Summer of Fun Bucket List for Kids 2012

I alluded to my Summer Bucket List in my last post. My Summer Bucket List is the list of things I hope to accomplish with the kids by the time school resumes in August. 99.9% of the time, I don’t accomplish most that’s on the list and then I feel really bad about it when they go back to school. (Well we do try to cram as much as possible into that week before school starts to ease a bit of my guilt :).)

This year, I decided to take things a bit more seriously and follow the lead of amazing blogger and mama, Amy Clark. Amy created a “100 Days of Summer” Pinterest board last year and I watched, enviously, as she checked the items off, one by one. She’s doing it again this year and I can’t wait to see all the fun she has with her kids.

I decided to make my own Summer of 2012 Pinterest board, thinking something more concrete might be exactly what we need to make the most of our time this year. My list is fairly large, and I can guarantee we won’t get everything done on the list, but I’m hoping we can cross a lot of the things off! So, without further ado, here is our Summer of Fun Bucket List for 2012.

Homemade Doughnuts Donuts

and one final thing…

  • Make an Instagram Photo Album at the end of the summer that captures all the fun we had, no matter what we end up doing!

Alright – that’s about it! There are some fun new ideas I’m excited to try and some tried and true fun summer favorites that we do each year. I hope you’ll stop by Pinterest and create a summer fun board of your own! Let me know what your plans are for the summer. Whatever you do, I hope it is a safe, happy and fun one!

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  1. says

    It is a cool list. I like the staycation idea. My kids love just going out to eat and swimming in a hotel pool in our home town. I think they have almost as much fun as when we go out of town, and costs a lot less!

    • says

      We did that at Easter a couple years ago and had such a blast. It was nice to have a “vacation” without the drive and stress of traveling with kids!

  2. Jessie says

    Randomly found your list on Pinterest and it’s making me miss KC. We just moved from there to TX in Jan. There was so much I hadn’t done yet. Oh well, just a reason to visit…and explore my new city more. Happy Summer fun!

  3. Jenny says

    Love love love the list! So much fun – and it doesn’t matter if one or all get done – everything on there is going to be great time spent with the kids! I think that half the effort is having the ideas so you aren’t just trying to come up with an idea like pulling a rabbit out of your hat! The nice thing is also that you have plenty of both home and out ideas so that you can do whatever works best for the day/week…I am feeling SO inspired! (And I am going right from your site to Fly Lady to check out the kid challenge!!) :)

    • says

      That was my goal – to have a good mix of activities and to have some we can do on congruently. Look forward to sharing some of this fun with you this summer!

  4. Kasey Pierce says

    I love this list! Even though my kids are turning 12 and 10, they loved everything on this list and even added a couple of things. we have season passes to a water park in Gulfport, MS and they added some things for us to do there in case of rain! They named our list Camp Pierce. :). Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. Ellen says

    Thank you so much for your time and creativity you have put in all these wonderful ideas! I was getting a little worried about our summer days..and you have made me excited..and my 3 girls!!!

  6. says

    That is quiet a list! I may steal one or two of your ideas. Homemade pretzels have been on my list for a while now. We have never attended our state fair but I love our county fair. A Pinterest board is a great idea!

    • says

      I love the visual of having my list on Pinterest. Nick actually printed it off too (the entire board) so I have a visual right in front of me as well :) Have a great summer.

  7. says

    You really have an awesome summer of fan bucket list kids 2012. Your kids definitely enjoying all the fan bucket list you made. It is absolutely fit for summer fan for kids.

  8. says

    How did I miss this earlier? What a great list of ideas and thank you so much for the shout out on our 100 days of summer list. I am loving your ideas and adding a few of these to my own bucket list!! Love you, sweet friend! xo

  9. says

    Love this bucket list and am so inspired now. I also live in the Kansas City area and am so excited about your ideas. Have you been to Ernie Miller Nature Center? It is a fabulous place to go on a nature walk. Thank you!

  10. says

    Whoa, i thought our list was long! Love it! And I’m with you, we make a summer album to capture all the memories — it’s so easy these days with digital pictures to forget to actually print/scrapbook/album the fun.

  11. says

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