Summertime Memories {Recipe: Old Fashioned Chocolate Egg Cream Float}

Old Fashioned Egg Cream Float

Summertime as a little kid was the best. My mom had an in-home daycare, so every day I had friends my age to play with. There were no video games, only 3 channels on TV – none which were interesting to a kid my age, huge shade trees in our backyard and lots of fun!

The daycare kids and I would have dance contests on the patio, dancing to such awesome hits as Short People and Physical. We had records back then and couldn’t download songs instantly if we wanted something new to dance to.

There were always enough kids around to play games of Red Rover, Freeze Tag and Cartoon Tag. Underoos made us feel like super heroes and Kool-Aid was served without hesitation… no concern about sugar overload and such. Life was good…there was less “stuff” and distractions and a lot more fun.

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One of the simple pleasures of summertime as a kid were the Old Fashioned Egg Cream Float’s my mom used to make. Simple as the way summer was back then, these floats were always a highlight that I would run in from playing as fast as I could to drink.

My mom most always used white milk, Hershey’s chocolate syrup and either vanilla ice cream or chocolate. However you choose to enjoy an Egg Cream Float, I hope it takes you back to your carefree days of summer.

What are your favorite summer memories from childhood?

Recipe: Old Fashioned Chocolate Egg Cream Float

  • 1 cup ice cold whole chocolate milk (we prefer chocolate milk from Shatto Milk Company)
  • 2 scoops chocolate ice cream
  • 1 cup ice cold club soda
  1. Pour 1 cup of cold chocolate milk into a glass
  2. Add 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream and stir
  3. Pour ice cold club soda over the chocolate ice cream and milk until glass is full (it will fizz quite a bit! Be prepared.)

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  1. says

    Sounds like a great treat. Imagining little kids dancing to “Physical” is too cute, making me laugh just thinking about it! I never thought of putting regular club soda in a float, but it is a great idea! Keeps you focused on the awesome chocolate flavor :)

  2. says

    you know I’ve never heard of an egg cream float?

    Love this post Kristen……..makes me wonder how our kids will think back on their youth, wonder what they will remember.

  3. says

    What lovely childhood memories Kristen. So true that things where so much simpler back then. My girls and I have been talking so much about that very thing lately, they really yearn for that simplicity. We have decided to make this summer a simpler-back-to-basics kind of summer and this is the *perfect* way to kick it off!

  4. says

    My favorite was always a root beer float! Don’t you love summer!
    Those straws are adorable….I’m going over there to find out about them!

  5. says

    when I read egg cream float I was like – what is that! Turns out its what my mom calls ice cream float :-) But never had chocolate one which is such a shame considering I claim to be chocolate addict! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. says

    Yum!! I worked in an ice cream parlor when I was in high school, so this reminds me of all of the ice cream sodas I used to make! I’m totally craving one now. :)

    PS – Thanks for the link to those straws… They are just adorable in your photos!

  7. says

    This sounds delicious! I’ve never had an egg cream, but am going to try this now. Well, not right now. First I have to get some of those adorable straws!

  8. says

    I’ve often heard of an egg cream float but have to admit I never went beyond the name because I presumed…it had an egg in it!

    I love the combination of fizz and ice cream in a variety of fashions. When I was a kid, Vess Cream Soda was red and my absolute favorite and that’s what I loved with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Realizing I haven’t seen Vess soda in many years I just did a search. I had no idea it was a St. Louis company and distribution is limited geographically to an area of the Midwest. Guess I’ll quit looking! I’ll have to be satisfied with 2nd best; a root beer float.

  9. Shanxi says

    Looks oh so gorgeous! I had just one of these (we called it a root beer float) as a child, and the memory is still magnificent years later. :) Thanks for sharing!


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