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Happiness Report #13 – Affirmation, Music & More

It’s time for another happiness report. I’m going to be honest here… I haven’t had a completely happy time of things lately. I guess I’ve never had a close family member die before, other than a grandparent, and I am surprised at how hard the grief from losing my brother is hitting me. My heart aches in a way that I haven’t experienced in a really long time (which means I am so blessed, right? It has been many, many years since I’ve felt this kind of heartache.)

Through this experience, I am trying even harder to find happiness in the little things. What’s listed here today may not seem like much, but even the smallest of joys in times like these can make a huge impact.

Leah, my 2 year old, is slightly obsessed with herself. Recently, she has taken to carrying this mirror around, looking into it, and saying “Leah pretty”. It makes my heart melt to see her loving herself so much. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had that kind of positive attitude about ourselves?

Shannon CurtisThanks to Pandora (which I love) I recently discovered music artist, Shannon Curtis. If you like soulful, beautiful music that really makes you feel, then you will love Shannon Curtis. Her album Boomerang & Seesaws is amazing and I love every song on it. Make sure to check her out!

Speaking of music, I got so tired of being without music in my bedroom / bathroom that I got rid of my clock radio that I’ve had since high school (which was a looooonnnnggg time ago) and finally got a docking station for our bedroom. It’s funny how such a simple change can bring daily happiness!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Don’t tell my Keurig, but I had a one day love affair today with Starbucks. I had to get my annual Pumpkin Spice Latte fix… nothing says Fall like the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and fall makes me very happy!

That’s it for now, my friends. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll let me know what’s been making you happy lately. Take care!

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  1. Well, all of the above make me happy FOR YOU! Let’s see, for me:

    * I washed my hair! That made me happy.
    * I just got back from seeing family. That made me happy.
    * I went on a most crisp run this morning. That made me happy.
    * I washed my hair! Oh, wait. WELL, it made me happy, what can I say!?

  2. Kristen, as always, reading your posts makes me happy! Knowing that Fall is right around the corner makes me happy. And, just simply seeing my children smile, well, that makes me beyond happy.

  3. Awwww, your daughter is beautiful! I love the way kids love themselves! Glad some happiness is coming your way.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss Kristen, I had no idea. You gorgeous daughter is definitely something to smile about though :)

    I too have a Keurig. My hubby bought me one after our second daughter was born. Its the best! But I will never give up Starbucks :)

  5. Ahh the pumpkin spice latte – reminds me on the fall when I was getting pregnant with my daughter – it was just after 9/11 and I was living in Manhattan and trying to understand what had just happened – to New York, America and the world – there is something so comforting in those flavors even today 10 years later. Hope time heals the pain of grief a little – in the meantime take a leaf out of your daughters book and look in the mirror and tell yourself how pretty you are!

  6. I could really feel the melancholy & beauty in this piece. Thank you for sharing so truly. Your raw choice for the bright moments will surely carry you through. Warmly – Molly

  7. Lately things that have been making me happy are:

    *Taking showers (usually happens only during my son’s naptime), but it’s amazing how being clean and smelling nice helps my psyche.
    *Cuddling with my son… he’s been more clingy lately and instead of thinking of all the things I need to be doing, I’m just enjoying it. Amazing how wonderful that time spent together is!
    *Spending time together as a family… Labor day was great and my husband, son and I got to spend the whole day together.

  8. Aw…so sweet! Love how lil’ ones can brighten our day! I too have lost loved one, and it’s not easy living somedays. But thankful like you, through music and my daughters brings so much to be thankful for! ASAP=Always Sending A Prayer

  9. Need to get me one of those lattes! I just emailed you my happiness report tonight ;)


  10. Reading this post brought me some happiness! :) I just love that Leah!
    I like your new alarm clock (hehe, mine is from childhood, bought as a twin to my sis’s, who was a teen at the time, I think. I think it could be called “vintage” now….).
    You’re so lucky you can stream Pandora! During an insomnia bout, I was able to listen to it during the no-download-limit zone (satellite internet has its downsides) and discovered a nice, chillaxin’ song by All India Radio (not sure what the song’s called, sorry!). I’m also on Spotify — if I ever find out how to invite, I’ll send you one, okay?
    Some happiness for me:
    ❤ Happy news from friends
    ❤ 18 eggs today from the girls (our hens), one of which weighed past the borderline for Extra Large on our ol’ egg scale! (I tried to take a pic, but it didn’t turn out well.)
    ❤ Discovering some (new to me) songs that I wouldn’t have thought I’d like but do. One is Bethe Bethe Kese Kese by Gaudi/(sampling?)Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
    ❤ today felt like fall!!! Yay!!! :)
    ❤ a bag of almonds to munch on, yum!

  11. Kristen, First off, I am sending you a big hug – because loss is never easy. Second, I am sending you a “high five” -because you are insightful enough to recognize the joy and grace of simple pleasures – those are what keep us going through the tough times and when you get right down to it, really are what life is all about.

    Since I’ve yet to experience the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I think I’d best go in search of one.. a definite simple pleasure that I need to have in my life!

  12. I think of you often and know it must not be easy but I have to believe that little tow headed girl can help to make things better. She is absolutely beautiful Kristen.

    And do you know who Audra McDonald is…she of Private Practice? I’m sure her trips to some exotic land are actually her turns on Broadway, I think I love her voice above all others. Take a listen on iTunes; she is amazing.

    I’m not so much a pumpkin spice latte as I am a gingerbread…but sure wish I could just call and we could meet there. Take very good care.

  13. Love that photo of Leah. Priceless! Baby kicks are making me happy lately. Sometimes they are annoying, but it reminds me of our precious little baby who will soon be here!

  14. Nancy Wyatt says:

    Thanks for sharing Your true feelings! Love that Leah loves herself, may she always! I need to go and get one of those yummy lattes! What’s making me happy these days. Is that the lord answered our prayers and we got past one of life’s tests. Life s good again :) hugs from Conroe, Texas!

    P.s. Your blog always makes me happy and hungry ;) lol

  15. I am so sorry about your loss, Kristen. I wish you peace, strength, and happier times :)

    And I hope the pumpkin latte was amazing going down. I need to pick one up. I dont even love pumpkin but those are so good!

  16. I’m glad you’re able to take pleasure in the small things. I am definitely going to check out Shannon Curtis’ music. My mom lost her sister years ago and I remember how painful it was. I admire you for being able to share your feelings with us. Xo

  17. Oh my gosh I ADORE the pumpkin spice latte! I didn’t know they were here already! Guess I know where I am going in a bit!
    Love that your little one carries a mirror ~ so sweet!

  18. I love your Happiness Reports!!

    Leah melts my heart!♥

    what makes me happy lately?
    my friends
    my new jeans (they’d make me a LOT happier if they were a size smaller lol)
    my new camera lens

  19. This cool morning breeze is making me happy today; seeing pumpkin-everything pop up everywhere is definitely happiness and hearing that the pumpkin spice latte has arrived is double happiness. Glad to hear that you are finding happiness in everyday! I really enjoy these posts that you share!

  20. So fun to see Leah growing! I remember holding her when she was only a few months old I think. She’s a beauty!

    The docking station – brilliant! We have music in all areas of our home except our bedroom/bath. And I too have a very old clock radio. Very. Old.

    I’m thinking today may have to include a trip to Starbucks for the same. ; )


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