Valentine’s Day – Mommy Style (Strawberry Shortcake Trifle)

Dr Laura Schlessinger wrote something in her book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands that really made me step back and think about the pressure I was putting on my husband to really do something outstanding this one day a year.  She said that a lot of the phone calls into her show were from women complaining about the fact that their husbands never did anything overly romantic for them on Valentine’s Day. These women wanted television and romance novel dreams to come true, but their husbands were falling short on Valentine’s Day and the ladies were angry! Then, Dr Laura went on to ask the women about how their husbands were every other day of the year, and come to find out they were doing most things right. These women were angry about how their husbands were falling short one day out of the year, but failed to recognize all of the things they did right the other 364 days.

I will admit, I used to be one of those women (remind me to tell you about our invitation to be guests on the Dr Phil Show). My husband who does so many things right is not the elaborate, romantic kind of guy and it used to drive me crazy. After reading Dr Laura’s book several years ago, I had a rude awakening and luckily was smart enough to change my tune.

Now, my husband and I make Valentine’s a very special day for our kids. For example, this evening we made a multi course meal of salad, homemade bread, baked potatoes, filet mignon with red wine sauteed mushrooms and asparagus. For dessert, we had the delicious Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits pictured above. Nick and I had the children sit at the table, lit the candles and put on soft music. We served them “fancy restaurant style” (with drinks in wine glasses, cloth napkins and the works) and the kids had a ball with the special attention. We then headed downstairs to the “movie theater” to watch a special movie, and then bed time ended in rooms at “Hotel Doyle”.

You may not think our Valentine’s Day sounds all that romantic, but trust me. Just sit back and watch your husband doting over your kids as a pretend waiter, chat together as you both wash and dry the dishes and clean up the kitchen and then watch later as he has kids draped all over him, sleeping on his shoulders and lap. My idea of romance has certainly changed since we’ve became parents and I read Dr Laura’s books. I would take this over chocolate and roses any day!

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle (from This Mama Loves to Cook)

(I made these into individual parfaits)

1 Angle Food Cake
1 8 oz. Cream cheese
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 c. powdered sugar
1 c. sour cream
8 oz. Frozen Whipped Topping (thawed)
2 large container of fresh strawberries

Wash strawberries and remove berry tops. Slice strawberries.
Sprinkle granulated sugar over strawberries. Cut Angel Food
cake into 1-inch squares. Set aside. Blend together cream
cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar, and sour cream until smooth.
Fold in Whipped topping. In a trifle bowl layer ingredients
starting with half the cake cubes, then half of the sliced berries,
and then half of the cream cheese mixture. Repeat layers and
garnish with strawberries.

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  1. says

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either. We went to my parent’s house in KC for a crab boil and had a blast.

    I’ve been feeling baby fever lately, which is very strange for me… reading this just made me smile.


    Cats last blog post..Happy Sweetie Day!

  2. says

    i think you found a stellar way to celebrate the “holiday” known as valentine’s day. :)
    also, although i’ve eaten a lot of strawberry shortcake in my day, your version with cream cheese, sour cream, AND whipped topping sounds absolutely divine. :)

  3. says

    That’s beautiful, Kristen. I guess things do tend to revolve around the kids now, which isn’t a bad thing. Time flies by, we have to make the most of it, right? Sounds like you had the perfect Valentine’s Day. :)

  4. says

    Your Valentines Day sounds so wonderfuL! And your little triffles look so so cute! Before he died, my dad was always trying to get me to read Dr. Laura’s books. Its good to know that they have helped you and changed your way of thinking. Maybe I will read one…

    katies last blog post..He’s so creative…part II

  5. says

    You know Nick and Dave are cut from the same cloth, sometimes we just need that little reminder of how much our husbands do regularly! :)
    My V Day story….When we got married, we talked about holidays and I let him know that I considered V Day to be primarily the wife’s holiday but that he would get great cards!! He’s been totally accepting of this and never fails to bring me a pot or bouquet of spring bulbs(tulips, daffodils, etc) which I very much prefer over roses. This year I saw an ad for a barbershop quartet. Growing up, Dave’s mom played for a quartet and I know he genuinely LOVES this type of music. Last Wednesday, I surprised him at school with the quartet. He and his class very much loved it! Then I heard through the grapevine, because we teach at the same school, that he was worried about how high I’d set the bar this year. All I could do was laugh, this one year was make up for the last twelve…..and he was worried? I assured him that tulips was all I was expecting and wanting….He delivered!!

    Whitneys last blog post..Visitors part 2

  6. says

    Every time that I read one of these posts me makes me glad. Yes, we do not participate in this made up retail holiday. Our love is expressed daily. It saddens me when I see so many buy into this “Show your love day.”

    We prefer to give gifts when they will truly have an impact and show true admiration and respect.

    gwens last blog post..The 109 Day LinkBuilding Explosion Day 48

  7. says

    My husband went shopping with me on Valentines Day. I consider that VERY romantic since he hates to go shopping. He cooked me breakfast and dinner (simple stuff), I made him dessert. No pressures at all for either of us. We plan on doing that “no presents, just each others company” thing ever Valentines Day now.

  8. says

    Thank you.. i love trifle, and i was looking for a way to use up the berries.. i am making my own biscuits and whipped cream for this one! So rich and decatant, thanks!

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