Partial Feed Announcement

I wanted to let my readers know that my emails and RSS feed entries will now be coming through in partial form only. There has been a problem with Dine & Dish content being stolen and I am hoping this will help to eliminate the problem.

I know it is kind of a pain to click through to the blog, but I hope you will find Dine & Dish entertaining enough to do so.


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  1. says

    Completely understandable, but it’s unfortunate that people are taking your content. I generally stick to RSS but have no problems clicking one more link. :)

  2. says

    I’m going to be headed that way soon too. I found a site copying all of my content (though they do credit) without my permission. Their entire website is copied content and they even admit it. Annoying!

  3. Dawnie says

    I don’t mind clicking over at all. I really enjoy your blog. Why do some folks feel it’s ok to take content that’s not theirs? I’ll never understand…but it makes me thankful for all the folks online who are honest and considerate instead :-)

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