Happiness Report #13 – Affirmation, Music & More

It’s time for another happiness report. I’m going to be honest here… I haven’t had a completely happy time of things lately. I guess I’ve never had a close family member die before, other than a grandparent, and I am surprised at how hard the grief from losing my brother is hitting me. My heart aches in a way that I haven’t experienced in a really long time (which means I am so blessed, right? It has been many, many years since I’ve felt this kind of heartache.)

Through this experience, I am trying even harder to find happiness in the little things. What’s listed here today may not seem like much, but even the smallest of joys in times like these can make a huge impact.

Leah, my 2 year old, is slightly obsessed with herself. Recently, she has taken to carrying this mirror around, looking into it, and saying “Leah pretty”. It makes my heart melt to see her loving herself so much. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had that kind of positive attitude about ourselves?

Shannon CurtisThanks to Pandora (which I love) I recently discovered music artist, Shannon Curtis. If you like soulful, beautiful music that really makes you feel, then you will love Shannon Curtis. Her album Boomerang & Seesaws is amazing and I love every song on it. Make sure to check her out!

Speaking of music, I got so tired of being without music in my bedroom / bathroom that I got rid of my clock radio that I’ve had since high school (which was a looooonnnnggg time ago) and finally got a docking station for our bedroom. It’s funny how such a simple change can bring daily happiness!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Don’t tell my Keurig, but I had a one day love affair today with Starbucks. I had to get my annual Pumpkin Spice Latte fix… nothing says Fall like the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and fall makes me very happy!

That’s it for now, my friends. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll let me know what’s been making you happy lately. Take care!

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  1. says

    I can’t wait to splurge and have my first pumpkin latte of the season! Might have to do that this week :) And good music makes like SO much better!

  2. The Husband says

    Things that make me happy:
    – you
    – listening to Jacob talk after football practice
    – watching Kelly read
    – getting a hug from Ella
    – Leah’s smile
    – the change in the weather
    – the girls wearing winter p.j.’s because it is < 70

  3. says

    Ah Kristen you are on the right track my friend. Let the light shine in!!

    When I was facing the days without my mom there with me and when the weight of her absence was too hard to bear I too turned to those things that lifted me. I let the tears flow and knew Mom would want me to keep going, be happy and remember she was gone from sight but always with me.

    I found strength in the things that made me smile and gave the courage to keep going. This song by Carmen is and was one of the things I always turned to in those darker days. It’s up lifting beat and words get down to my soul and in those days when missing mom hits me the most I put this song on and find my self dancing and crying and laughing all at once.

    Maybe it’ll help you on those days too.


    Peace and Light!

  4. says

    Listening to Shannon Curtis now…love her! Perfect for this rainy day. Thanks for introducing her to me. Your daughter is precious. With my daughter about to turn one, I’ve been thinking a lot about what being a mom means to me. It is just beyond amazing. So amazing. That’s what makes me happy. :)

  5. says

    I admire you for posting your happiness reports! We lost my stepdad in a horrible construction accident on Christmas day ’09. Grief can consume your life. Even though it’s been over a year & a half it’s still a struggle. So thank you for inspiring me with your happiness report!! The simple things that make me happy:

    My 2 1/2 year-old’s face lighting up from the simple things like petting his dog or playing trains and tractors

    This absolutely beautiful day!

    The Pioneer Woman’s pancakes made with freshly laid eggs & covered in freshly picked peaches.

    My hubby’s laugh.

    All three of my boys getting along & actually playing instead of fighting.

    Have a great day! You & your family are in my thoughts.

  6. says

    I think it’s hugely admirable that you’re taking the time to find happiness in the midst of what’s obviously such a hard time. Know that all of your readers are thinking about you, too–maybe a little more happiness?

  7. Pat Wogan says

    The post from Husband. Knowing your brother is, along with Grandma, watching over all of us. My grandchildren. Enjoying a beautiful, somewhat cool, day here. Feeling really good. Hoping you take the suggestion above about looking into the mirror and knowing you are pretty. Enjoying living with Dad. Friends. Having God watching over me and my family. Your pictures on Instagram.

  8. says

    I am so sorry for your lost Kristen, I wish you and your family Peace and Strength.
    What a lovely post and your daughter is so beautiful…
    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us, its so true happiness does not need big moments only; we can find it in little small things…
    For me
    Your post and blog makes me happy,
    Seeing my kids smile makes me happy,
    Waiting for fall makes me happy,
    A silly thanks from my husband makes me happy..
    Being alive and surrounded by family and friends makes me happy…

  9. says

    you. these happiness reports. your family who loves you enough to come here, read your words and leave you affirmation as to what a gift you are to them. your instagram photos of what is going on in your day – for sharing your life w/us. for lessons learned, even when they are hard. the love of my life, my professor . . . and that, in itself, is enough.

  10. says

    I have been thinking of you. You are so generous with your happiness and everything you share here- thank you.
    Wishing you and your family blessings and more happy moments.
    XO, Heather

  11. says

    Knowing you makes me happy. Love this *happiness report* we all need a reminder to stop. and pay attention to the little things that make us smile.

    Needed a reminder to do just that today. Thank you sweet Kristen. Thank you.

    Big, warm, HUGS to you.

  12. LisaK says

    Hugs! I’m sorry you are going through such pain. This is not the end, I believe you will see your brother again. Your daughter is beautiful and bravo for you looking for the positive things in your life.

  13. LisaK says

    I forgot my happy things….
    My dogs when they find out it’s time to eat (kibble again). They bounce and do doggy yoga.
    Chubby baby toes.
    Looking at beautiful food pictures. It makes me happy not hungry. Weird.
    Your blog.

  14. says

    It’s amazing how the little things can keep you going when times get tough. For me, happiness is having time to read, having time to myself, and then having the kids come home from school.

  15. E says

    When my brother died 32 years ago (!), it changed my life forever. Just so you know, it’s ok to feel that life as you knew it will never come again. Finding happiness in the real, true, daily events is the only way through…

  16. says

    I think the littlest things are what tend to make us the happiest… if we just take the moment to notice and enjoy them. love that photo of Leah looking in the mirror… precious!


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