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The Happiness Report #9 – Cozi, Cocktails & Instagram

Happy Summertime, everyone! You know the warmer weather makes me especially happy after the harsh winter we’ve had. I thought I’d share a little dose of what’s been making me happy lately.

John Daly Cocktail

Every summer, I choose a cocktail that is going to be my summer drink. I’m not a big drinker, but in the summer I love sitting out with the neighbors enjoying a cocktail. Last year it was a Perfect Margarita. The year before, I really enjoyed Mojitos. This year, however, my friend Tracy has introduced me to a refreshing concoction of half lemonade and half Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka. A discussion on Twitter indicated that this beverage was known as either a “Drunken Arnold Palmer” or a John Daly. Whatever the name, it is a delicious and refreshing cocktail, perfect for those warm summer evenings with friends.

Cozi Calendar

Are you all familiar with Cozi – the FREE online family organizational site? If you aren’t and you have a family with a busy schedule, listen up… you NEED Cozi. Cozi is a gorgeous calendar, to-do list, journaling application that can be accessed through your computer along with through apps on your phone or iPad. Since we’ve been using Cozi, it has been life changing for keeping our family in the loop. In even greater news, Cozi has partnered with FlyLady so you can import the daily routines into your Cozi calendar. Two of the best free organizational resources on the internet combined into one…you’ve got to love that! (And I’m not being paid for my opinion… I seriously love what this has done for our family). Finding something that finally works to keep our family schedule organized makes me VERY happy!

Kelly and Ella had their dance recital this weekend. It makes me happy to have it over with, but it also makes me happy to see them have so much fun this year in dance!

Kristan from the site Confessions of a Cookbook Queen had a mention of this product on her Facebook page last week and I knew I had to get me some. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder is just the thing for my fine, limp summer hair. I’ve used it three days in a row now and each day I’ve had lift at the roots and volume in my hair (without weighing it down). Good hair days, especially during the humid summer months, make me happy!



If you happen to follow me on Twitter or my Dine & Dish Facebook page, you most likely have noticed me using this new photo sharing app, Instagram. Instagram is a very cool way to share what’s going on in your life through pictures. I take the Instagram pictures with my iPhone, so it makes it a quick and simple way for me to document what is currently happening. It is such a fun way to share it with others! If you end up using it, make sure to friend me. I’m DineandDish (creative, right?).

That’s it for this Happiness Report! Make sure to leave a comment letting me know what’s been making you smile lately. Let’s spread some happiness!

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  1. Love that pic… oh my gosh those girls are adorable!! And your 2011 summer time drink sounds like about perfect. :)

  2. Totally have to try some of that sexy hair stuff.

    And what cute little dancers!

  3. Pat Wogan says:

    You make me happy!

  4. The smiling faces of those two beautiful girls make me happy!

  5. Having lunch with four WONDERUUL women, one of which is you, makes me happy!! :o)

  6. My girls are making me happy, as usual. However, that Cozi product just might make me the happiest I have been in a while. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I totally love todo lists and calendars so I am off to check out cozi.

  8. I’m definitely going to try Cozi on my iPad. I’ve been struggling with getting things better organized around here. One thing I have been trying is an app called HomeRoutines, which is helping with the household chores. My girls think it’s fun to check things off. =)

  9. Just reading that make me happy. Must try some of the sexy hair stuff, sounds fab for our hot, humid days!

  10. 1. Love your cocktail- must try that! 2. Running to Ulta tomorrow to try the Big Sexy Hair powder. I am trying to let my hair grow out and it is a mess this year. 3. Cozi + FlyLady= Awesome. 4. Love Instagramming it up with you :)

  11. Yum! Welcome to the lemonade sweet tea vodka club!! I like one every now and then too :) hugs from Conroe, Texas

  12. Thanks for the heads up on Cozi. I had tried it a long time ago but never got into it. I might give it another shot with the flylady stuff. That too, I tried but never got into. Hah :)

  13. What a great pic of the girls!!

  14. The girls are darling!

  15. Your girls are adorable! Glad they had fun at their recital.

  16. Such a happy-happy post! You made my day..love those gorgeous cute ladies.

  17. Kelly and Ella look absolutely precious! Just looking at their sweet little faces every day would make me pretty happy, too!!!

  18. Vodka seems to be the wine cooler of the Twenty-Teens. So many flavored vodkas and it’s turning up everywhere. If you don’t want to buy flavored vodka for just one recipe, you can stick with the straight stuff and go this route:


    Coloradans are notorious tequila snobs, so I have to weigh in on the Perfect Margarita. First of all, just for clarification, Cointreau is triple sec. Nice triple sec, but triple sec nonetheless. Patron’s Citronage is also nice. But you got the key part right, which I feel is worth repeating: you have to use plato or blanco tequila for a margarita. Repasados and Anejos are sipping tequilas, and diluting their taste with citrusy additives will incur the wrath of the powers that be, resulting in midnight visits from Chupacabra or worse. Cheers!

  19. Your girls are absolute dolls!!

    Sooo glad you liked the Powder Play. Isn’t it amazing? I am a hair product junkie, but it’s truly one of my favorites.

    I’m off to try Kozi!! So excited.

  20. Several things to address here…
    1) Your girls are precious!
    2) I love your new cocktail. I’m all about ice tea in the summer, and just mixed myself a pomegranate tea for the morning. I somewhat make from scratch what I envision your cocktail to be, but have noticed that Jeremiah Weed on the shelves and it has my curiosity. Of course, now I’ll have to get me some.
    3) I’m going to try that Powder Play, too. Aveda makes something similar that I like, so I have a feeling I’m going to like this, too.
    4) And…Happy Monday to you, Kristen!


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    The Happiness Report #9 – Cozi, Cocktails & Instagram – Dine and Dish

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