Well, Hello Writer’s Block

I have been sitting here, with my computer on my lap, for the past two hours trying to think of what to write about. For two hours, I have been sitting here and nothing even remotely related to food has crossed my mind. Instead my mind has been wandering to far off places, thinking of things that really aren’t helpful at all when trying to write a post for a food blog.

  • Random Non-Food Related Thought #1 – I’ve been contemplating buying a Dyson vacuum but am hesitant to plunk down that much change for a vacuum cleaner. According to my contacts over at Twitter, a Dyson is well worth the investment. What do you think? Experiences?
  • Random Non-Food Related Thought #2 – I turn 35 in less than 2 weeks. Why is it that as a teenager I had perfect skin, but now that I am in my mid-30’s I am having massive breakouts?  Bring on the Noxzema.
  • Random Non-Food Related Thought #3 – I wonder if people who are auditioning for American Idol play the American Idol Wii game. I’ve actually won the game and have become the next American Wii Idol… thinking it may give those people considering auditioning a little more confidence than they should have to audition.
  • Random Non-Food Related Thought #4 – I really need to find a good blog designer for another blog I’m working on. If Jules with Everyday Design is not available, I need to get someone else in place pronto! Do you know of anyone you can refer?
  • Random Non-Food Related Thought #5 – My husband doesn’t read this blog or our family blog, and I think that is starting to irk me a bit. Seriously… if he wrote a blog (which will never happen) but still…if he wrote a blog I would hang on every word and would love to have that glimpse into his life.  Do your loved ones read your blog?

My thoughts are now getting a bit too random to even continue. I do have to share this recipe with you that I tried out last week. You may have remembered seeing it on our menu. I followed the recipe exactly, but added some chicken breast pieces sauteed in rosemary and garlic. Delicious!

Penne with Pumpkin Cream Sauce from Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine

1 pound penne pasta
2T butter
1 onion, chopped
salt & pepper
1 15-oz. can pure pumpkin puree
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese plus more for topping
1/4 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley

Cook pasta until al dente. Drain, reserving 1 cup pasta cooking water.

In the same pot, melt the butter over medium-low heat. Add the onion and season with salt and pepper; cook, stirring until softened, about 6 minutes. Stir in the pumpkin and heavy cream and bring to a boil. Return the pasta to the pot, along with the reserved pasta water, and toss. Stir in the parmesan; season with salt & pepper.

Top pasta with parsley and more parmesan to serve.

I know that so many people have such a love/hate relationship with Rachael Ray. I admit, I don’t watch her shows, but I do like a lot of her recipes. Other food bloggers do too! Check out some of these food blog tried and true Rachael Ray recipes:

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  1. says

    Pumpkin is showing up everywhere now…and this looks wonderful!
    My hubby rarely reads my blog, but he tells everyone he meets to read it…guess thats a compliment! Congrats early on your birthday. I’m decades ahead of you and finding out about age spots :) In reality, age doesn’t mean much…its just a number. Hope you lick your writers block, but your musings are fun, too.

    Elles last blog post..Spicy Pumpkin Muffins for Fall

  2. April in CT says

    The Dyson…buy it! If you have a Bed, Bath and Beyond near you sign up for their emails and use a 20% off coupon that you’ll eventually get in the mail. Or email me and I’d gladly mail you one (if you’re comfortable with that, of course) since I have about 10 of them right now! We bought ours about 6 years ago and I absolutely love my vacuum.

    The pasta looks so tasty!

  3. Lucy says

    Get a Dyson! Get it! Get it! I got mine about a month ago, after lost of hemming & hawing & researching….I love it! I got the DC17, the one that’s certified by the Allergy & Asthma Foundation (due to allergy & asthma with one of my kids). I had an Oreck before and now I don’t know how I lived without a Dyson! Not sure which Dyson you’re looking at but I saw the Animal at Costco today. Let us know what you decide!

  4. says

    1. I really like my Dyson, but it is a little hard to maneuver.
    2. Can’t help you there. I’ve always been pretty lucky with my skin.
    3. Lol! I need a Wii.
    4. If you find someone, let me know. I desperately need a redesign!
    5. No one in my family reads my blog, unless I force them. That really irks me! They all expect to share the goodies, but they can’t be bothered to read how they came to be. Now,I have a rule. If you don’t read the blog, you don’t get the food. My fridge is getting pretty full.

    Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewys last blog post..Autumn Falls In: Bacon-Pecan Brussels Sprouts Saute

  5. says

    Nobody in my family reads my blog, even though they all know it exists. My mom doesn’t bookmark links and she doesn’t have a great memory so she’s always forgetting about it. My dad doesn’t really use the computer for personal reasons. And my husband just isn’t interested. I wish he was, but I can’t force him. It kinda makes me sad.

