American Express Gift Card Winner {Recipe: Easy Peach Dump Cake}

Easy Peach Dump Cake

If you’ll recall, American Express launched the search for easy recipes to help celebrate their new American Express Blue Cash Preferred and Everyday cards. American Express had me send a call out to Dine & Dish readers for some of your favorite 6 ingredients or less recipes, and boy did you all come through!

I can say, I am so glad this was a random drawing situation and not a judging contest because there were so many delicious, simple recipes submitted. I am excited to have a collection of easy dessert recipes to turn to now anytime I have the need for something sweet and simple.

The winner, chosen by, for the $600 American Express Gift Card is Joyce from Ballwin, Missouri. Joyce has always been a stay at home mom / homemaker. Her children are now out of the house but she has 3 grandchildren who keep her busy. Joyce loves to read, play golf and travel.

Joyce’s winning recipe was an Easy Peach Dump Cake. She was introduced to this simple recipe by some ladies at church and she has been making it ever since. Thank you, Joyce, for submitting your favorite 6 ingredient or less recipe to help celebrate with American Express. I hope you enjoy your gift card!

This giveaway was sponsored by American Express. All opinions expressed are my own.

Easy Peach Dump Cake Recipe

I’m going to be 100% honest with you as I was very skeptical of this recipe. 3 ingredients? How on earth can it be any good? I’m eating my words along with this Easy Peach Dump Cake because it is soooo good, especially for how simple it is. It is almost like a peach cobbler and goes very well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or homemade whipped topping. I think it could also easily be made using fresh peaches in a simple syrup.

Recipe: Easy Peach Dump Cake

submitted by Joyce H.

Easy Peach Dump Cake
Cook time
Total time
This super easy 3 ingredient recipe is almost like peach cobbler and goes very well
  • 1 Large Can Peaches (I used a 29 ounce can and did not drain the juice)
  • 1 yellow cake mix
  • 1 stick butter
  1. Grease bottom of a 9x13 pan.
  2. Pour in yellow cake mix (dry).
  3. Pour can of peaches over cake mix.
  4. Melt butter and pour over the top of the peaches and cake mix.
  5. Bake in a pre-heated 350° for 40 minutes or until bubbly.



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  1. Lynn says

    I tried this recipe but some of the mix remained dry on the bottom. I even baked it for 15 extra minutes. It did taste yummy though.
    Could it be because I used a Pyrex instead of a baking pan?

    • MrsCulver007 says

      Same thing happened to me. I did not use canned peaches and therefore did not use the syrup in the peaches. I also didn’t mix it around at all. This might have worked if I used canned peaches with the syrup. But for using fresh peaches, a little sugar and water needs to be added OR just mix it all together before putting it into the pan. As is, I stirred it up in the pan and cooked it longer. Seems to taste and be cooked okay, just not attractive. Will keep the IDEA of this recipe in mind. It has lots of possibilities.

    • LA Dunn says

      I just made it for the first time and got it to work. I used a larger can of peach halves with syrup and I mixed up the mix with the peaches and syrup and melted butter so there was no dry mix. I added about a tblsp of vanilla and a tsp of cinnamon. It baked like a dream – thanks for the suggestion, easiest baked dish I have ever made. Next time I might put pecans in it….

  2. Lynn Allred says

    I tried this recipe and it didn’t seem to work. Cake mix was was still powdery. I have made Dump cakes before and the cake mix always bakes up with the fruit. I didn’t even get an color on mine and I baked it 10 min longer the the recipe. It was bubbly but nothing combined. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Lynn,
      I am so sorry this recipe didn’t work out for you. My cake mix baked up with the fruit, like you mentioned. Did you by any chance drain the juice from the peaches before using them?
      I wish I knew… I plan on making it again so will try and will let you know if I have any problems. Sorry for your results!

  3. Lisa says

    During the last 5 to 10 min of baking, I took a fork and poked around and pushed the sides of cake all the way around and gave it a little push just enough to see the peach syrup spread more throughout. It helped soak up the cake mix in center where I didn’t get much syrup. Fabulous easy treat! Sometimes perfection needs a little push;)

  4. Katelynn says

    I also had to push the mix around a little and baked it for a few extra minutes. It didn’t get that nice golden color I was hoping for, and it also seemed a little flat flavor-wise. I knew it needed something extra, but cinnamon wasn’t it. A teeny tiny bit of nutmeg sprinkled over the top gave it so much more depth. Try it out it made this dessert go from not bad to amazing.

    • says

      Good idea to add the nutmeg! I think what’s great about simple recipes like this is they are a great starting point for other ideas. Will have to try the nutmeg next time! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  5. Alisia says

    I see that you put the cake mix first and then the peach mix over it yet many other recipes for this do it the opposite way. Do you know what the difference would be?

    • says

      I honestly am not sure – I was told the cake will rise up above the peaches… and it would be less likely to stick to the bottom of the pan if you use the peaches first. :)

  6. Naomi says

    Hi there!
    I recently went apple picking and ended up picking a bunch of delicious peaches, so I thought I’d do some new baking recipes. This one seemed super-simple (only three ingredients, what?!), so here I am! My peaches were fresh, so I didn’t have the syrup you’d get from the can. Luckily, I did have some pineapple juice ice cubes (I’ve been baking pineapple upside-down cakes and didn’t want to waste the syrup from the can), so I melted those and used them, instead. I also used a rectangular baking pan, as that was the only deep one I had. I listened to the comments here and poked around in the mixture to let the juice and butter seep in, before putting it into the oven.

    MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm so delicious! I don’t really like cloyingly sweet things, so I didn’t use more than about 2.5 peaches diced up (and pineapple juice is really sweet), but it was still really yummy and I got bits of peach all over! It’s perfect served warm and with some cream spooned over!

    • Naomi says

      Addendum: Mine actually had some cakey bits hidden in the middle, I just hadn’t got to them yet… The majority of it was fine, though, so I’ll just do more pokeage next time.

  7. MS Reynolds says

    I made this cake yesterday. I decided to try to make this cake the traditional way by placing the peaches in first, then the cake mix and mixed them together I also added the nutmeg as a previous blogger suggested. After combining the cake mix and peaches,I added the melted butter and sprinkled cinnamon over the top. I did end up baking it an extra 9 minutes, it was delicious!

  8. Donna says

    I’ve made this dessert several times in the past couple of weeks. It’s YUMMY!! I’ve used Comstock peach, dutch apple, and cherry pie filling instead of the canned peaches. Each dessert was delish!!
    Spray a 9×13 dish
    Cover the bottom with the pie filling
    Pour the yellow cake mix over the fruit
    Pour a stick of melted butter over the cake mix
    Baked at 400 for 30 minutes.
    Spray butter flavored cooking spray over the cake
    Bake 10 more minutes until golden brown
    Ummmmmm , Ummmmmm Good!!
    My family loves it!!

  9. Doug says

    Peach Dump Cake. I used 2 14.5 oz cans of no sugar added peaches. Put them in first with most of the juice. Sprinkled liberally with cinnamon, then dumped cake mix, also no sugar added, followed by 1/2 stick butter cut into pats and laid on top.

  10. Janet Smith says

    It was the directions not the recipe……..should have been fruit then cake mix then butter! Should have went with my instincts on that one or at least read other comments first!

  11. says

    Hmmmm – I’m sorry you had trouble with it. The recipe winning was actually just a random drawing, but I make Joyce’s recipe often and have had success. I’m sorry your experience was different!

  12. Janet Smith says

    Instructions were in the wrong order! fruit should have gone in first and then the cake mix! Cake never baked …….mix just stayed on the bottom in powder form!


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