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Alluring Cake Balls {Recipe: Thin Mint Chocolate Cake Balls}

Thin Mint Cake Balls in Hand

I’ve heard the talk of them over the past couple of years… these little things called cake balls. As much as I love cake – I really, really love cake – the cake balls never really tempted me. I have been able to avoid cake balls, un-phased by their alluring pull all over the internet.

I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to change my mind about cake balls, but when I saw Amanda from I Am Baker’s Thin Mint cake… the cake professed to be her “new happy place”… my mind immediately went to cake balls. Once I thought cake balls, I could think of nothing else. I was certain cake balls and I were destined to have our moment in the kitchen very soon.

Thin Mint Cake Balls

Very soon ended up being this weekend. I escaped to my kitchen on a cake ball mission. I married Amanda’s Thin Mint Cake recipe with Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake Ball instructions. The end result was a marriage made in heaven. Little 2-bite balls of chocolate mint goodness.

Will cake balls be the new “it” thing for me? Probably not. My preference for cake is still in layer cake or cupcake form, however, you can bet the next party I’m asked to bring a dessert to, cake balls will be it. Their fun presentation and the ease of just picking them up and popping one in your mouth makes these little treats party perfect, don’t you think?

Want more cake balls? Check out these additional cake ball variations!



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  1. Kristen!! I think you are on to something… the idea of thin mint cake in bite size form is genius!!! (why didnt *I* think if that??) You are awesome. And those cake balls are Gorgeous!!! (those sweet little fingers holding one is the most precious shot EVER)

  2. YUM! I’ve yet to make any either but you and Amanda are tempting me fo sho!

  3. Love it! Cake balls are definitely more about the cute-factor than the taste for me, but I think these would taste awesome! (I actually posted cake balls today – great minds think alike!!)

  4. These are so pretty!! Such an awesome idea :)

  5. I’m with you – it took me a long time to get into cake balls. In concept, rolling cake with frosting isn’t all that enticing to me but if I forget that aspect for a second and just taste them I do like them. I like to think of them more as cakey truffles. :-)

  6. Kristin, you are right. These ‘lil cake balls will be perfect for parties :) LOVE!

  7. Absolutely perfect. Now I’m going to have to make them, too. I can just feel it in my bones — er tummy.

  8. Mmm so delicious!! You pictures are beautiful! Thank you for the shoutout :)

  9. Looks wonderful! I love the look of these, all rounded but not a cupcake.

  10. I bet they’re as delicious as they are darling.

  11. So cute and a great edible project for the kiddos!

  12. I love that you left out one step – the sticks(kind of a pain in the tushy). These could not be cuter and your photos (especially the top one) sucked me right in. Perfect eye candy.

  13. Love these cute little balls of fun – and will be checking out the liners which I always feel are so disappointing – not these.

  14. Your pictures are so utterly beautiful! And dont even get me started on how much i want to try one of those cake balls, chocolate and mint are just the perfect partnership, might well have to try out that cake sometime :)

  15. Yum! I love thin mints. Your photos are beautiful, I love the cake balls in the little paper liners, adorable!

  16. Cute little cake balls!

  17. Oh boy, chocolate and mint? this could get kinda dangerous..

  18. These are adorable and the photography is so whimsical. Makes me want a cake ball, like….right NOW.

  19. Enchanting…I can see these at a magical little girl`s birthday party! I love mint and chocolate together so much, so maybe we don`t have to wait for a tea party with nieces, lol.

  20. So fun! I haven’t had a chance to make that Thin Mint cake yet, but it is at the very top of my to-do list. I haven’t really ever been on the cakeball bandwagon either. Much prefer a cupcake! But these are pretty darn adorable, Kristen.


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