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The “Reinvent a Classic” Challenge with Alexia Fries

I’ll admit that sometimes being a food blogger is tough work. Slaving over the stove each day, trying out new recipes, sampling this and that…all for you, our dear readers. For example, guess what challenge I am currently taxed with? Creating a new Fench fry flavor for Alexia foods! It is going to require day after day of creating and testing various flavors of fries trying to find the most unique and perfectly blended flavor combination to tempt your taste buds. Hard, grueling, difficult work, I tell ‘ya. I am willing to do it though because I want what’s best for everyone and their fry cravings. I’m such a giver that way.

Over the next few weeks, I, along with several other bloggers, will be getting busy in the kitchen trying out various seasonings and spices on Russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. I’ll work with different fry cuts and will begin narrowing down the choices until I have the perfect fry cut / flavor combination in hand. At that point I will hand my creation over to the judges who will determine if my fry creation is worthy of a top 4 spot, which means a trip to the Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco.

So, to get my creative juices flowing, I’d love to know about the absolute best fry you’ve ever had. For me, I haven’t met a fry that beats the fries at the greatest Kansas City barbecue joint –  Oklahoma Joe’s. I go a little crazy for their fries.

Alexia Fry Variety Picture


Tell me… what’s the best fry you’ve ever tasted?

Make sure to follow along with all the bloggers through the Alexia Facebook Page and the Twitter hashtag – #AlexiaFoods. I can’t wait to be inspired by you!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored challange through Alexia fries. I am being compensated for recipe development, however all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. You reminded me that I have an Alexia coupon that I have to use before the 30th. :)

    The best fries I’ve ever tasted are at Soul Dog Cafe. They are so delicious!

  2. Wow that is a fun task and I’m sure very hectic! Can’t imagine how much I could weigh at the end of it all ;-) I LOVE LOVE the first picture. Its amazing

  3. Love the little glass jar (candle holder?) you used for the fries! Such creative styling…

  4. The best fries I’ve eaten recently have been the ones at Cafe M de Chaya. They were super thin and crispy and tossed with a blend of rosemary and other herbs. Delicious!

  5. This is going to be so much fun!!!…….Eating so many fries…all in the name of work! haha

    Love that fry picture Kristen!

  6. Yay Kristin I am so excited to be in this fry challenge with you and all these great bloggers :)

  7. baked sweet potato fries are my favorite!

  8. I love seasoned fries… lots and lots of green and garlic and butter all over skinny french fries! :)

  9. I’ve never had a “best fry”, but these sure do look good!

  10. hmm, seems to be yummy. I think, I will have to refer this on my blog as well.

  11. hi there new to the whole blogging scene just started up mine own food blog @
    underpressure1982.blogspot.com…. masterchef experiences and recipes etc looking for advcie help in getting up and running and also can i get involved in the helping out and creative process… sweet potatoe have ideas already… look forward to hearing from you

  12. I like any fry that is sprinkled with cumin. I just love that smoky flavor!

  13. I had fantastic sweet potato fries at BGR The Burger Joint in Springfield, VA. They were AWESOME.

  14. i love New York Fries (a little too much :p)


  15. Hi Kristen,

    The most memorable fries I’ve had were in San Fran, belgium-styled with a huge galoop of fresh chopped garlic. It was slightly dangerous, but awesome at the same time! Love your photos. The dark backdrop really makes the fries pop. Congrats!


  16. meredith says:

    Recently I had the parmesean garlic fries from Red Robin (they’re not on the menu anymore, but they can still do them!) and they were delicious! I liked the amount of garlic, but would have preferred a little less oil. Too greasy! I also love sweet potato fries, from anywhere, yummmmm!!

  17. the best fries I ever tasted were home made…by me! but that is a TON of work (peeling, slicing, slicing, slicing, parboiling, coating in oil, salting, baking, eating, etc. and that is just a side dish!). If these are as good as they look, I would LOVE to try them!!!

  18. The props in the first picture look great.The potato experiment sounds so much fun but I hear ya on slaving infront of the store.I think I LOVE curly fries at Jack in the Box – too good!

  19. Sounds like you guys are having a fun time with this project! Herbs and sea salt, herbs and sea salt!

  20. Mmm these look so delicious and I love your picture!! So glad I came across your blog, I love it!!


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