Inch Worm Baby

I’m just putting this out there under the category of “Things that make me go hmmmmm…” about my daughter Kelly. I bought this Inch Worm riding toy for my youngest, Ella, last spring. Ever since this little Inch Worm has came into our house, Kelly has decided that it is her baby, Alyssa. She holds it, carries it around, feeds it pretend bottles, etc. Everything a mother would do to their baby, Kelly does with her inch worm baby. Mind you, this is a riding toy, so it is big and bulky. On another note, Kelly has tons of baby dolls, so it isn’t like she is filling a baby doll void.  Hmmmmmmm…


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  1. Lorraine says

    Hmm found this on accident, but im going to comment anyway. It reminds me of myself when i was little. I thought my cat was my baby (when she allowed for it lol). I also had a big cute plush whale that i thought was my baby. My sister.. Now get this.. My sister thought a smiley little toy car was her baby@! It belonged to my brother though lol!

    I honsetly think when we are children, we want to make the things we find the cutest our babies. She must think the worm is cute. xD

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