Game Day Meatballs

Are you still looking for a great recipe for Super Bowl Sunday? My newest post over at the S C Johnson Right@Home site is sure to please the guys in your house! I hope you will check it out.

Thanks to you all for the suggestions for sharing some of your tried and true family friendly recipes (and for listening to my pity party of a vent!). If you haven’t had the chance to submit a recipe, head over to this post to do so. You could win one of five gift certificates!

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  1. Kathy says

    Kris–are you okay? The kids and I just got in from Tulsa, a music conference, and I was catching up on your blog–you sound exhausted. You are awesome mom and wife, though, and if anyone can do it, it’s you. Was the steak with too much pepper one you cooked, or was he fussing about New York dinners while you are choking down mac and cheese? :-)

  2. pat/Mom says

    I know that your venting was necessary. Hope you feel better. Somehow absence makes the heart grow fonder doesn’t always work. However, absence makes one appreciate the things hubby does when he is home. If the truth were known, he probably doesn’t like it anymore than you do. I know he misses you and the kids as much as you miss him. Hang in there! Love, Mom…and wouldn’t you rather he told you, Mrs. Foodie, about what he is eating in New York. That will keep you up on what the East Coast is doing.


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