Help Me Create a Snapfish Photo Book – 100 Potential Winners!

(This is my photo for today’s Picture the Holidays, prompt Small Things)

I take a ton of pictures. I mean a TON of pictures. If you’ll remember back to a few months ago, I lost all of my pictures from 2011 in an unfortunate iPhone / iPhoto update fiasco. I was devastated because I take a ton of pictures, but have failed over the years to actually print my pictures off. They have been neatly stored on my computer hard drive, basically waiting for the unthinkable to happen…and the unthinkable DID happen.

I was thrilled when my friends at Snapfish contacted me about the opportunity to create a Snapfish Photo Book! I’ve always had the best intentions when it came to printing off photos.. and even have had goals of turning my pictures into beautiful books our family could enjoy. Intentions are one thing… actually doing it is another. I assumed I didn’t have the talent, time or budget to create a gorgeous photo book. I found out very quickly after looking through what Snapfish offers that I was wrong. Snapfish makes creating photo books simple and affordable!

Here’s where I need your help!

I’ve been chosen to participate in a contest with 9 other very talented bloggers. The blogger who Snapfish believes has the most creative photo book will win a $100 gift card credit to Snafish. The best part? If my book is chosen as the most creative, the first 100 people who comment on this post with suggestions for what my photo book should be will also win a $100 Snapfish gift card!! You win, I win… we all win!

So, now… let’s chat. What are your ideas for my photo book? Should it be a collection of my favorite recipes and photos? Should it be about some of our favorite trips? How about an ABC book of things that make me happy (which goes along nicely with my 2011 focus on happiness!) Maybe just a photo of random yet favorite photos I’ve taken through the years? Please leave a comment on this post letting me know your ideas for my very first Snapfish Photo Book!

I’ll use your ideas to create my book and hopefully, in the end, we’ll all be winners! Oh – remember to leave a valid email address with your comment. That’s how Snapfish will dole out the 100 winning gift cards if we win! Thanks so much for your help.

This is a sponsored post as part of the Snapfish “Your Creative Lens on Life” campaign. I am receiving compensation for my time and Snapfish is providing me with a photo book. All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Heather K Miller says

    I think you should make a book that combine pictures of all things happiness…weather it be a recipe, an event, a place you love, a person, anything like that. I did a 30 day photo challenge in November where I took a picture a day of something I was grateful and I loved doing it and writing a caption for each picture. I think it would be a great memento to have it in a book!

  2. Joanna says

    I love the happiness idea. If you think about all the photos you would hate to lose, that would probably be a great place to start. Also, try telling a story with the photos about where your happiness came from and what it is now.

  3. Lizzy says

    Hi, I would do the ABC book. But instead of taking “apple for letter A”, I would try to find letters in everyday objects. For example, a T shaped cloud or a H in a fence or a F in a cracked sidewalk. It make it even more fun, I would have my son in the background of the picture (or somewhere in the picture) holding up the letter card with the corresponding letter! Do this for all the letters!

  4. says

    I would love to see photos of your 365 Photo A Day bound up or the ABC idea of things that make you happy! And really, like was said above, you could photograph the cement sidewalk and still take it the most amazingly beautiful shot that I would frame for my wall!


  5. says

    So fun! I think your ideas are all great, but perhaps something really unique would be to capture a certain expression on the faces of your family over the years. So if you chose “joy” then you could pick out all of the photos in which you captured joy over the years. Or you could do “surprise” “love” etc. I feel like this would be so unique and such a good way to remember such wonderful moment!

    Good luck!

  6. says

    I’ve created photo books before (though not with snapfish), all about various trips I’ve gone on. They are wonderful keepsakes and make great gifts for your traveling companions.
    As for what your book should be, why *not* a cookbook of your favorite recipes with a theme (desserts? drinks?).

  7. says

    I’ve just started trying to print out my photos. Bit by bit, the ones I adore. Then, I’ve been using them as bookmarks (and a different photo for each book I read), so that I use them and see them and cherish them. For your book, I’d say to make one of photos that strike a chord. Photos that make your heart sing, and that you never want to lose.

  8. Merry Lu Pasley says

    How fun, Kristen! I really like the happiness idea – with lots of pics of the happy smiles of your family along with things that make your family smile. GOOD LUCK!

  9. says

    Love the idea of a book of things that make you happy. A book of YOU … your heart and your soul through your camera… maybe not all of the shots make you happy…but they are YOU.


    A collection of recipes. Not the fancy amazing ones you create and blog … the tried and true family favs: old family ones handed down…new family ones you’ve come upon; your kids’ favorites…. then make copies for each of them and hand them down one day…. you can do photos of prep…the final outcome… include candid pictures of family dinners. Let the kids each pick at least one recipe?

    Good luck!! You are an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  10. says

    I LOVE photo books. I make them all the time when they are running a special and are cheap. Just got the one where you buy 1 get 2 free! Fabulous. My favorite books have been the kids first birthday parties. I add in the family celebrations and anything that ties to their first birthday in one book. My kids LOVE looking through their books. My other favorite things are vacation books. This helps me get the book finished since it’s a short time frame of pictures and I don’t have to look through tons of pictures trying to find the ones I need. I love the recipe idea, though it would take a lot of time and work typing it all up and organizing it.

  11. trudy says

    I love photo books, what a fun project! Your ideas are great and whatever you decide will be fabulous. I was thinking about a book of “SEASONS”. Find your favorite photos and share favorite moments through the “seasons” of life. Along with those photos, you’ll have to add your fabulous food shots & recipes that spice up these moments. Don’t forget to add photos of your favorite people that help you live a “well-seasoned” life, because a life w/o friends is like cooking without seasonings(blah)! Good luck!!

  12. says

    Kristen, your pics are an inspiration & it shows your smile through them. I love the happiness idea cuz that would show off that beautiful smile you have! I’m always partial to kid photos, such joy & insightful they can be. Enjoy & blessings on your photo journey book! 😉 remember SMILE!

  13. TK says

    I agree with all the food and family comments! I would love a book full of pictures with the best memories and recipes I have experienced.

  14. says

    How exciting. Yeah, it’ll be wonderful to have picture printed out than only stored in the hard drive. So sorry to hear what happened to your photos. I wish you best of luck in this contest! :)


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