Quaker Chewy After School Rocks Giveaway

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For the most part of this school year, my kids have come home to me on a conference call, me on the computer working on a project or me telling them “just one more minute” while I finished up my last little bit of work for the day. To them, after school meant coming in the door, grabbing a snack and finding something to occupy themselves until I could wrap up. I am not proud of this at all, which is why I recently decided to leave my recruiting job to focus on my family while they are young enough to want me to focus on them.

This is why when a representative from Quaker Chewy contacted me the other day about partnering with them to get the word out about the After School Alliance and the Quaker Chewy After School Rocks program I was thrilled. Reconnecting with my kids, especially during the precious after school hours, is something I wanted to focus on.

Quaker Chewy has partnered with the Afterschool Alliance to study and improve how kids spend their time after school in an effort to help each child have a positive after school experience. Whether children are sent to an organized after school program or they come home to a parent or guardian, the partnership between Quaker Chewy and the Afterschool Alliance is providing necessary resources and activities to make that time quality. As a part of their partnership, Quaker Chewy and the Afterschool Alliance have created a free downloadable Afterschool Toolkit for parents and teachers. Check it out by clicking on this link and scrolling to the very bottom.

After reviewing the Afterschool Toolkit I decided to plan some after school activities with my kids that would help us to reconnect after a long day as well as be fun for them so they could unwind after being “on” all day at school. Considering it is fall, and the ground is covered with leaves that have fallen from the trees, we decided our first after school activity would be to do some leaf rubbing. Simple, fun, and each one of my kids (ages 8, 6, 4 and 1) could participate in their own way.

Step one was to get outside and go on a leaf hunt. I told the kids to pick up some of the biggest leaves they could find. As the three older ones hunted for leaves, one little person, who shall remain nameless, decided all she wanted to do was attempt an escape from this crazy family.

Once the leaves were gathered, we brought them inside, grabbed some plain white copy paper and some crayons and began our project. Leaf rubbing is really simple… place the leaf underneath your paper then with the side of a crayon, rub / color over on the paper over the leaf. You’ll soon start to see the outline of the leaf, including the veins, show up on the paper. It makes for a really beautiful piece of artwork for your kids!

Of course, if you have as many kids as I do, you are bound to find one who is only there for the food. What can you do?

I’m excited to announce that Quaker has given me several After School Kits to do what I’d like to with. I’ve decided to share some of them with you to get inspired to make after school time, quality time! 7 Dine & Dish readers will win 1 kit each. Each kit includes:

  • 1 Quaker Afterschool Rocks T-Shirt
  • 1 $10 iTunes gift card
  • 1 pack of Crayola Colored pencils
  • 1 Composition Notebook
  • 1 coupon for a FREE box of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
  • 1 Canvas tote bag

To win, in the comment section of this post, share what your favorite after school activity was when you were growing up. Entries must be in by midnight CST on Sunday, November 14th. I will use Random.org to choose the 7 winners. You can enter as many times as you’d like… no limits!


This promotion is solely sponsored by Dine & Dish and has not been endorsed or approved by PepsiCo, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates.  By entering, you agree to look solely to Dine & Dish for any claims in connection therewith, and not to PepsiCo, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates.

I have been compensated by Quaker Chewy to be a partner with this great program, however, any opinions stated within this post are my own.

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  1. says

    strange to admit this, but most of my afterschool time in my younger years was to come home do homework and watch the afterschool specials they use to put on… not exactly like what we try to do with the kids now!

  2. says

    To be honest, my favorite after school activity was to sit down with my sister and watch the Nickelodeon show, Doug, on TV! Or anything on Nick in the Afternoon… 😉 Got to love being a 90’s kid :)

  3. Sara says

    My favorite after school activity was to break out the Zesta saltine crackers with some American cheese slices and then watch the Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeanie or Bewitched. Then outside to play in the dirt or swing.

  4. Pat Wogan says

    My neighbor boy and I would make clay balls, gathering the clay from the banks along the road, and put them in the road to be run over by any cars that happened by. Since we lived in the country, and there weren’t too many cars that went by our house, it was a fairly safe activity. The object was to get the flattened clay balls and save the impressions of the tire tracks. It was also a gravel road with very little gravel and mostly dirt. Dried tire tracks weren’t nearly as interesting or pretty as leaf rubbings are.

  5. says

    I wasn’t really into any after school activities. I was a mamas girl, so I loved coming home and talking with my mom while she was in the kitchen making dinner.

  6. says

    Oh man, I should totally win this, I eat a Quaker chewy granola bar with (sometimes FOR) every meal – this started when I was recovering from being sick for a year because the doctor told me it was a quick and easy way to get fiber. I KNOW. Ok.

    When I was little, I would just come home from school and read.

  7. says

    my husband and i are trying to start our family and i look forward to the days like this one i can spend with my own children :)

    when i was a kids i LOVED coming home and playing with one of my parents in the swing set my father had built for me. it was our own little getaway where we could just be us :)

  8. Kelly S. says

    My mom worked so after school for us usually entailed picking on my little sister and doing chores until Mom got home. Thankfully, my daughter won’t have this same experience.

  9. Susan Thomas-Butler says

    Not sure what it was called, but I called it the “Smelling Game.” My mom would blindfold me and present different ingredients such as cinnamon, garlic, sugar, pepper to smell and try to identify.

  10. says

    Kristen, I cannot thank you enough for posting this. I will be on Quakers site later today to learn more about their program. My goal is to have quality time with my kids after school & I always want to do more as their mom. Our favorite after school activity is coloring with our 64 pack of crayolas. Great giveaway! xo

  11. says

    Remember the after school specials? Loved those. And when they weren’t a “must see,” we just played outside for as long as we could. I don’t remember being bogged down with homework until high school.

  12. says

    My favorite thing to do after school was to get away from school. Just being home was safe and calm. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and was always there “at the crossroads” to greet us and talk to us.

  13. Faith Hoffman says

    Our family border collie always gave the best welcome after school! Watching after-school specials or playing outside until dinner!

  14. Shannon says

    I would have to say my favorite activity was just dropping off my books and running outside to see what all of us neighborhood kids could into to. We would play football….dig dong ditchem and tag.


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