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Homemade eCreamery 3 Cocoa Bean Chocolate Ice Cream

I made eCreamery 3 Cocoa Bean Chocolate Ice Cream yesterday and it is a very close second to the Buttered Salted Caramel I made the other day.

Making ice cream is a little like magic, don’t you think? Dumping a couple of things into an ice cream maker and then peeking in just a short while later to find that it has turned into ice cream is just too cool. Don’t forget, you get the chance to whip up some magic of your own with the Cuisnart Ice Cream Maker and eCreamery Gourmet Flavoring giveaway I have going on. It ends at midnight CST tonight, so head over there soon!

This is not a sponsored post. I simply love eCreamery, especially their Gourmet Ice Cream flavorings and I think you would too! Hopefully you’ll take a minute to check out all eCreamery has to offer! I’m lovin’ eCreamery and sharing this link in the I’m Lovin’ It Roundup over at Tidy Mom.


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  1. This does look absolutely delicious! I love the idea of making my own ice cream!! :)

  2. Oh K — you got me ALL fired up … I dug out our ice cream maker that we brought from the U.S. … sent our driver out to source/locate some rock salt … and made some ice cream.

    And wouldn’t you know that I think I fried the I.C. maker by plugging it into an INDIAN socket?

    Sigh … still craving ice cream ….

    • I wish you weren’t all the way over there. I’d love to share my ice cream with you, Naomi!! You get an A+ for effort though… at least you tried :)

      • We *think* we redeemed it by putting it in the freezer and stirring it every hour or so. It was the hit of dinner tonight, so all is well that ends …. well.

        (cinnamon ice cream … although the kids are asking if we can try it with “real milk” next time)

        Love the photo … with the cherries, the waffle cones and the scooper!

  3. Just the name alone sounds totally amazing!

  4. Just the sound of it is so relaxing in this heat!

  5. That photo is just stunning! The blues and browns – that’s magic too. :)

  6. As if the name of the ice cream isn’t tempting enough, I’m drawn in to the absolutely gorgeous photo, with a beautiful composition!

  7. So delicious!

  8. Oh my Kirsten- I think I know what I will be making this weekend. YUM

  9. Gorgeous.. actually, stunning is a more appropriate word. And now I’m drooling. It just looks so wonderful.

  10. this looks easier to make then in plastic bags :D
    Im gonna try it in the sink Thanks for posting!!

  11. I have never made ice cream, but this looks delicious. And I love your disclaimer, that it’s not a sponsored post. heh heh

  12. LOVE homemade ice cream…and you’re right, it’s totally magic!! My son loves watching it thicken up.

    This recipe looks amazing!! I”m off to check out their flavors :)

  13. I never thought about it that way before, but making ice cream is a lot like making magic. Maybe next time I should add “eye of toad” to my brew. No wait – I’m vegan – that won’t work! Schwew! Your ice cream sure looks delicious!

  14. Your homemade eCreamery 3 Cocoa Bean Chocolate Ice Cream looks scrumptiously delicious! I can’t wait to try your recipe this weekend! The kids will surely love it! :)

  15. I agree–making ice cream is like magic; especially with the Cuisinart machine–so easy! I want to try this yummy recipe, but first need to make your buttered salted caramel recipe. So much ice cream, so little time!

  16. I recently tried Sea Salt Caramel gelato as our local gelato shop. It was out of this world – probably my favorite flavor and I’ve tried most of them :). If I could make my own, as tempting as that sounds, it would be very, very dangerous.

  17. I love making my own ice cream!

  18. I absolutely adore that blue painted wood in the photo! I’ve never heard of eCreamery until today. I’ll have to check it out!

  19. Sounds so decadent! We love ice cream and thanks for sharing eCreamery.
    Judit & Corina

  20. Maybe making ice cream needs a little bit of magic, and it always completes the celebration. Nice post.

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