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Wordless Wednesday – Missing Our Best Friend

Collin & Jacob

I’m participating for the first time in Wordless Wednesday. If I understand this right, this post should have no words… but all of the other Wordless Wednesday posts I have seen have words.

So, I’ll have it be a kind of Wordless Wednesday.

Jacob and Collin – two boys who instantly meshed and became best friends. Collin moved over the summer and we miss him terribly!

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  1. I can’t ever leave mine without words. I hope he soon finds a new best friend. Great job and welcome to WW!!

  2. Welcome to WW! I always write something in my “wordless” posts too. Shame shame! What a bummer to lose a best friend, it must be hard for him.

  3. Congrats on your first WW post. It’s so hard to lose a best friend. GREAT picture!

  4. What a great photo. It’s tough to have a good friend move. Maybe they could be pen pals?

  5. I have thought about becoming an e-mail pal with Jacob. Maybe he and Collin could keep in touch that way, too. Mom By the way, that is a great picture of both of them…cute boys.

  6. Oh best friends are so special. Sorry his friend had to move :( I am planning on jumping on the Wordless Wednesday wagon later today if I get a good picture of a first new food later(teething biscuits)..should be a mess LOL

  7. Awwww. . . poor kids. Hopefully they can write each other and stay in touch.


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