The Happiness Report – Week 1

I’ve been inspired by a couple of blogging friends who do a weekly roundup of things they’ve come across during the week that they love. Cheryl from the blog Tidy Mom is a long time blogging friend of mine and she does a weekly “I’m Lovin’ It” round up. Amy from the site Mom Advice shares “Amy’s Notebook”, a weekly notebook of things she finds useful. These two ladies and their lists of things they love each week make me happy. I love discovering new recipes, new products, new websites…

I’ve mentioned this before, but a group of friends and I are meeting once a month to work on our Happiness Projects. That in itself, makes me happy. As a part of my own Happiness Project, I’m trying to document and take more notice of things that make me happy. So, without further ado, I introduce to you The Happiness Report, Week 1.

stacks of happy books

The Happiness Project – this book, the group of ladies I’m getting together with, everything about it makes me happy! We had our first meeting this past week and I am so excited to see how our year of happiness unfolds.

Sephora and Bare Escentuals: I wrote about this on my Photo Journey blog this week, but I had my first Sephora experience. Thanks to my friend Amber for suggesting that I go there. It is like a candy store for makeup lovers!

Zappos and New Shoes: My friend Amy talked me into getting some comfy new shoes to wear to the Blissdom conference next week. Two things about this makes me happy. #1) I ordered them late on Monday and they arrived today using Zappos free standard shipping –> Way to go, Zappos! #2) Just the thought of having comfy shoes on as I walk around the Opryland hotel next week makes me happy!

Flickpad App for the iPad: I am totally in love with this app. If you have a somewhat, quite possibly unhealthy obsession with looking at photos on Flickr like I do, you won’t find a better way to experience your addiction than this. Flickpad is what I do when I want to unwind, and it truly makes me happy! 99 cents… can’t beat it!

Loved this post by Life in Grace called “The Lure of the “Inner Circle“. A must read for any conference goer, blogger or not…

And finally, for this week… this picture of my husband and Leah that I took for my Photo Journey blog Project 365 post this week makes me happy. I hardly ever get Nick in pictures, and to capture this moment between the two of them makes my day. I’m so lucky and blessed to be married to such a great guy.

Now, it’s your turn! What has made you happy this week? Share in the comments, leave a link, or give me a shout out on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows? What makes you happy may be featured in a future Happiness Report! Even if you don’t share, take a moment to remind yourself that no matter what is going on in our lives, we all have a lot to be happy about!

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  1. says

    My Happiness this week:
    Setting up curbside recycling – our neighborhood FINALLY has it. This means no more junky garage and trips downtown to take recycling!

    Booking our vacation to Vegas – it isn’t until May, but I am really excited our flights are booked!!

    I am also really happy about going to Auburn, AL this weekend to participate in the BCS National Championship celebration. It will be the perfect ending to a perfect football season.

    Thanks for sharing the Flickpad app – I am downloading that as soon as I get home!

  2. says

    My husband coming home from out of town made me happy. We always realize how much we really rely on Daddy and how important he is to our lives when he’s gone.

    I’m also enjoying personal reading time again and that makes me happy. I enjoy the evening time to unwind after listening to nagging all day long. As I type: “I want to watch Kipper NOW!”

  3. says

    Yay! I love this new project.

    My family coming into town is making me very happy — the come in two weeks!

    Not to be cliche, but my blog is actually making me very happy — I’m loving getting back into writing, and having an outlet outside of work.

    Working out with my husband (rather than alone) — definitely making me very happy, too!

  4. says

    I just started reading The Happiness Project this week. I love it! It goes right along with my own efforts of cultivating optimism in myself.

    I’m happy to be snowed in with my family this evening. We had hot soup for dinner after a long day and a very snowy and slick commute. So nice to be home!

  5. Lisa says

    Love this post. Hmm, I’ll have to reflect on what my happy moments were…. The free very-nice-size sample jar of spice that came with a Penzey’s order made me happy. Oh, and that sis made it safely home from her commute (slick roads).

  6. says

    I’m a diehard Jets fan, so the Jets win over the Patriots made me a very happy person.

    I’m also making progress in my side business so that’s making me happy.

    I’m also enjoying my new job, so that makes me happy.

  7. says

    Well, I’m happy for this post. I’m already a big fan of Sephora’s and know about Zappo, but I did not know about The Happiness Project and flickpad, both of which will be downloaded shortly!

    I’m happy that I’m keeping to my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve read 2 books, kept up with my photo challenges (365 and shutterboo on flickr) and resumed an exercise routine.

    P.S. How is that Jodi Picoult book? I enjoy her work.

  8. lucy says

    This is what made me happy (& sad) today:
    I live in Tucson, Az, and work right across the street from where the shooting was. On Thursdays, my twins go to speech therapy at the school where little Christina Taylor Green went. Today was our first day back there since the tragedy. Seeing all of the signs, letters, cards, pictures, stuffed animals, etc.. that have been left for her family from students in our city and across the country truly touched me. The letters written and comments left were truly amazing. A local high school’s wrestling team gave her school their brand new, 1st place, 4 ft high wrestling trophy in her honor. Amazing! I was so happy and inspired to see the outpouring of compassion and love from all of these young people. One comment I saw was, “The sky is beautiful today because you’re in it.” Lovely, just lovely.
    PS – sign up for VIP Zappos and you’ll get free overnight shipping on every order!!! I’m a devotee. :)

  9. says

    I love your happiness project Kristen!!

    I’m happy with my new clothes I got this week for Blissdom and a new gadget I got for my camera!!

    Thanks for linking up Kristen!

  10. says

    I did my first real account tour call today at work and it went awesome. Also, yesterday, the CEO brought around a couple of the investors, introducing them to everyone, and one I already knew and we’re buddies because he’s from BC too, but the other one is a slightly intimidating 500-year-old man, and I had a good answer for EVERYTHING he asked me. I think I came off as really having it together, which is awesome.

  11. says


    It’s great to hear that you are enjoying Flickpad, and thanks for sharing it with your readers. Sounds like we share a similar love of photography. I definitely spend more time checking out Flickr photos, but it is also nice to be able to quickly burn through all my friends latest photos on Facebook without having to wade through my wall.

    Chad Podoski
    Creator of Flickpad

  12. says

    I started a “Week in Review” post on Fridays just last week! I just come across so many cool sites, posts, recipes, etc. that I want a way to share it with my readers. The coolest thing this week? I found out that in my little town of 15,000 in Kentucky, there is another food blogger–a local high school student! I was able to connect with her via email, and I hope that we can work together in the future!

  13. says

    Your first trip to Sephora? Well, that makes me happy for starters! What else…well, the cookies I made this morning came out better than I’d expected. I brought them to the hair salon and everyone enjoyed them. Sometimes it’s the small stuff. :-)

  14. says

    Thanks for the idea to do a weekly happiness report on my blog – that makes me happy. :)
    What also made me happy this week was a former student sent me an IM wanting to know if she could drop by my classroom after school on Thursday. I thought that something bad had happened – turns out she just wanted to see how I was doing, and tell me about how semi-formal was. It made me happy that after having been her grade 7 and 8 teacher, now that she’s in grade 9, I still mean enough for her to go out of her way to share her life with me.

  15. says

    Great post. I am reading the Happiness Project as well. Just started it and will begin the journey February 1. I wish I could find such a group as yours; unfortunately, everyone I tell about the Happiness Project, feels it is because of depression and they aren’t too interested. They don’t get that we all could use a little more happiness. I will continue enjoying reading about your progress as I begin my journey as well.


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