No Stress Basic Quiche (and a Pillsbury gift basket giveaway!)

I know a lot of people who are stressing out about all they need to do before Christmas arrives. I have never been one to get too worked up about things. I plan ahead, but admittedly am a last minute doer. Still, I try not to let things like hosting big dinner parties or having the family Christmas celebration at my house stress me out. Maybe that is because I know that the people I invite will love me no matter what. There is no need to get all worked up worrying about everything being “just right”.

A lot of people won’t even host get togethers at their house because the thought of having people over, judging their hosting abilities, stresses them to pieces. I hate hearing that because I know that I get so much joy out of sharing my home with others. I am happiest when we have a house full of people, a big meal to share, and lots of wine to drink 😉

When I host parties, which I do quite often, I normally get all of the guests involved. That really helps to take 100% of the pressure off of me. I let people know what is going to be on the menu and ask them to bring sides or desserts or appetizers that will complement the menu. Many times, the people I invite are thrilled to be asked to contribute and are happy to help out.

Another thing I do when hosting parties is to make sure I have a good mix of shortcut options available. If my kitchen is going to be full and a lot of things will be going on, I try not to do too many complicated things at once. Use your crock pot, have on hand some Boxed Chicken Stock… just think of things that might make your day go by a bit easier. One huge lifesaver when I am hosting parties are Pillsbury ready made crusts. I’ve mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with pie crusts, so why would I add what I consider to be a stressful task onto my plate when Pillsbury pie crusts make the job simple.

Remember, when you are starting to stress out this holiday season that the people you are hosting are not judging you, your food, or your home. If they are truly your friends, their focus will be on spending the holiday’s with you and building special memories. Make your life a little easier by remembering that not everything has to be done the hard way. Give yourself the permission to sleep in a little longer and use some of the handy shortcuts that are available to us on the market today!

The lovely team at Pillsbury recently sent me a basket full of goodies… 2 glass pie plates, an adorable Crate and Barrel tin of pie crust shape cut out tools, an Oneida pie server and a CD full of photos and recipes to use with their ready made Pie Crusts. Being the generous people they are, the team decided that one of my readers deserved a basket too – so I’m giving one away! To sweeten the deal, I am throwing in a copy of Cooking Light’s Essential Recipe Collection of Desserts cookbook. To enter the giveaway, in the comment section of this post simply tell me one shortcut that you use in the kitchen that helps you to stay sane. All comments must be made by midnight on Wednesday, December 24th. The winner will be chosen through the Random Number Generator and will be announced sometime after Christmas day!

PS – having overnight guests? Try this wonderful quiche recipe… easy, versitile and sure to help your guests wake up happy!

Basic Quiche (from Recipezaar)

1 hour | 10 min prep

SERVES 2 -4 , 1 quiche

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit.
  2. Beat eggs in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Add filling and milk and mix well.
  4. Pour mixture into frozen pie crust.
  5. Place quiche on cookie sheet and bake on the middle oven rack for 45-50 minutes, or until top is browned and a knife inserted in center comes out clean.

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  1. says

    This is really simplistic, but it makes a difference to me. I always start with an empty dishwasher so I can just load what I’m finished with straight into it(rinsed of course) and keep things somewhat tidy.
    Also, I let S. help as much as possible and try to play some music while cooking.

    Hilarys last blog post..A Fresh Start

  2. says

    I love pie crusts too – especially since I have a small kitchen with not a whole lot of counter space. But, since I make a lot of soups – I love using the bagged chopped peppers and onions – very easy and usually cheaper depending on where you get different color peppers!

    kims last blog post..Menu: Christmas Week

  3. Kendall says

    Before I start making anything I fill half the kitchen sink with hot soapy water. That way I can soak dirty bowls and utensils as soon as I use them. When I have time during prep and cooking I wash what I can so I don’t end up with a counter of dirty dishes when I’m finished.

  4. Caroline says

    Although I don’t like the taste as much, when time is short, I love using the pre-cooked chicken or turkey in recipes (casseroles, soups, etc.). Especially around the holidays when I’m cooking something every day, it is a huge time saver.

  5. says

    My number one shortcut is to have everything assembled on the counter before baking/cooking. Another is to start out with a clean kitchen – it makes such a difference!

  6. says

    I love this prize and I am going to do my best to win it… I made my pie crusts for the first time this thanksgiving and while I think I figured it out (after a few fails) I am not crazy enough to bother with it when I am busy doing major cooking.

    My kitchen shortcut is to use frozen veggies. You can buy almost any variety of vegetable frozen and it saves so much cook and prep time. Plus you don’t have to worry about it going bad or lost nutrients, or ripening.

    katies last blog post..Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

  7. Heidi says

    I always try to prep what I can beforehand like having the chicken already cooked and cubed or vegetables already chopped.

  8. Judy says

    If I’ll be entertaining and/or preparing a big meal, I do as much as possible beforehand so that usually only the main dish and one or two other hot dishes need to be made on the day of. Also, unlike my husband, I clean up as I go along so that by the time I’m done preparing a meal, the kitchen is 90% cleaned.

  9. says

    I have learned to make pie crusts recently but I am certainly not above using Pillsbury pie crusts when I am in a rush.
    I often take short cuts on appetizers and concentrate on the meal and/or dessert. I use crescent roll dough in appetizers or often serve plain cheese and crackers. What’s more, in a pinch, ice cream and elegant store bought cookies make a great dessert.

    Lisas last blog post..Bourbon Chocolate Cake

  10. says

    One big shortcut I use — and it’s a money saver too — is to keep frozen shrimp in my freezer. When the ones in the bags go on sale, I pick up a few different sizes, cooked and uncooked, and keep them on hand. And then, when I go to use them, I cook from frozen, which saves a lot of defrost time.

    Another thing I have done is trade hot appetizers for an olive and cheese tray. When I take the stress of making apps out of the mix, it makes the process much easier.

    Sarahs last blog post..Christmas Cookies: Conquering My Fear of Meringue

  11. Dawnie says

    My best tip is great when baking. I buy a clear plastic tablecloth at the dollar store. I put it on the kitchen table and then lay out all my ingredients, measuring cups & spoons, and my stand mixer. Everything is right at hand. You can roll out dough and use cookie cutters. I also pour powdered sugar right on it for cookies that need to be sprinkled or rolled after baking. I don’t worry about making a big mess because when done I just fold the plastic tablecloth into itself and throw it away. If you have more baking to do you can wipe it down instead and reuse it…your choice.

  12. Ana de Paula says

    I use lots of shortcuts when guests come over:
    – frozen food cooked the week before,
    – ready to use broth,
    – frozen vegetables,
    – precut-washed onion,
    – drinking a glass of wine when stress is getting out of hand (usually comes with a request for a quick shoulder massage from hubby…)


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