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Blame It On Pinterest {Recipe: Millie’s White Cupcakes}

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I’m going to blame it on Pinterest

You know the feeling that what you are doing just isn’t adequate? That feeling. This Halloween, that feeling is thanks to Pinterest.

I volunteered to make the snack for my son’s 4th grade Halloween party. I’m a simple gal when it comes to baking and treats. I have no talent when it comes to decorating fancy cookies. I’m not a creative crafter. And I sure as heck can’t turn a blob of fondant into something fancy like a pumpkin patch.

So, last night, after fretting all week about what to make, and wishing I lived back in the days when a sucker wrapped in tissue with eyes marked on it with pen was fancy, I decided to just do something simple and make cupcakes. Not even cupcakes that look like jack-o-lanterns… simple, plain, white cupcakes with orange butter cream frosting.

Oh, and I sampled them to make sure… you know… they were decent enough to feed 4th graders. They were delicious. I bet that’s more than can be said for some of those fancy Pinterest treats. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I like to say I’m setting the bar low to make other mom’s feel good about themselves. That’s why I do what I do and go the simple route. I’d hate to be responsible for the over achieving behavior caused by creating elaborate treats no one can replicate. Sounds like a good enough reason to go simple to me!

If you too want to go plain and simple, you can find the recipe for Millie’s White Wedding Cake on my past blog post. Also, Amanda has a pretty darn good buttercream recipe that really can’t be beat.

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  1. I think these are perfection. ♥

  2. I blame a lot of things on Pinterest too!

  3. Pinterest can pin its own face because these are AWESOME.

  4. Well, these cupcakes look divine! And if it makes you feel any better, both Pinterest and YOU have been making me feel inadequate lately. But I still love you both.

  5. Very cute

  6. The cupcakes look perfect!!

  7. Those are beautiful. Great color too. Pinterest is great for inspiration!

  8. I think those are great! I appreciate your concern for other mom’s emotional well-being by so graciously setting the bar low!! Top tip for the day: kids don’t slow down long enough to appreciate the back-breaking intricate details that go in to making fancier treats!

  9. I bet those kids were pleased as punch! These are adorable :)

  10. They look like they taste great… and after all it’s better to have a cupcake that tastes great than one that looks amazingly cutesy.

  11. I think that they are good and perfect in every way. Simple is the new perfect, in my opinion.

  12. I think they are perfect!

  13. I am so with you on not being a fancy food maker. No, thank you.

    My mother-in-law asked me to make a Halloween treat for her Halloween party this year. I’m making rice krispy treats with Reese’s Pieces. Ha!

    Your cupcakes look and sound super delish!

  14. you may think you’re setting the bar low but these look
    Amazing …. and the photography too.


  15. Yeah, Pinterest does have a way of making you feel like an under achiever there are so many crazy pins I could never hope to even come close to. I think your cupcakes are beautiful and I could never pipe frosting as pretty as those, so there!

  16. Moms would love these, kids would love these, you know how to create a crowd-pleaser, my dear!

  17. Smart woman. You have to gauge how much you invest on the receiving party too. I loved making my kids birthday cakes and snacks for their rooms but I did not kill myself trying to impress their moms…the snacks were for the kids and if they were happy with them…I was happy with my effort.

    Now those moms…yes, sometimes I did kill myself making something to impress them; I’m wiser now!

  18. I love simple Kristen!
    The best cupcake in the whole wide world is a white cupcake with pink powdered sugar frosting and sprinkles…just like my mother used to make.
    These are lovely…just like YOU!

  19. Sometimes fancy is overrated for kids. I once spent hours painstakingly creating snowman cupcakes for my 4 year olds preschool Christmas party. Not ONE single one of them liked coconut! They all got thrown in the trash. Lesson learned – kids are easy to please!

  20. Brenda Carroll says:

    As a mom at the party, I can tell you that the cupcakes were a huge hit! They were gobbled up in no time flat and the kids thought they were de-lish. No mommy guilt necessary :-)


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