A Special Libby’s Lunch and Prize Package Giveaway

There’s an opportunity for you to learn all about a great giveaway from Libby’s at the end of this post!

When I was growing up, I clearly remember sitting around the dinner table eating dinner as a family pretty much every night. We ate family style, passing around the dishes of delicious food my mom had made for the meal and being there was not an option. I remember falling over in peals of laughter at things my sister would say. Or fighting fiercely with my sister over things she would say. Either way, our table was never a quiet place. It was a place where we shared delicious food and conversation.

I had a very special opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Farmhouse restaurant with a group of Kansas City bloggers and some folks from Libby’s as part of Libby’s campaign to feed the hungry and get families back to the dinner table. When asked to participate in this effort, I was thrilled as making family mealtime a priority has always been a passion of mine. Whether you have pizza from your local shop or you enjoy a home cooked meal, it is so important to connect as a family at the end of the day around the dinner table.

As a part of our afternoon together, the Kansas City bloggers along with author and mom of 7, Hannah Keeley, spent some time putting together “Back to the Table” bags for a local transitional shelter called Hillcrest. Of course, Libby’s provided several cans of their products for the bags, but on top of that, we each got to choose one thing to bring to include in each bag. The ladies of Kansas City were quite creative, and came up with some really neat things to include.

I am so excited for the families at Hillcrest to have the opportunity to get back on their feet and get a boost in the right direction when it comes to family mealtime. Imagine how these simple bags are going to enhance their lives. That makes me smile!

The lovely folks have Libby’s and super funny and talented Hannah Keeley have given me the opportunity to share a prize package of great goodies with you. To enter, all you have to do is share your favorite tip for making family mealtime a priority. The prize package includes:

  • A Libby’s reusable shopping tote bag full of Libby’s products, a state-of-the-art can opener and a copy of Hannah Keeley’s book,  Total Mom Makeover

Entries will be taken up until Midnight CST on Sunday, October 10th. The person with the best “get back to the table” tip will be announced the winner!

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  1. Gwyn says

    Sometimes we just can’t all get together for dinner, our schedules don’t work out. When that happens, we try to at least all have dessert around the same time, since that’s something that’s a little easier to hold off on!

  2. says

    When my kids were little I would have the kids help make dinner so I knew they were more likely to eat it. Because we did this when they were little my daughter (who lives in KC) is totally a foodie and loves to cook for her friends. She will even call every once and while to get a recipe or to ask how I used to make something.

  3. says

    It’s just the two of us, but we both look forward to dinner together…I like cooking, and hubby loves that I like cooking. :-) It’s our chance to unwind from the day and catch up with each other while enjoying our meal together.

  4. Amy B. says

    Each family member helps set the table – my daughter places the plates and utensil, son does the cups and pours drinking water. My husband sets out the napkins. And I bring the main course!

  5. says

    I love that you all put something together for the shelter, and what neat ideas you all had! Right now the guys and I are missing our evening meal together due to my new schedule so we are making breakfast our gathering time around the table.

  6. Cheryl says

    We try to occassionally play “Chopped” like the TV show. I give each child the same 2 or 3 main ingredients and then they make a meal and then my husband and I judge the meals for a winner ! It is amazing the creativity they come up with and what they will eat if THEY make it!!

  7. says

    Making mealtime a priority is a little hard with a picky toddler, but he loves to help me in the kitchen. So if I want him to sit down and eat with us the meal we are eating at our dining table, we have a better shot if I let him help me prepare dinner. He loves to help his momma cook!

  8. Robin says

    my hubby and kids know that i have a strong passion for the family dinner, so they expect that we are sitting down and eating together- no option, it’s just the way we roll :)

  9. says

    To get more families to sit down together the TV should be turned off, have everyone to participate in the meal some way and have happy conversation. Don’t bring up grades or what went wrong during the day. As a teacher I really believe that families that take the time to eat dinner together have children that do better in school.

  10. Rachel J says

    We try to eat together every night- and try to include my preschooler in everything from picking out the meal, meal prep, and even clean up at the end. It goes much smoother with teamwork! It doesn’t happen every night- but we try.

  11. Heather says

    No one in my family is allowed to have anything scheduled between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 pm. No sports, no clubs, no extra-curricular activities are as important as getting together as a family and sharing each others’ lives at mealtime. I don’t even care if it is homework. All must be stopped to spend time with the people who love us most. That way when we make our ways in the world, we know we can always count on being in a calm, supported, meaningful hour of bonding and enjoyment later in the day.

  12. Nikki says

    Eating together as a family is very important to me. I have great memories growing up with my 5 siblings around the breakfast and dinner table. It brought such a sense of togetherness. I want that for my family. We play the “high/low” game where we all share our highs and lows for the day.

  13. Mary Beth says

    We make it a priority by having a designated menu and making sure we have the ingredients on hand with which to prepare them!

  14. Stacy Abrams says

    Out priority is to eat together everynight during the week and to talk about our day together with our kids.

  15. says

    We love family mealtime! I like to let the kids choose to eat on the patio or inside. Also we all get involved in the cooking and choosing nights to cook our faves.

  16. says

    I wish I could say that we sit around the dinner table as a family every night, but this isn’t true. However, when we do all sit together, we really all get the opportunity to talk about our day. The best part is, my kids always feel open to talk about their day at school when they’re at the dinner table. Any other time it’s all just yes, no, it was boring, I didn’t learn anything and such. For some reason, when we are all together, they think of the little stuff that happened and are ready to share! :)

  17. Emily Lewin says

    I think the most important thing to remember is that a family dinner doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal. A frozen pizza works just as well as a homemade one. The point is to spend time as a family. Sometimes for our family it means picking up sandwiches and eating at the soccer field before practice starts, but we are together, the 4 of us talking about our day. It’s all about being together, however you make that happen is up to you.

  18. Elaine says

    If you can’t all be there for dinner – do breakfast… does require a little more planning perhaps, but a great way for everyone to start off their day!

  19. says

    Yes, family meal time is essential, but honestly whatever meal time you can have together is better than none! And you know, you are starting the day on the right foot for your family. What great memories!


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