It’s A Good Thing She’s Cute!

I have four kids and you’d think by the time Leah came along I’d have this whole parenting thing down.

What no one seems to tell you is that whether you have 1 or 10 kids, God sends you a different one each time. You get the experience of starting over, learning the ropes again with each new little being. If it were only so easy to read a manual and have parenting down pat… you know how to raise one? You know how to raise them all. I’ve learned, that’s totally not the case!

Four kids and Leah has been my only one to…

Smear blood red vampire Halloween makeup on the couch…

Have an obsession with lotions, shampoos and sunscreen… and therefore continues to waste bottles of each and all, all the time…

Dump hot honey wax (for eyebrows) onto the carpet…

Eat over half of container of butter all in the matter of a few minutes while I was on the phone…

Give herself her own haircut…

Color on walls, have insane fits in the car every time we go someplace, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on.

Her siblings have nicknamed her “The Disaster” which is about as fitting of a name as you can get for her.

She is also the absolute only one who can do all these things, turn around with a twinkle in her eye and a grin and instantly melt our hearts, causing us to smile at her rotten behavior. She’s spunky, smart and full of life… and too darn cute for her own good.

I tell myself that someday this behavior of hers is going to suit her well. She’s headed into an all boy preschool class next year. Most mom’s might be worried about this but I have a feeling those boys won’t know what hit them when Leah walks into the room! She will hold her own, now and forever.

And all I can hope is that someday she’ll be blessed with a little disaster all her own… so she can be the one trying not to crack a smile when her daughter is too cute for her own good.

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  1. says

    Heh, my 4th kid was also the only one to color on the furniture, tattoo herself with permanent marker and cut her own hair (twice) they could totally hang…or not…because, you know, there’s only so much furniture and hair to go around. She is real cute :)

  2. The Husband says

    Leah is a challenge. I remember being told stories about you as a child by your Mom, Rose and Ginger, I am pretty sure some of Leah’s actions are inherited. Leah is just really really lucky to have the best Mom in “hestry”. I love you, and your a great Mom.

  3. says

    I have three, all now in their 20s. Believe me, they remain remarkable individuals their entire lives. My oldest one (almost 30) was the only one to demand I not wear sunglasses so he could be sure I was looking at him constantly; the middle one (almost 27) was the only one to obsess so much over food that I had to create a little plate of goodies in the fridge for her to dive into at any time; and my youngest (21) was the only one to sit in a parking lot crying over a baseball game that he hadn’t even played in.

  4. says

    Ever since I started following you a few months back (first on Instagram), I’ve believed that our girls would either get along fantastically, or possibly burn a house down within minutes of meeting. Love the name The Disaster! I call mine Mayhem. And it could not be more fitting… Her latest: working her way into a bathroom cabinet, getting a razor and bottle of liquid hand soap out and “shaving” her forehead. Thankfully, mine is cute too (at least this mama thinks so), and she will be my only.
    One question – did you ever get the vampire makeup out of the couch fabric?!?!?!

  5. says

    Wow! She IS adorable!!! I’m sure it’s hard to say no. But I’m sure that’s why she’s so naughty!! That and by the time you’ve had several kids you just get worn down and are easier on them. Love that you have the photos of her adventures! ha ha :o)

  6. says

    Oh my gosh; these stories are going to be gold some day! She is so sweet-looking, so I’m sure you can’t stay mad at her long when she gets in trouble :)

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