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Picture the Holidays {You Hold the Key}

Today’s Picture the Holidays prompt was “You Hold the Key”. To summarize… “Because this month is about enjoying ourselves and not letting the craze out there get the best of us, use today to remind yourself of your own soul cure so you can have it at the ready for whenever you might need it.

My soul cure? To not sweat the small stuff and to remember to take time for celebration.

Leah (2 1/2) decided to potty-train herself this week. She apparently decided one day to do it, and that was that. We’ve been singing and dancing and giving her “special treats” (which I had to run out and buy because I was totally not ready to potty train her) each time she’s successful. The whole family doing a conga line to our made up “potty potty po-tty” song is quite the site.

My husband took it one step further this morning and brought home a mini, layered Red Velvet Cake from our store bakery. He said “we’re going to have a party to celebrate Leah”… and celebrate we did! The kids were overjoyed and it was great fun to really celebrate her big milestone.

I know if I can remember the “small stuff” is really the big stuff life is made up of, and to celebrate that “stuff” along the way, I’ll stay sane during the holidays!

What’s your key to sanity during the holidays?

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  1. Oh, Kristen, I loved this post. I can totally see you dancing with excitement. I remember those potty training dances and songs so well. How fun! And…I love how your always remind your readers to embrace the small, right along with the big, events in life.

  2. Love the pictures! My key to staying sane during the holidays…. Time management – cards out Thanksgiving weekend, shopping done at least 2 weeks before Christmas . That way those two weeks til Christmas I can have fun baking cookies with the girls in the family, relax as a family at the NewPort Boat Parade, have fun wrapping and cooking, and making snow angels in the snow. ;)

  3. Oooow so cute!!!

  4. That’s a great story of celebration!

  5. Such a sweet story with sweet pictures. Yeah Leah!

  6. Pat Wogan says:

    Congratulations to Leah! You are so lucky to have a family who celebrates together “small stuff”. Loved the post!

  7. That is so sweet and such a good idea!! Who cares about birthdays? Just pick a day and celebrate! Adorable, Kristen!

  8. Yeah for the potty training! That is very exciting! The key to sanity during the holidays for me is to be organized and finally accept that I don’t have to make EVERYTHING (presents, food, decor, etc.) in order for the season to be enjoyable.

  9. Does hiding under my bed until Christmas goes away count as keeping myself sane? I’m not sure it does.

  10. I love this post!! and those pictures!

  11. My key to sanity? Making sure I schedule the important “holiday” type things. It’s so easy to get caught up in the what I have to do’s, instead of the what I want to do’s. My latest idea to assure we celebrate the little things of the holidays? http://bit.ly/rDOKwN


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