Kelly and Ella are really close. In fact, sometimes Ella chooses to go to Kelly instead of me when she needs comforting. Kelly has such a nurturing quality about her… she is a natural born mother.

I am excited about having another girl, but at the same time I am worried about what bringing another girl into the mix will do to the relationship Kelly & Ella have. You know how sometimes having three “friends” is just too much and there is always someone left out or conflict? I just hope that doesn’t happen with these three. I know realistically that things won’t always be perfect, but I hope that Ella and Kelly can remain close, even through those times of jealousy that I know is sure to occur.

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    I can totally relate! Caedon and Brandon are only 13 months apart. They are really close. I was worried about a third boy. I’ve seen episodes of Home Improvement; when the little brother is always picked on by the older brothers and always left out. Not old enough to play the big kid games, not fast enough to run and keep up with the older ones.

    I wanted for Shane to be a girl to avoid the “third wheel/brother” syndrome. And for the dresses, but that’s another comment for another post. 😉

    So far, my fears have been put out to pasture. You have a realistic idea that things aren’t always going to be ideal and that’s the best way to go about it (I think). :)

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