Family Fun and Peabody’s Snickerdoodle Muffins

I admit it… I’m a little slow on the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing. We have been so busy since Christmas that I feel like the New Year came upon us without giving me the chance to really reflect on what I want to accomplish this year.  I have already mentioned that for our household, 2009 is going to be a year for Simplicity. That is my main goal, but I have some other smaller things that are really important to me as well.

My oldest kiddo, Jacob, turned 7 yesterday (which in itself is unbelievable to me… my baby is already 7 years old!). For his birthday he wanted “muffins with sprinkles”. When I asked him what kind of muffins he wanted he said, “Those kind that have cinnamon sugar on them!”. I knew immediately that he was talking about Peabody’s very indulgent Snickerdoodle Muffins. Snickerdoodle Muffins are very worthy of a special occasion, like a 7th birthday!

I got up and made the muffins in the morning, put some spreadable butter on top, added some sprinkles and a candle just for fun. We had so much fun doing a quick early morning birthday celebration before school!

It was during our impromptu birthday celebration yesterday morning that I watched the joy on the face of my kids as we did something a little out of the ordinary and unexpected. Something as simple as having muffins with sprinkles brought smiles and laughter galore. It dawned on my how easy it is to please children, and how often I do not take advantage of that.

With that revelation, I’ve determined that another goal of mine for this year, and beyond, is to remember to have fun with my family. We need to stop rushing around so much and I need to plan more fun little activities for us to do. They are all at an age where it takes so little to please them… I need to maximize that the best that I can!

What are some of the fun little things you do with your family or that you remember your parents doing with you when you grew up?

For Peabody’s recipe, head over to her blog. The recipe can be found HERE.

Also, don’t forget to check out my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe at the Right@Home website!

Happy Belated New Year. I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope that 2009 is full of wonderful things for you!

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  1. says

    When the kids were younger, we’d go to the duck pond to feed the ducks.

    We’d camp out in the living room, eating popcorn and smores.

    We took turns laying down on bulletin board paper to outline ourselves, and then draw and color in details.

    We (still) have a word of the week that each time it gets used we all high five each other. (great vocabulary builder) This week’s word is: ingratiate.

    My kids have made me such a better person!
    Enjoy them while they are young mine are now 17 a nd 18. And they still love their momma.

    Gotta try the muffins!

    Js last blog post..The Dream Cheese Cake

  2. says

    What a gorgeous pic of your son! I remember standing on a chair next to the kitchen bench “helping” mum cook, going to the nursery and getting to choose which flowers would go in the garden, and then being trusted to plant them myself :)

    Annies last blog post..Peanut Butter M&Ms!

  3. says

    We all love that muffin recipe, they’re so good. What we love to do with the kids is have a late breakfast/early lunch and call it a brunch. I just put a nice tablecloth and fruit platters, cheeses, cinnamon rolls or muffins and whatever goodies they like on the table and they are so happy! You’re so right, though, we don’t do enough fun stuff with the kids. We get caught up in routine so much, we forget. Thanks for reminding me how easy it is to have fun! :) Happy belated Birthday to Jacob!

    LyBs last blog post..Tuesdays With Dorie – French Pear Tart

  4. says

    The muffins look terrific,I think my kids will like them too, and they are all grown( in their 20’s). Simple pleasures can be used to make wonderful memories.Sometimes when the weather was bad and they couldn’t go outside, I’d put a sheet on the floor in the living room and we’d have a ‘picnic lunch’and they loved it. One morning I realized I was low on breakfast ingredients(I needed to go to the store),but I could make biscuts. I decided to make cinnamon biscuts,so I rolled the dough out, added sugar and cinnamon, and made them like rolls. My kids loved them and couldn’t belive I’d made cinnamon rolls for breakfast!Also, my kids helping in the garden was fun.Enjoy your children and make memories with them.We only have a few years while they are home!

    Lyndas last blog post..Sweet Potato Oven Fries

  5. says

    I need to remember that, too…more fun!

    My family always celebrated half-birthdays. Not with presents, but we always got HALF a cake…mine fell in the spring and I took it to school…SO fun! I remember my mom singing “a very merry un-birthday to you, to you” from Alice and Wonderland. I’ve continued this with my son…it is fun!

    Bridgets last blog post..Sassy Pink Poodles

  6. says

    A very happy birthday to Jacob! It is great to appreciate the little things. I remember spending an awful lot of time at various parks around our city growing up. We must have gone every week on top of all the other after-school activities. I have no idea how my mom kept up her energy for all of that (I can barely keep up with my one 1yo!).

    PaniniKathys last blog post..Mediterranean Vegetable Grilled Wrap

  7. Lucy says

    Love the toothless pic! Happy Birthday to Jacob! I often have trouble remembering to have fun with my family because I’m always consumed with everything else that a mom has to do. This past year I decided to start a tradition where, on your birthday, you can have whatever you want for breakfast. When my oldest turned 7 in October, he chose to have ice cream so ice cream is what he got. It was so fun! He couldn’t believe he got to have ice cream for breakfast so the whole time, he just laughed and laughed. (just like your Jacob). So beyond the presents & everything else, that’s the one thing he remembers. When my twins turned 4, they chose a regular breakfast – I don’t think they quite get it but we’ll definetely keep going with it because I think it’s a great family memory to have. Thanks for the cookie recipe, I’m going to make them today!

  8. says

    I remember more popcorn than I’ve been making, and it never came from a bag. I think we’ll do some more of that this year.

    Also we had lots of people over often. As much as I like to invite friends, I didn’t do nearly enough of that this year. My goal will be to have a get together at least once a month. Maybe I can learn how to increase the tempo once I get into the swing of it again.

    Happy birthday to Jacob!

    Shalees last blog post..So What Happened To Thursday?

  9. says

    The look on your son’s face is just priceless! Today is my 25th birthday and it’s made me very nostalgic for my previous birthdays (including my tenth, when I cried because I was getting “too old.”) LOL. I’m glad you had a great time celebrating as a family.

    Mariss last blog post..Spicy Chicken Cornbread Chili

  10. says

    Happy Birthday to your baby! I just read your article and I think it’s great. So many times we have delusions of grandeur about how our life is going to be. I often felt like I’d have all of those picture perfect moments shown on the news about troops coming home… wonderful happy times. It’s not always like that. There’s “getting to know you again” and giving up power and control of the household stuff because the man is home again. I wish life was like a fairy tale book sometimes, but in all honesty I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.


    The Cat’s Pajamass last blog post..Barefoot! Banana Sour Cream Pancakes

  11. Laura says

    Did you find that the cinnamon/sugar made the muffin tops moist after a day? I made a pumpkin muffin recipe this past fall, and it called for a similar topping. But the muffins got a bit ‘soggy’ (not really soggy, but moist) and didnt keep as well. The first day, the topping with nice and crunchy and delicious, but it all went downhill after that… It was unfortunate.

  12. says

    Those muffins look perfect for a birthday. You’re right about how easy it can be to please kids. That’s one of the things that’s so wonderful about them. I love the way they express their feelings without reserve.

    When I was little I loved going on nature walks with my parents or godparents (who lived in the same house as us). Also very special to be taken out for tea when I was a bit older (which is what I wrote about it my latest post!).

    Simplicity sounds like a good goal for this year.

    Hopies last blog post..Lady Mendl’s Tea Room

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