Blue Bunny Impromptu Ice Cream Party!

CONNECT is my focus word for 2012 and I had another opportunity to do just that this past week.

Blue Bunny, the makers of fantastic ice cream and novelty treats, recently sent me a cooler with a variety of ice cream goodies in it (don’t I have one of the greatest jobs in the world?). The plan was to host an ice cream party and share the treats they sent! Days passed and then weeks and I couldn’t get my act together enough to get my house in “tip top” shape to have people over. For some reason I had it in my head that everything had to be perfect before I could have friends over.

The last day of Christmas break came and I looked in my freezer and saw all of the ice cream, sitting in there, hoping to be used. I looked around my house – still in dissarray from hosting several holiday parties. My wood floors were in desperate need of scrubbing. My windows were streaked and in need of cleaning. So many things needed to be done before I could feel comfortable having people over.

Then I thought…”Wait, Kristen… your word for 2012 is Connect. Open your home more, despite the fact that your floors may not be in the most pristine condition.The people you care about aren’t going to give a flip about your floors!” So, I did just that. At almost noon I put a post out on Facebook letting friends and neighbors know we’d be having an impromptu Blue Bunny Ice Cream party at 3pm. Come one, come all.

We ended up having about 30 guests that afternoon, all enjoying the different options and flavors Blue Bunny has to offer. Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fudge Bars, Ice Cream Cones… you name it, we had it and it was gobbled up and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. And you know what? Not one person said a thing about my floors!

I discovered a couple of things by hosting this event. 1) Your true friends aren’t going to judge you by whether your wood floors are scrubbed. Time with them is more important than saving it until everything is perfect…if you wait for perfection, it won’t happen. 2) Ice cream parties are an easy way to connect with others. Toss out a few of your favorite Blue Bunny treats and let everyone go to town, indulging on what flavors they love the most. 3) People love ice cream! I suggest stocking up on some Blue Bunny treats and inviting friends and neighbors over for a party of your own. What a simple and delicious way to connect with others!

Thank you, Blue Bunny, for giving me another opportunity to CONNECT with others this year!

Blue Bunny provided the supplies and ice cream for our party. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. says

    What a great idea. As always, you are an inspiration. I understand always feeling the need to have everything perfect before having company. You are right, though, true friends and family do not care about the little details like a spotless house.

  2. says

    Yes, this is what life is about. Gathering friends and loved ones and just enjoying each other’s company. Floor and windows and whatever be damned. Looks like a fun party for the kids! Heck, for the parents.

  3. says

    How fun Kristen! Ya , like you, don’t know where we get the idea that things have to be “perfect” to have people over. But I have also, learned & still struggle with the word “perfect” , but want to enjoy life’s moments ! “Enjoy ” has been my word for… auhhh, lets just go with many years now ;)and Ice cream is always good anytime too !

  4. Pat Wogan says

    Lots of people had lots of fun…and lots of delicious ice cream! Those little kids (and sdults, too, ) were delighted with having choices and being able to eat all they wanted!

  5. says

    Being from Texas, we are raised on Blue Bell ice cream. When we moved to ID, I was so sad to not find any Blue Bell in our grocers freezer. I then fell IN LOVE with Blue Bunny’s Mascrapone Gelato w/ Chocolate sauce & chocolate shavings. I haven’t seen it in years-but man it was so good.

  6. says

    There are people who have floors in pristine condition? Get out! Not in my house, LOL. Alas, no Blue Bunny anywhere near where I live. I need to start a list of foods to try when I’m traveling around the US!

  7. says

    I used to think everything had to be in perfect order for friends to come over. Then I broke my left knee. That changed everything. How much I could accomplish; how spotless the house would be; how much I could entertain.

    And the truth is…the ONLY person who notices the leaf on the floor by the back door is ME. I can’t say I am glad this stupid injury occurred but if I’ve taken anything from it, I do realize I may have been more bent on perfection than ever necessary and hope I will forever give myself a break (no, not the leg variety!). :)


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