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August 2011 Strut Your Stuff {Recipe: Bacon and Parmesan Pasta}

Bacon Pasta 3

Oh my Lord… do you see that plate of deliciousness up there? Yes? The pasta with bits of bacon, black pepper and a creamy white sauce? You need to hop over to Tasty Kitchen where I found the recipe and make it, pronto. Trust me. Good stuff!

But wait! Before you do that, stay here and strut your stuff. Remember last month when we shared our very best work from the month prior? Whether it was a link to a photograph you took, a blog post you wrote…any work that you were especially proud of you shared.  Let’s do that again, shall we?

Take a look back at what you accomplished in the month of August (or at least close to August) and share your link using the linkup below. If you don’t have a link, but want to share a comment or story, please feel free to do that in the comments section. I hope you’ll join in!

The month of August, as you know, was a difficult one for our family. I wrote the post about losing my brother within hours of his death. I wrote, didn’t edit, and hit publish. It was a post straight from the heart, riding on the emotions that I was carrying with me after witnessing his death. I don’t get the opportunity to write like that on Dine & Dish very often and although I didn’t love the fact that my brother had to pass away in order for me to write it, I am proud of what I shared in that post.

I also really liked this dessert coffee photograph that I took for a Simple Bites post I did. I have tried for years to capture this kind of mood in photos, typically unsuccessfully. I was happy to finally get the mood I wanted through a photograph!

That’s it for me… I hope you will join in and share what work you are most proud of from the past month! (Feel free to share more than just one thing.)

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  1. It was a good August! Love all of the submissions!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  3. I love that you do this series, it’s fun to share and see what everyone else is doing. I shared my first post from The Farm Project, a new series where I make photo essays about local farms and create dishes with the food they raise.

  4. I love that you do this! So generous!

  5. Great dish and gorgeous photograph, Kristen!

  6. I am linking Frozen Peaches and Cream Crisp made with the No-Machine Ice Cream I shared last month. I think this is a really fun idea you had. Thanks for the link to the Bacon and Parmesan Pasta. I just happened to get a very good buy on bacon last week. I think this is going in my Friday Finds and onto my table this weekend. Have a great weekend.

  7. Love this! So many delicious recipes to look at :)

  8. Thanks for hosting Kristen! I missed this last month so I’m looking forward to checking out all of the links!

  9. BOTH photos are gorgeous! And that bacon-laden pasta??? YES, please!

  10. We eat pastas many nights a week. This looks amazing.

  11. Bacon makes everything better!

  12. I could eat pasta everyday if I knew I wouldn’t end up looking like Miss Piggy. At the looks of this dish, it might be worth it!

  13. I too absolutely adore that photo you took for Simple Bites. The mood is cozy, warm and welcoming. Love all your photos!

  14. That’s a gorgeous photo of coffee. Btw, love your space.

  15. Hey girl, miss you! LOVE that pasta. I have a recipe similar to that but the sauce is olive oil based, hubby won’t eat cream sauces (rolling eyes). The photo you took of that flower and drink and gorgeous! You SHOULD be proud of that one! I read your post about your brother. Again, my heart goes out to you, but you’re right, your words were straight from the heart and that’s a once in the moment kind of opportunity. I’m glad you chose to share it with us :)

  16. Oh my good Lord………that pasta situation you have going on up there has left me completely speechless.
    Must go get that recipe NOW!!

  17. Is there any better combo than salty, crisp bacon and (salty) Parmesan!? Thank you so much for pairing two of my favorites foods … with CARBS! I don’t think it gets much better than this pasta dish and I can’t wait to make it!

  18. RIP for your brother!

    By the way I love pasta, but when it is mixed with bacon!! Oh, I can’t stop to eat.

  19. yummy pasta, looking so good, thanks for the post


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    August 2011 Strut Your Stuff Recipe: Bacon and Parmesan Pasta – Dine and Dish

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