Tate’s Bake Shop Cookie and Cookbook Giveaway

I have a deep admiration for those of you who are so passionate about something that you took the leap of faith and started your own business. That’s why I love shopping at small, local shoppes, talented retailers like Crosby & Taylor and individuals who sell online at places like Etsy.com. It takes a lot of talent as well as guts to go out on your own… I want to support that as much as I can!

This is why when the people at Tate’s Bake Shop contacted me about doing a giveaway on Dine & Dish for a collection of cookies and their cookbook by the same name, I was all over it. The owner of Tate’s Bake Shop, Kathleen King, started selling cookies at her family farm stand at the age of 11. That little farm stand has now turned into a full fledged bakery and is known for being one of the very best in The Hamptons. How about that for following your passion? Rachel Ray and Ina Garten, along with many others, have sung the praises of Tate’s Bake Shop so it seems as if Kathleen’s dedication has paid off indeed.

Lucky for you, Dine & Dish readers are going to get the chance to win a collection of cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop and their Tate’s Bake Shop cookbook. The prize package includes packages of each oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, and chocolate chip cookies. To enter the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this post letting me know what you are doing right now in your life to live your dream? If you aren’t living your dream, what’s holding you back?
  • For an additional entry, head over to the Tate’s Bake Shop Facebook Page and become a fan. Once you’ve done that, return to this post and leave a comment letting me know that you are a Tate’s Bake Shop fan.

The giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, December 15th. At that time, a winner will be chosen at random and notified.

Tate’s Bake Shop is also offering Dine & Dish readers a 10% discount on any purchase from now through December 31st. To redeem the discount, use the code “cookie” at checkout.

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  1. says

    What a great example of following your dream! I am currently taking a year off, trying my hand at food writing/blogging and seeing where it leads me. It’s a little scary, but I’m learning to trust my talents! :)

  2. Michelle says

    Hey there-
    Were those the cookies at the Pink Zebra tonight?? I heard you made those cookies and they were SOOOOO yummmy! yes, I had three! I wanted ALOT more!!! Anyway, I will participate in the contest & I feel like I am living my dream- I have a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful kids, & I am surrounded by friends & families from our church that share my faith! I also get to work here & there & do photography! What else is there, really?

  3. Stephanie says

    Living my dream would mean taking a year off from work and travel through Europe, Asia and Australia. Not sure if i’ll be able to do it anytime soon, but it doesn’t hurt to dream!

  4. says

    I have/had so many dreams. I’ve been fortunate enought to fulfill some of them. Next year my hubby and I are traveling to South Africa, another dream will be fulfilled. For now sharing my recipes, is a dream come true.

  5. Martha says

    At the age of 56 I went back to Pastry Arts School. I’ve been working the past few years as a Pastry Chef so indeed part of my dream has come true. Now for the second part, to own my own shop.

  6. Cathy Hodge Smith says

    I too became a fan of Tate’s. Thanks again for introducing me to another great source. Living my dream? Yes! I am retired and writing mysteries, reading food blogs and considering doing one of my own. I continue to feed friends and family and that makes me very happy. I do love your blog!

  7. says

    My dreams are always changing, because my goals move as I reach them. So my next goal is to have my kids become self sufficient enough that my husband and I can reclaim our lives.

  8. says

    Living my dream includes breaking comfort barriers in the kitchen on a regular basis, blogging about my experience, and most importantly opening a door of communication with my grandparents thanks to said blog. My grandfather shares stories of his past based on my blog posts. Bridging three generations of family and memories is a dream come true!

  9. says

    What I’m doing to reach my dreams… hmm. Well, I just graduated school and have an enormous amount of debt, so does trying to find a job to pay off my loans so I can go back to school again count as working toward my dreams, albeit in a small and depressing way!?

    Clearly, I need some cookies.

  10. says

    Thanks for this fun giveaway. I am living my dream out here on an island a few hours from Vancouver, British Columbia. Despite its challenges, it is beautiful, natural (to a large extent), quiet, clean, and peaceful…sounds like a dream~


  11. Ginny says

    After our first child was born I quit working to stay home. About 9 months in we hit real financial strife, so I started a tutoring and educational consulting business to help out. It’s now three years and one more child later and while the business has suffered a bit as of late due to the economy, we are making it. I am “living my dream” – I get to serve in my primary vocation as wife and mother and still do what I love.


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