It’s A Good Thing She’s Cute!

I have four kids and you’d think by the time Leah came along I’d have this whole parenting thing down.

What no one seems to tell you is that whether you have 1 or 10 kids, God sends you a different one each time. You get the experience of starting over, learning the ropes again with each new little being. If it were only so easy to read a manual and have parenting down pat… you know how to raise one? You know how to raise them all. I’ve learned, that’s totally not the case!

Four kids and Leah has been my only one to…

Smear blood red vampire Halloween makeup on the couch…

Have an obsession with lotions, shampoos and sunscreen… and therefore continues to waste bottles of each and all, all the time…

Dump hot honey wax (for eyebrows) onto the carpet…

Eat over half of container of butter all in the matter of a few minutes while I was on the phone…

Give herself her own haircut…

Color on walls, have insane fits in the car every time we go someplace, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on.

Her siblings have nicknamed her “The Disaster” which is about as fitting of a name as you can get for her.

She is also the absolute only one who can do all these things, turn around with a twinkle in her eye and a grin and instantly melt our hearts, causing us to smile at her rotten behavior. She’s spunky, smart and full of life… and too darn cute for her own good.

I tell myself that someday this behavior of hers is going to suit her well. She’s headed into an all boy preschool class next year. Most mom’s might be worried about this but I have a feeling those boys won’t know what hit them when Leah walks into the room! She will hold her own, now and forever.

And all I can hope is that someday she’ll be blessed with a little disaster all her own… so she can be the one trying not to crack a smile when her daughter is too cute for her own good.

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  1. Laurie says

    We miss you, sweet Leah! Your buddy RJ (he’s got the eye twinkle down too)and you could have had some good “Disaster” fun together in the bubble!! Kris – I agree with “The Husband” that you asre a fantastic mom, and it looks like you guys are having a great summer!

  2. says

    I have two girls. They are night and day. One was an easy baby but is harder to deal with as an adult and the other is just the opposite. But that 2nd girl, she had a lot of Leah in her. No babydolls for that girl, nope, it was soccer and bikes and tag all day long. She would have been as happy with a room full of boys then as she would be now…I’m imagining your girl will do just fine!

  3. Pat Wogan says

    Dad thinks Husband has it right! We remember the haircut and also your having to have your nose in pogition before you could go to sleep. I also remember your weighing the effort and reward before doing tasks. You were also very cute…which was also often your saving grace. You are a great Mom and you and Husband have four cute and smart kids and are doing a great job! That first picture of Leah says it all! Look at the twinkle in those eyes.

  4. says

    She’s awesome and she absolutely will have her own lil disaster someday that will make YOU smile :) I think you beat me with the crazy stories but I’ve still got time since my youngest is still younger than yours. I’m scared.

  5. says

    Oh my, Kristin, your 4th sounds a lot like my 1st. It’s a wonder we had anymore; however, now that she’s a teenager she has blossomed into such a confidence and responsible gal who is always organizing her friends for the next fun outing. I love watching her grow into the woman she’s becoming. Don’t get me wrong though….even though her preschool years are long over, I can still see the purple sparkly lotion she wiped all over the walls and carpet of our downstairs tv room when she was Leah’s age.

  6. says

    She is TOO cute, and full of character, I love seeing all her photos on Instagram, she is such a precious little thing – but all your girls are stunning! I really enjoy your blog Kristen, I love that you post on so many different things, some light hearted and others serious and deep. I love all your tips and bits and bobs too! so I have nomintaed you for the Food Stories Award for Excellence in storytelling!

  7. says

    Great post, I can relate! My 4th child is Lyla and who ever said the 4th will be the easiest did not have my Lyla….as her father and I say…she is CRAZY! Although if you were to meet her she would be silent and perfect, no one suspects a thing.

  8. says

    Oh, I so know of you what speak.

    She is so ding dang darling. Her inner light just *beams*. I’m certain that God gave it to her (and you) for a very specific reason. Can’t wait to watch the story unfold. :)

  9. Barbara says

    Oh do I feel that one!!!! Except the boy (youngest) is the one who ha done all of that. In the last two weeks. And the haircut was his sister when she was sleeping, not his. And drowned my phone. And broken a coffee pot…I can keep going….

    Somehow he’s still alive… Guess hell stay that way

  10. MommaMary says

    Yes, we called our son the “Payback child” My mother was always saying I hope you have a child just like you! She got her wish!

  11. says

    Haha, my younger sister was the exact same! Our neighbors nicknamed her “Emma the Dilemma” and she had a similar obsession with all things smeary and lotiony…my mom even caught her spreading cream cheese over her arms once! She also had a sneaky butter eating obsession, although in Leah’s case, if it is Kerrygold, how can you blame her? :)

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