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Blame It On Pinterest {Recipe: Millie’s White Cupcakes}

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I’m going to blame it on Pinterest

You know the feeling that what you are doing just isn’t adequate? That feeling. This Halloween, that feeling is thanks to Pinterest.

I volunteered to make the snack for my son’s 4th grade Halloween party. I’m a simple gal when it comes to baking and treats. I have no talent when it comes to decorating fancy cookies. I’m not a creative crafter. And I sure as heck can’t turn a blob of fondant into something fancy like a pumpkin patch.

So, last night, after fretting all week about what to make, and wishing I lived back in the days when a sucker wrapped in tissue with eyes marked on it with pen was fancy, I decided to just do something simple and make cupcakes. Not even cupcakes that look like jack-o-lanterns… simple, plain, white cupcakes with orange butter cream frosting.

Oh, and I sampled them to make sure… you know… they were decent enough to feed 4th graders. They were delicious. I bet that’s more than can be said for some of those fancy Pinterest treats. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I like to say I’m setting the bar low to make other mom’s feel good about themselves. That’s why I do what I do and go the simple route. I’d hate to be responsible for the over achieving behavior caused by creating elaborate treats no one can replicate. Sounds like a good enough reason to go simple to me!

If you too want to go plain and simple, you can find the recipe for Millie’s White Wedding Cake on my past blog post. Also, Amanda has a pretty darn good buttercream recipe that really can’t be beat.

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  1. these look amazing and i have spent soooo much time on PT the past few weeks, and am totally in love.

    and whenever i see your stuff, i try to re-pin it all too! your food always rocks, Kristen!

  2. I’d say these look pretty good! I’m not great at decorating cupcakes… but, I keep trying with the hope one day they will look pretty! At any rate, they always taste great, which over-shadows my decorating skills!

  3. Perfect Halloween cupcakes!

  4. I love the simplicity of this cupcake, while it still looks elegant.

  5. These are way nicer than anything I could ever make, for sure!

  6. Totally know what you mean. I either leave Pinterest feeling inspired or like a loser. It has been a good resource for working on projects, etc. and has certainly cut down on my magazine purchases.

    These are perfect in my book.

  7. Just darling! Love those cupcakes!

  8. So so pretty. And I would gobble them up! Don’t tell….but I didn’t even volunteer to bring anything to my little guy’s party this year! :O

  9. Those are beautiful Kristen & in my opinion- the perfect amount of decorating. I don’t want to have to bite through a bunch of extra decorating to get to the good stuff. I want a delicious cupcake that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but not overdone. And this is coming from a gal that grew up in a bakery watching her mom decorate for a living. Cake in general is my weakness- but really- we are moms with a million things going on- I would rather do a simple yet pretty cupcake & leave all that extra time for my kids- instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

  10. I love these!!

  11. These are lovely!

  12. These look great! I can say if 4th graders loved these, they must be pretty good. The hardest to please with sweet treats are always kids. Adults would have something nice to say…while kids will always say the truth. Kids don’t lie! I can’t wat to try my version of your recipe too…

  13. These are perfection!! If this is a low bar, then I’m limboing somewhere beneath it. I know what you mean about Pinterest though – I’m obsessed, but it does have that affect. I love cupcakes, and buttercream, and these look amazing! I hope you’ll consider submitting this and any other Halloween recipes to my Halloween blog hop! http://www.katherinemartinelli.com/blog/2011/friday-shout-out-and-blog-hop-halloween/

  14. Just came across your blog and could immediately relate to this post. I blame SO many of my kitchen concoctions on Pinterest and all that it’s worth haha

    Happy 5 years!


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