  6. says

    I’ve had a Dyson for about two months now and realise that previously I’d just been pushing dust around. They are a bit expensive, but no more bags! So easy. You won’t regret it.

    casalbas last blog post..OreganO

  7. says

    I get writers block all the time! But then I get a burst, write three posts at a time, so it usually evens out. I can’t even get my sister to *look* at my blog. It’s too complicated for her to go to a blog, as she says, since she barely knows how to go to a website. LOL Needless to say, I know where you’re coming from!

    Julias last blog post..End of Summer Round-Up, Part 1

  8. says

    I’ve seen that recipe for the pasta with pumpkin a few times, but haven’t tried it yet. Not sure the family will go for it, but it sounds sooooo interesting I may try to get it past them and see what happens!

    Thanks for linking to my attempt at Mac & Cheese!

    patsyks last blog post..Mexican Chicken Soft Tacos

  9. says

    Ok..your non food thoughts are great!
    Both my sister and I HATE our Dysons!
    Mine has broke 2 times. not to mention that you are supposed to get it servied every year at $168 a pop! OUCH..Its way to clunky and doesnt fit under my cabinets! Other people LOVE theirs,,but I guess my sister and I are the only people who cant stand theirs!!!
    Acne….um yeah..me too. I am 32 and I went to the dermatologist because my face was out of control…you know what she suggested?????? PERI-MENOPAUSE!!!! WHAT??
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I just about slapped her! 32 and Peri menopause??? OHHHH HHHHHEEEELLLLLLL NOOOOOOOO! LOL

  10. says

    It flat out hurts my feelings that my family doesn’t read my blog. I’ve mentioned it in a subtle way before and got no response. Recently I’ve been more blatant and e-mailed the link out asking my boyfriend to read my blog. Nothing. I share in his hobbies – I watch football with him because (for some reason) it is important to him. Why can’t he simply participate (in a very small way) in my hobby? I’ve come to simple write the blog for me – not for anyone else. (But a piece of me is still irked)

    Mandys last blog post..Morton’s Steak Bible: Chicken Christopher

  11. says

    My husband does not read anything I write either, unless I email him the link and tell him to READ it.

    You can do what I am doing about the Dyson, asking for it for Christmas (my in-laws get a discount on the military base so they are getting me one. Yes I already know my Christmas present).

    Web Designer…Lauren does a great job.

    The recipes looks yummy!

    Laurels last blog post..Five Things to Teach Your Kids

  12. Julie says

    I was so excited. Kelly H. showed me how to use Google Reader. So, I set up all my favorite blogs in Google Reader yesterday and was already to blog this morning. Well, either you can’t comment, or I’m too dumb to figure it out. So, here I am.

    Yeah, the acne pretty much sucks. I thought I was the only one. All though I had it as a teenager too.

    Sorry, I don’t do AI.

    Check out the vacuums on Amazon and see what everyone else is saying first.

    I need a Twitter 411.

    Any luck on the Blog Designer???

    No one reads my blog.

    Okay, signing off now. Hope you’re hanging in there.

  13. says

    Well I just turned 40 and my eye sight is not fairing so well. Me thinks I need reading glasses. Poo! You know if my skin is going to act like a teenager then by golly I want these “fine lines” outta here!

    My husband reads my blog and I feel invaded. LOL It’s public domain so I have to let it go.

    Where can I go to gripe now? NOT that I gripe a lot but come on! LOL

  14. says

    Love the Dyson!!!

    I recently had one of the plastic tabs that hold the hepa filter in place break, but Dyson sent me a new one for $1.99 and she’s running as good as new.

    Someone commented that the Dyson is hard to maneuver … but the new Dyson Ball should take care of that.

    Debbies last blog post..True Confessions

  15. says

    Yum, this recipe sounds tasty! I love all things pumpkin, but my husband doesn’t. My husband reads my blog .. he even checks back to read comments that others have made. But I’ve only been blogging for a few months, so we’ll see how long he stays interested. :) I don’t mind Rachel Ray at all.

    Carmens last blog post..Tuesdays with Dorie – Dimply Plum Cake

  16. says

    this recipe looks awesome, but i’m just not a fan of pumpkin. i might have to substitute with butternut squash.
    anyway, my phamily and boyfriend does read my blogs, altho admittedly, they tend to look at the pictures more. so i try to keep my words few and my pix as pretty as possible. it is exasperating when they try out a recipe and rather than reading what i wrote, they’ll call me or IM me for instructions…

    and i heart racheal ray altho i haven’t really made any of her dishes. i’m slightly partial to giada.

    Lans last blog post..homemade granola bars

  17. says

    I saw this recipe in her magazine, and it reminds me a lot of a very similar recipe she had in her magazine last year that I made and loved. I love your addition of chicken.

    And I would LOVE a Dyson. I have vacuum envy. And I don’t think I could pay my husband to sit at a computer and read my blogs. He’s not a computer guy, so maybe that has something to do with it. But my sisters do read!

    Deborahs last blog post..Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce


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