropriate message?

    I think society is in a whole heap of trouble. I really do. The worst thing used to be a fist fight. Now, they’re selling drugs in gas stations (K2), having sex at such a young age, and killing each other over sunglasses.


    On a different note, the blackberry gin shooters look divine!

  10. says

    I totally agree with your sentiments. Honestly I have no desire to see the movie, but it is nice to see someone speak so openly about it. I think it does say a lot about society in general. And the shooters look amazing!

  11. says

    You nailed it on the head, Kristen. Call me prudish or old-fashioned, but I think there’s something to be said for leaving a few things to the imagination and for censoring what kids are allowed to see.

    However, I am not too prudish to throw back a few of these cute shooters. Bring ’em on!

  12. says

    I’m on the same page. Some friends went to lunch yesterday and then to the movie, but I didn’t see any mention of it (or the “experience”) on Facebook today. My son is turning 13 next month….and I guess because of that, I’ve really got my momma back up because this stuff is staring at me straight in the face. Movies like this give our kids the license to emulate what they see and it’s a real shame. As for the shooters – rock on! They look and sound awesome. I’ll take one or two (or three!). Thanks for a great post.

  13. says

    LOL…Girl, I can so relate to everything you just said and then some! I’ve been riding the prude train for while now when it comes not to taking things too far. Love the shirtless fantasy but I can hold the rest. Still haven’t read the aforementioned book due to a similar unbeknownst encounter with an Anne Rice book, I’m good to go. Love this post and the cocktail. By the way, miss ya! xoxo

  14. says

    I’m shocked at the success of that book because from all accounts, it’s terribly written. If you’re going to read smut, can’t you at least read well-written smut? There’s plenty of it out there!

    As for the stripper movie, I read an interview with the actors in it. As you know, it’s partly based on Channing Tatum’s stripper past. One of the interview questions was about how everyone is pretty much cool with that being the case – that he used to be a stripper – and does he think everyone would be ok with it if it was an actress who had been a stripper in her past? His answer was that it would probably depend on how good an actress she was – no one would think it discredited, say, Meryl Streep! Which… I mean, he is not exactly famous for being a good actor. I think he has one facial expression, maybe 2. He is not exactly Kenneth Branagh. Movie or no movie, we’ve still got a double standard problem that is saying women who take their clothes off are trashy, but men who do the same are just a barrel of laughs. I don’t know whether the movie helps or hinders progress in that regard.

  15. says

    I totally agree with you on this. I am a mother of two girls and a boy and I don’t like the “acceptable” in our society nowadays. I saw these shooters on Pinterest today. They look gorgeous!

  16. says

    I think we need to take every reference in the comments and change them from prude to proud. I’m proud I have principles and a moral compass. I’m proud I taught my two children the same. No matter that according to them EVERY other kid in high school was having sex and smoking marijuana; I remain proud that I wouldn’t let them go to parties without parental supervision even if it affected their popularity. I didn’t care that every other girl’s mom let her wear more skimpy clothes or listen to raunchy rap; I’m proud I say no. Believe me I was tested and to this day my youngest will still bring up how she saved her allowance for that CD and how I cut it in half. And I would do it again.

    My children may have balked at my expectations when I was in charge of their environment but you know what I’m most proud of today? Them. That I have always heard how respectful they are, what good friends they are, how sweet they are. They may still give me some grief but stick to your guns; it’s a tougher struggle than giving in but it’s oh so worth it. If you’re gonna be a prude, then be a Proud Prude! I know I am. :)

  17. says

    I’m saddened to hear that Matthew was “slimy”, as I’ve enjoyed many of his other movies. I only heard of this movie yesterday, though, ha! So thank you for your very candid review. I am with you 100% on all this. And we wonder why our world has so many issues…


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