Thou Shalt Not Judge (Recipe – Rib Rub That Rocks)

My husband came home from work the other day and said “Do you ever talk to Tabitha?”, referring to a mom we both know. “Yes” I replied. “Sometimes… why?” “I don’t know… I just got off the phone with her and she is kind of spacey. She just doesn’t seem to have it all together.” I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard this, turned around and stared at him. “Seriously?? Did you seriously just say that??”

Tabitha is a mom of four kids. She works part-time, volunteers for everything under the sun, and is a very involved mom. Well, of course she doesn’t have it all together, dude. She is soooooo busy, how could she possibly have it all together? I think I took such offense to his judgment on Tabitha because I am sure that is what people say about me sometimes. To be honest with you, before having kids, I probably would have thought the same thing about her, but now? Now I do not judge anyone for the things they do/don’t do as a mother. (I’m not talking about abuse here… just various parenting styles).

Have you ever fed your kids crackers for breakfast because you forgot to buy milk the night before and you are running late and there is nothing else in the house that is portable to feed them? I won’t judge you. Have you bribed your kid with a cookie to get them to stop having a fit? No judgment from me! Do you have a kid who is addicted to french fries and won’t eat much else at all so you always make sure to have some form of the spud on your dinner table just so they get something in their belly? I can absolutely relate and therefore, will not judge.

My three year old is my french fry addict and this whole not eating out thing is causing her to have some serious withdrawal. Not that its a bad thing that she isn’t getting her weekly dose of fries, but the girl LOVES her fries. Loves them. I don’t like to fry foods at home, but baked fries are quite tasty, so we have been having a lot of baked fries over the past couple of weeks. I wanted to share a recipe for a rib rub that we actually like to put on a lot more than ribs. It is called “Rib Rub That Rocks” and my husband mixes it into hamburger before he grills them, we sprinkle it on chicken breasts, mix it with mayo to make a zesty sauce and more. The other day I thought to try it on our baked fries and it was so good, I just had to share it with you! Just don’t judge me if I tell you these fries are all my kid had for dinner that night. Okay?

Rib Rub That Rocks (from Recipezaar)

10 min | 10 min prep

SERVES 32 , 2 cups

  1. Mix ‘em up.
  2. Store in a tightly sealed container.
  3. Fire up the grill!

For instructions on how to bake the fries, head over to this post

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  1. Laura says

    This is great! I hadn’t thought of that, and we’re currently making a family cookbook where my uncle gave a rib rub recipe to add. Now we can tell folks to think beyond ribs with it! Like it.

    p.s. FUNNY about the crackers for breakfast. No judgment here either.

  2. says

    We’ve all been there, done that. My kids have had cereal for dinner on many occasions, and we’ve all managed just fine. There has even been a time or two that we were so busy with something that I forgot to make dinner at all! Happens to the best of us.
    But if I was planning on making these french fries for dinner? You can bet I’d remember that! They are my weakness and they look awesome.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Double chocolate snack cake =-.

  3. says

    Love homemade fries. I teach nutrition and one thing I stress is not fighting with your kids over food. If its french fries she likes then give her homemade baked french fries until she asks for something else. It might take a year or two but she’ll eventually want to try something more adventurous off of your plate. Good job mom!
    .-= DailyDiner´s last blog ..Inspiration Sando-Roasted Eggplant, Pepper, Mushrooms with Tomatoes and Basil =-.

  4. says

    Great rib rub! After becoming a mom, I no longer judge either. Once I ran out of diapers- none anywhere- house, car, secret stash box, and diaper bag! The one he had on was poopy. So I dumped the poo out, slapped that bad boy back on him, and drove to Walmart for diapers. I was so mortified I changed him right there in the diaper isle. I think we have all done things like that out of desperation and exhaustion!
    .-= Robin Sue´s last blog ..Bulgogi Tacos with Spicy Slaw =-.

  5. Lisa says

    Ha, you crack me up! :)
    You know, I think hubby needs to spend some quality time alone with all of your four kids for a week and see if he hasn’t got it “all together” by the end of it! 😉
    I certainly don’t have it all together and you know I don’t have kids to tend to…. Eek!

  6. says

    Oh yes I was one of those judging. With my first (The perfect child) I did everything by ‘the book’ and I did it well I tell you….then the second son came along and I swear something snapped, my universe is chaos and madness. NO one told second son about ‘the book’ yikes! I don’t know her but your friend with her four kids is my hero!
    .-= Wizzythestick´s last blog ..A Tale of Whale =-.


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