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Alluring Cake Balls {Recipe: Thin Mint Chocolate Cake Balls}

Thin Mint Cake Balls in Hand

I’ve heard the talk of them over the past couple of years… these little things called cake balls. As much as I love cake – I really, really love cake – the cake balls never really tempted me. I have been able to avoid cake balls, un-phased by their alluring pull all over the internet.

I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to change my mind about cake balls, but when I saw Amanda from I Am Baker’s Thin Mint cake… the cake professed to be her “new happy place”… my mind immediately went to cake balls. Once I thought cake balls, I could think of nothing else. I was certain cake balls and I were destined to have our moment in the kitchen very soon.

Thin Mint Cake Balls

Very soon ended up being this weekend. I escaped to my kitchen on a cake ball mission. I married Amanda’s Thin Mint Cake recipe with Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake Ball instructions. The end result was a marriage made in heaven. Little 2-bite balls of chocolate mint goodness.

Will cake balls be the new “it” thing for me? Probably not. My preference for cake is still in layer cake or cupcake form, however, you can bet the next party I’m asked to bring a dessert to, cake balls will be it. Their fun presentation and the ease of just picking them up and popping one in your mouth makes these little treats party perfect, don’t you think?

Want more cake balls? Check out these additional cake ball variations!



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  1. after making that Thin Mint cake………all I could think of was making cupcakes with it next……..but cake balls?! i love it!!!

  2. You did a great job on these. They are perfect!

  3. You had me at ‘thin mint’

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Did I miss the recipe for the cake balls?

  5. Thin Mint Chocolate Cake Balls, what a fantastic idea. They look fabulous, thanks for sharing and Happy Baking!

  6. The mint cake balls look delicious! I’d like to make them, but I have a question. Did you make the Thin Mint Cake and use that frosting to mix together?

    • Hi Yvonne – Great question. I should have clarified. I used Bakerella’s method to make the balls and just used a can of cream cheese frosting, however I am sure you could use Amanda’s vanilla buttercream with great results! Hope that helps!

  7. I’m going to have to get on this cakeball thing. Bite-sized balls of cake goodness, how could I have not tried this yet?!

  8. these are fun and portion controlled he he but I am with you like a real slice of cake

  9. These should come with a warning label because I know I couldn’t stop eating after just a couple! I’ve yet to make cake pops but these … yeah, I have to make them!!

  10. These look so cute! Thin Mints are probably my favorite Girl Scout cookie, but I never knew that their flavor could be transferred to cake form. Sounds delicious!

  11. I feel exactly the same way about cake pops and that’s the reason I have not tried it yet. But which this recipe. I sure am tempted!!

  12. My favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor in a cake ball – yes, this is heaven! You should definitely bring these to the next BlogKC meet-up.

  13. Those look amazing!! Should not have looked at this before eating lunch… now salivating!!

  14. My mom is a baker & I just have never been tempted by these- UNTIL- you had to go & do all your Kristen magic to them & I have now written down the recipes & I will be making them soon. They look so YUMMY!!!!!!!!! There goes all my hard dieting work :)

  15. I’ve been seeing cake balls everywhere!!! But, I have to say, yours look the best. Honestly. I want to devour a big plate of these right now!

  16. These look yummy! I used to love to bake but one day I stopped, I really must get back to it! Thanks for sharing, these look amazing! And your photo skills are to die for! :) Hugs from Conroe TX!

  17. What a great idea!! I have a feeling these will be my happy place very, very soon. I’m thinking chill them and pop them through out the summer :)

  18. I have to admit that I have not tried making any cake balls yet… Though, now I’m giving them some serious consideration! :)

  19. Awesome! I love to try this Alluring Cake Balls recipe for my kiddos! I’m sure this will be a hit! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Great idea, my customers have been asking for cake balls and pops, this recipe will really impress them. Thanks


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