A Special Libby’s Lunch and Prize Package Giveaway

There’s an opportunity for you to learn all about a great giveaway from Libby’s at the end of this post!

When I was growing up, I clearly remember sitting around the dinner table eating dinner as a family pretty much every night. We ate family style, passing around the dishes of delicious food my mom had made for the meal and being there was not an option. I remember falling over in peals of laughter at things my sister would say. Or fighting fiercely with my sister over things she would say. Either way, our table was never a quiet place. It was a place where we shared delicious food and conversation.

I had a very special opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Farmhouse restaurant with a group of Kansas City bloggers and some folks from Libby’s as part of Libby’s campaign to feed the hungry and get families back to the dinner table. When asked to participate in this effort, I was thrilled as making family mealtime a priority has always been a passion of mine. Whether you have pizza from your local shop or you enjoy a home cooked meal, it is so important to connect as a family at the end of the day around the dinner table.

As a part of our afternoon together, the Kansas City bloggers along with author and mom of 7, Hannah Keeley, spent some time putting together “Back to the Table” bags for a local transitional shelter called Hillcrest. Of course, Libby’s provided several cans of their products for the bags, but on top of that, we each got to choose one thing to bring to include in each bag. The ladies of Kansas City were quite creative, and came up with some really neat things to include.

I am so excited for the families at Hillcrest to have the opportunity to get back on their feet and get a boost in the right direction when it comes to family mealtime. Imagine how these simple bags are going to enhance their lives. That makes me smile!

The lovely folks have Libby’s and super funny and talented Hannah Keeley have given me the opportunity to share a prize package of great goodies with you. To enter, all you have to do is share your favorite tip for making family mealtime a priority. The prize package includes:

  • A Libby’s reusable shopping tote bag full of Libby’s products, a state-of-the-art can opener and a copy of Hannah Keeley’s book,  Total Mom Makeover

Entries will be taken up until Midnight CST on Sunday, October 10th. The person with the best “get back to the table” tip will be announced the winner!

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  1. says

    This is such a lovely post…and your afternoon at Farmhouse such a great idea! A good cause.
    Dinners are so often the only time the entire family sits down together. I try to make it special with good food, conversation, sharing of ups and downs and bolstering self confidence!

  2. Stacy says

    To get keep the excitement I try to let the family get involved in meal planning. The day that it is their choice, we make them star of the table and each tell something we are proud of that person for or commend them for something that day. Boosts self-esteem and makes meal time a little more exciting.

  3. says

    I had everyone make up 10 question cards (five serious and five funny) and we leave the pile on the table and take turns picking one and everyone has a turn to answer. Dinner time has gone from a dash of who can eat the fastest to some nights almost an hour talking and laughing at the table.

  4. charlene says

    We always sit down at the kitchen table, no phones and no tv. We sit and talk about anything and everything. I have to thank my Mom and Dad because dinner was the most important time of the day for us growing up.

  5. says

    Mine is a family of two, but special dinner time is achieved by one thing: waiting. Our schedules are busy and he gets home from work much earlier than I do – and some nights I go to the gym, and some nights he has band practice, and for a while there I was on a west coast schedule at work so I’d be there late, but if it’s reasonable to do so, the one who is home first quite simply waits for the other. If it’s important to eat together, it’s worth being hungry for a little while until they get home.

  6. says

    The time around the table opens up communication that we otherwise may not have. It is so important to me to find out about my 5 children and my husband’s day. Our family discussions at the table ususlly involve each one of us answering the questions “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” and “What was the worst thing that happened to you today?” I also envolve each one of my children in the kitchen. I talk to them about how to cook, sometimes I relate what I am cooking to information about a relative in my family, but most of all I try hard to pass down the Word of God to each of them. You can get recipes and ideas for cooking with your children at http://www.sweeptheword.com in the Resource section. In Christ, Diane


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