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A Touch of Fall {Apple Cider Recipe Roundup}

Our air conditioner is turned off for the season, our windows are wide open, light quilts and long pajama pants are pulled out from the back of our closets, Saturday’s are devoted to college football games… and my allergies are driving me crazy. This can only mean one thing, my friends. Fall is officially here!

My kids were especially excited about the package that arrived on our doorstep yesterday. An apple crate full of apples, a glass cup and Hot Apple Cider K-Cup portion packs to be used with our beloved Keurig (oh, how we love our Keurig…). The kids are excited that something finally arrived that they can drink. I’m excited because nothing says fall quite like a cup of all natural Apple Cider, quickly brewed with the touch of a button.

If you want to enjoy the goodness of Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider K-Cup Portion Packs, I have a discount code for you to use at www.GreenMountainNaturals.com and www.Keurig.com: AM0006-3571. This code offers 15% off Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider and free standard shipping within the contiguous US (with no minimum purchase). This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, including Café EXPRESS discounts. The product ID for Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider is T6201.

As I like to do with my other Keurig creations, I plan on seeing what kind of recipes I can create using the Hot Apple Cider sent to me. For inspiration, I asked some fellow bloggers to share their favorite Hot Apple Cider recipes, and in return received some very tasty recipes in return. Take a look and be inspired. What do you like to cook up with hot apple cider?


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  1. that is so cool!! if I was a coffee drinker I would be buying a Keurig asap and those apple ciders since I live for the stuff!!

  2. My mom makes the best spiced apple cider. It simmers in a crock pot all day. We play board games or card games, get a cup of cider, have dinner, get a cup of cider, sit around talking, go get a cup of cider. Alllll day!

    Loving the cooler weather, Mizzou football, and just dug out my flannel PJ pants! Not loving the allergies either. My Keurig doesn’t realize it’s fall though, because I’m still brewing up my half tea/half lemonade K-Cups every.single.day. :)

  3. looks delicious!

  4. Oh, how I love Fall. It is my favorite season. Unfortunately, it was 100 here today. :)

  5. I am so excited for fall foods! Apple cider is a must!

  6. What a great package! It’s still pretty warm here so I’m not quite ready for apples, but in a few weeks it’ll be orchard time :) Thanks for including my doughnuts in the round-up! Can’t wait to check out the other recipes.

  7. Look. At. That.

    I could put on my pajamas and just straight into that cup o’ cider.

    No, like INTO the cup. You read it right.

  8. OOh, I love apple cider! I had forgotten how wonderful it is to drink it. Reading this post made me want to go make a cup. Gotta Love Fall!

  9. I made a pact with myself not to complain about the hot weather this summer since the winter is SUCH a misery here, and if it comes down to it I’d rather be too hot (circulatory disorder = it actually HURTS to be cold), but do you think it’s tempting fate too much to say I’m looking forward to fall? Fall, ok, not winter NOT WINTER – but exactly what you’re talking about with the crisp breezes and sleeping under something without feeling like you’re going to smother.
    Hot apple cider sounds awesome right about now (well, not precisely now, it was in the 80s and humid today, but it’ll cool down tomorrow). If my office still had a Keurig machine, I’d lobby for some cider K-cups!

  10. It’s still warm here so I haven’t pulled out fall recipes yet. But this makes me want to go apple picking big time.

  11. Hot apple cider rarely makes it past scalding the roof of my mouth once I guzzle it down the second it’s finished, making sure to completely burn my entire throat from all the warm, spicy goodness and my lack of self-control!

  12. I had no idea Keurig had apple cider. Awesome!

  13. While I’m truly not ready to let go of summer, I’m tempted by your recipes! That donut one really caught my eye and I have two teenagers who would most likely clean off the plate!! Nicely done!

  14. Oh how I love apple cider. Truly one of my favorite drinks. And I love that the weather is finally getting cool enough to drink it!!

  15. Wow!Looks delicious!I love apple cider.But Apple’s choice seems to be very important, different varieties of apples to make cider taste different.

  16. I also love apple cider because my mom and dad would also loved to make the best spiced apple cider. Yeah! It simmers in a crock pot all daywhile we play card games too, get a cup of cider, have dinner, get a cup of cider, sit around talking, go get a cup of cider. So love those days with them.

  17. I once lived in Winooski Vermont for a couple of years. Boy did I get hooked on anything apple. Apple cider from Vermont is simply wonderful. I am definitely going to order some. Thanks for the information.

  18. Laura Tosney says:

    Hi all,

    I’m from the UK and I *love* apple cider, but nobody sells the good stuff over here! (Closest we get is a chain in a few train stations that sells ”hot apple”, which basically tastes like water). I just wondered if any of you had any spiced cider recipes? I’d love to be able to make it over here (especially in my crock pot like @buccinator!).

    If you have any links at all to favourite recipes, I’d be much obliged!
    Laura xx


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