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I grew up living in the country and all of my friends lived in town. I remember always being jealous of the folks in town because they could have Pizza Hut delivered to their homes. We lived too far out, so if we wanted pizza, we either had to go all the way into town to eat at the Pizza Hut restaurant, have dad bring some home after work, or make our own at home.

One of the silly big thrills for me when I left home for college was living in a town where you could have food delivered straight to your door! Pizza, Chinese, Sub Sandwiches… a whole new world of delivery options were available to me. It was quite an exciting thing for this small town country girl!

I now live in a Kansas City suburb, and we really don’t have many delivery options besides pizza. With the delivery options available, my family prefers Pizza Hut.

The other day, a representative from Pizza Hut contacted me about trying out their new Tuscani Pasta. She wanted to have some delivered to my family for dinner and also wanted to give three of my readers the opportunity to win gift certificates of their own to give the new Tuscani Pasta a try. I haven’t been feeling well at all the last couple of weeks (hence my lack of blogging…sorry!) and my husband has been traveling. The thought of having something delivered to my house besides pizza thrilled me, and I readily accepted.

Pizza Hut delivered their Premium Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese Tuscani Pasta to my house this past Friday along with an order of their garlic breadsticks. I half expected the pasta to be dry, but the Pizza Hut Premium Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese arrived and it was creamy, cheesey and full of flavor. The serving was extremely generous… we were able to have 2 1/2 meals out of this one order of pasta! The whole family loved it and it was such a welcome change from our normal delivery options.

Pizza Hut would like to offer three of my readers gift certificates for their own order of Tuscani Pasta and breadsticks. To be considered, please leave a comment after this post telling me what your favorite delivery food is. Earn an extra chance to win by making a comment with a link back to this post on Twitter and leave an additional comment on this post notifying me of your Tweet. For another extra chance to win, post about this giveaway on your blog, then leave an additional comment on this post linking back to your post. The giveaway will end on Monday, October 20th at 11pm CST, the random drawing will take place and winners will be announced on Tuesday. Thanks and good luck!

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  1. Jennifer says

    The boys love pizza, especially having it delivered! I think they’re under the impression that we don’t have to pay for it if someone else drops it off :-) We’d love to try the pasta!

  2. Lynn says

    I’ve heard so many commercials for the pasta! Typically it’s pizza for delivery, but from a local place that makes really interesting combinations. If I could order pasta, I’d choose that before pizza though!

  3. says

    I worked at Pizza Hut in the mid 70’s for over two years. Since I was single and didn’t cook and was renting a place with a few girlfriends I pretty much ate pizza and pasta from the Hut every day. Sometimes twice. I LOVED to make the pasta dishes they had back then for dinner (pizza only goes so far in two years). Of course I added more goodies (ie cheese) than regulations allowed…

    My favorite delivery right now is this local Chinese food place. Good food, not expensive, makes great leftovers.

    Mrs. Ls last blog post..Small Plates – October 17, 2008

  4. courtney says

    I like chinese, but that is just because our favorite pizza place doesn’t deliver. This would be great since my husband keeps talking about the stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut (which grosses me out) so I told him I would try their pasta. Even better if I can do it for free!

  5. says

    Not sure where you are in KC, but I used to live there and Waldo Pizza was my top choice. There’s one in Waldo (duh!) but also in Lee’s Summit. It’s really great pizza, if you haven’t tried it you should! I live in Chicago now, and our delivery options are amazing… way more options than we have time for!

    Erins last blog post..It’s Roasting Season!

  6. says

    Do you live in my hometown? Just kidding. But, I could relate to the no delivery and also to being jealous about everyone else having that back in high school.

    I would say my favorite delivery is Pizza Hut. When we stay at motels, we call that in. They are really good about delivering to motels, and I sure do love the Deep Dish Supreme.

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