Acts of Kindness & Topsy’s Popcorn Giveaway

I remember the moments well… our family squashed in among the crowds of people anxiously awaiting the Kansas City Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony. I was young, so could usually be found either hiding behind the backs of strangers, desperately trying to peek my head around them for a view or precariously sitting atop my dad’s shoulders, shivering as the cold, Kansas wind would hit my face.

It never failed. As the countdown to the lighting began, my heart would flutter with excitement. The moment… 5-4-3-2….and 1… was always so magical. No matter where you were standing, who you were nestled between, the sudden brightness of the beautiful light display would take your breath away.

After the ceremony we’d walk through the plaza, deciding where our dessert stop would be. The ice cream shop under the brightly lit star (with bubblegum ice cream) always won out, but after eating ice cream I longed to stop at the cute little popcorn shop with the long line of people wrapped all the away around the corner. “We aren’t waiting in a line that long for popcorn, Kristen.” Begrudgingly, I’d move on, but I was always so envious of the folks walking out of Topsy’s with the giant tins of popcorn in their hands.

Fast forward many years later and I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced Topsy’s popcorn many, many times. When my mom became a school teacher, Topsy’s popcorn tins were a common gift from her students. As I grew up and moved into a professional, office role, clients were often adorning my office space with tins of popcorn. I never tired of Topsy’s popcorn.

My friends at Topsy’s gifted our family with a big tin of popcorn this week. As my 5 year old was eating it she exclaimed “When I grow up, I’m going to buy twenty-five hundred of these every year.” Needless to say, we are all fans.

Topsy’s wants to share a 6.5 gallon tin with someone this year, and I thought we would do an “Acts of Kindness” type giveaway. Receiving a tin of popcorn is such a fun treat. This time around the giveaway is not going to you…but to someone YOU want to surprise! It’s your chance to pass on some holiday kindness on behalf of Topsy’s and Dine & Dish. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me whose day you would want to brighten by sending a tin of Topsy’s popcorn. For additional entries:

  • Tweet the following: ” I want to brighten someone’s day by sharing a tin of Topsy’s popcorn from Topsy’s & @dineanddish ” Leave a separate comment on this post letting me know you did this.
  • Visit Topsy’s website and leave a comment here letting me know which flavor or flavor combination of Topsy’s you would choose.

All entries must be received by midnight CST on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011. Winner will be chosen via and will be notified via email (must have a valid email address).

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Topsy’s. All opinions expressed are my own.



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  1. says

    I would love to brighten my son’s day if he was allowed to get a care package. He just joined the Air force and is in boot camp. He will be away from us for the first time so the holidays and we are a very close family so I know he will be missing us as much as we will be missing him…well he better be. LOL

  2. Billie says

    I would give the tin to my daughter to share with her 1st grade classroom at Stony Point South. She is always buying treats for her students, so I know she would appreciate a tin of Topsy’s pop corn.

  3. Janet Segura says

    Hi there,
    I would love to send a tin of popcorn to my Divorce Care leaders. I could not have gotten throught this difficult time without them by my side. I’m sure they would love any flavor combination they received. They are just that kind of folk.

  4. Gigi Cuccaro says

    I would send it the Topsy’s popcorn tin to my friend Annette and her family. She lost her Dad last December. Her mom passed way in October. Her parents loved popcorn. This gift would make her day. What a thoughtful giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving! <3

  5. MaryBeth says

    What an awesome idea! I would love to treat my coworkers. They’ve worked so hard this year and as a team, really supported each other while we dealt with some obstacles. There was never a complaint; always smile and an offer of what do you need me to do” . They are awesome and I’m blessed to work with such superstars. Thanks for a chance to win.

  6. Alina says

    I would love to surprise my best friend, Sean, with a tub of popcorn seeing as it’s the favorite snack :) love this giveaway!

  7. Emily says

    It would be nice to surprise my mom’s aunt who lives alone, away from family. I always think of those who may be lonely, especially at this time of year.


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